20 and Recovering from Arm Lift!

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I'm only 20 years old, but have been overweight...

I'm only 20 years old, but have been overweight most of my life. Between the ages of 10 and 11 I gained approximately 80-100 pounds, which led to my being 250 pounds and in the 7th grade. From this high weight, I now weigh about 185, a weight I would be comfortable at if not for the excess amount of skin I have on my arms and sides. I'm having an extended brachioplasty next week, as well as dermolipectomy around my ribcage.

Nervous and Pondering

A little over 4 days to go! I'm starting to realize how terrified I am of the pain and possibility of a poor result. I'm also interested in what will happen if I lose an additional 20-40 pounds after the procedure. Will my skin stretch out again? Perhaps I rushed into this.

Tomorrow is the day!

In twelve hours I'll be on the operating table! My mother flew in to take care of me (oh, the joys of being young) and we're all settled in. I was a bit nervous before but after talking everything over with the doctor I'm confident in the decision. I appreciate the kind comments and love reading all the other reviews on here. You guys are what inspired me to go for this in the first place! I'm thinking I need to take more before pictures of my back and sides to compare after tomorrow.

Recovering, slowly but surely

Surgery went five and a half hours yesterday, longer than the doctor expected. Upon waking up, I burst into tears from the immediate pain. Since that time, I've been doing alright but am struggling to move much at all. I also spent all of yesterday nauseous and couldn't keep any food or liquid down. The arms are not nearly as limiting as the skin removed from my sides and back. The pictures posted are from yesterday. Hoping this gets better. :(

"It'll all be worth it."

This has been my mantra the past few days amidst the frustration and doubts. With a change in pain medication my nausea issues have subsided, and the non-narcotic is still managing my pain fairly well. I'm up and walking every hour or so, but still have trouble with lifting my arms more than a few inches up and have pain upon standing up straight. I have my post-op tomorrow and can't wait to see the first results of the procedures, and to take a real shower! I was planning on going to class today, but the snowstorm provided me with a snow day! I'll take that and try to get up and going tomorrow, but I really don't want to go to classes with these drains hanging off of me. Hoping those come out tomorrow as well since there's hardly any drainage. Things definitely got better! Thanks so much for all the support.

Drains out, loving the results!

I had my first post-op appointment yesterday and the drains did indeed come out! They were VERY painful coming out and I was a bit freaked out by how much of the drain was inside of me! But I'm happy to have them gone as it made me feel much more able to move around and go in public. The bandages came off with them, and I was pretty happy with the results! My arms are still a lot bigger than I'd like, but they are CRAZY swollen.
I went back to classes yesterday and have overall been pretty free and comfortable. Still taking pain meds but have been out shopping all day without too much exhaustion. I was so SO happy to buy some things today that I never ever EVER would have bought before! I absolutely cannot wait for this summer. Thanks for all the love! I hope everyone else recovering on here is doing well! I'll be posting pics soon!

Picture time!

Looking back through the before pics is just so startling. HUGE difference already. My arms are still big and I don't like the swollen bulges on my back, but I'm hoping that improves with time.

Post-surgical blues?

Has anyone on here had any experience with sadness after surgery? I'm happy with the results, but have had a hard time concentrating and have been generally down the past couple of days. My mother left last night and I've been crying on and off ever since. I did some research and it might have to do with after-effects of anesthesia? I'm also still needing my pain meds at almost a week out, is this normal? I'm taking something non-narcotic, but nonetheless feel guilty for needing the meds.

2 and a half weeks out, feeling much better!

I've been off this site for awhile as I've been getting back into my classes, work, and extracurricular responsibilities. I've been healing pretty well, except for a small hole that opened up in my left armpit. My right arm is still showing less swelling than my left, and I wish both of them were a lot smaller, but I suppose they are fairly proportionate for my body size at this time. I hope to post pictures soon, and can't thank all of you enough for the kind comments. The sadness has mostly gone away, and I'm still tired and a bit out of touch, but haven't been experiencing the extreme "down in the dumps" feeling that I had a week post-op. I also just received a very expensive anesthesia bill for the extra surgery time--not really too pleased about that on top of my other bills. :(
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