54 Yo Breast Lift - with Auto Augmentation and "Dog Ears" from Prior Tummy Tuck - New Haven, CT

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Hi everyone! I used this site quite a lot in my...

Hi everyone! I used this site quite a lot in my research over the last year regarding breast lifts so now it's my turn to give back! I had my breast lift with auto augmentation done two days ago. I'm sore (like I did a thousand push ups), but I'm not "in pain. I have my post op appointment today and am a little nervous about the "reveal" since I know they will look horrible for a few weeks . . .maybe I'll just keep my eyes closed!

Post-op today 48 hours after Breast Lift with Autoaugmentation

My sister drove me to my post-op appointment. I didn't take any pain medication beforehand, and the appointment was at 1:30pm. The big bandage that you see in the picture above was taken off by the nurse, and the bandages over the "dog ears" also. The doctor came in and said everything looked good but I couldn't bring myself to look at them just yet. The nurse then removed the Telgaderm sheets that had been on since surgery, which made me feel a little queazy--not that it hurt, it was just the thought of it in my own head. She replaced them with fresh Telgaderm sheets. These are used for scar therapy and I will be wearing them constantly over the next few months, (I was told in the pre-instructions that you can buy them through Amazon, which I did.) They are water proof so I was instructed not to remove them until my next appointment in one week. I let the nurse put on my Jeanie zip-up-the-front bra without sneaking a peak. I knew it was going to look bad and decided to put off looking until I absolutely had to, I was really happy with how the "dog ear" areas looked. Even though the incisions need to heal, I already love not having those bumps on my hips. I'll update the pictures of my "new girls" once I get over the hurdle.

Finally took a look!!

3 Days post op--just had to take a shower, so I finally saw them. I realize that this is far from the final result, but so far so good . . . .

Oopps! Hit "post" too soon . . here are a few more pix!

A few more . . .

2 Week Post Op Update & Pictures

I went to my 2nd post-op visit last Friday (10 days post op), and, unfortunately, the doctor didn't love the way the point at the "T" was healing on both breasts--he didn't use the dreaded "I" word, but he said he would use a different way of dressing the incisions until I saw him the following Wednesday. Instead of putting the tedgaderm right over entire breast, what he did was cut the four by four cotton squares into strips to cover the entire incision and then put the tegaderm over the entire breast. He said I could shower since the tegaderm was over the strips. Unfortunately, the next morning I did take a shower and the "strips" on my left breast were soaked. I knew I couldn't go to work with the strips soaking wet on one breast all day, (what a perfect scenario for an infection), so I took the entire dressing off and redid it the best I could (thank goodness I had already ordered my tegaderm). Called doc to see if this was okay until I see him on Wednesday, and he said yes. Now I'm just praying for him to say that the healing in that area has begun when I see him next. If so, it truly will be a day of Thanksgiving for me! I'll keep you all update and happy Thanksgiving and healing to everyone out in the RealSelf world!

Just got back from 2 week post op!

Just got back from my 2 week post op appointment with the doctor. Thankfully, the areas that he was worried about look better, but the right breast is still of some concern, but thank GOODNESS NO INFECTION, YEAH!. He changed up the dressing again, (a little less cotton strips, but still the tegaderm all over each breast), and I'm due to see him again in one week! Also, he said I can wear a regular bra now as that will support the upper pole area better than my sports bra.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Had my three week post-op today, and doctor changed my tegaderm and bandage and wants to see me again in one week. He asked me if the tegaderm was uncomfortable and I told him not too bad, then he said, "good, because it 's working really well". He said the one area at the "T" is still a little raw so he wants to see me again in one week--so I like the fact that he's really following up. Also, they are a little less swollen, but still have a ways to go. It takes a few months for them "to drop", much like an implant would do, so I'm still a ways a way from seeing the end result, but so far I'm really happy with the result.

A few more pictures . . .

I can't believe it will be one month tomorrow . . .

Tomorrow is my one month anniversary of my breast lift. I wasn't planning on posting any pictures, but I took a shower and one bandage got wet, so instead of waiting for my next doctor's appointment I had to change the dressing myself. This was the first time seeing the vertical scar. I think it looks really good for one month, so I was pleasantly surprised. There is a weird divit like mark on my nipple, but I'm not freaking out--I'll just wait and ask the doctor about it next Monday when I see him.

5 Weeks Out!

Just got back from my five week follow up with my ps. He changed the dressing for me and said everything was looking good. The one area under my right breast has finally started to heal, however, it still requires a small piece of gauze, otherwise, no more gauze--just the tegaderm for the next several weeks. Instead of next week, my next follow up is not for another two weeks. Yeah! Also, I want to clear something up---I misunderstood about the tegaderm. Tegaderm sheets are not silicone sheets. He said that he has found the tegaderm works best in the beginning for healing, etc. and then down the road I can start wearing something like Cica Care (silicone sheets) for scar therapy.

About 7 weeks post op

Monday before New Years I had a post op appointment with doc . . . . .tegaderm was causing some skin sensitivities so I was taken off of it for at least a week. Nice! I'm wearing my sports bra with a underwire over it for support and that one area under my right breast is finally healed up!

Breast Lift with auto augmentation - ONE YEAR OUT!!

I can't believe it's been one year today! How time flies . . . .I'm so happy with my new boobies and don't regret for one minute having this procedure done. Dr. Restivo did an excellent job every step of the day. The vertical scars are still fading, however, I'd rather see them then my ultra adding former boobs any day. Hope this helps someone like all the reviews helped me. Thanks to everyone!!
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I'll give a full review at a later date . . . . .

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