Fit 36 Yr Old Mom of 2 BIG Babies, Finally Getting Rid of the Extra Skin. New Hampshire, NH

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I've always been athletic and used to being...

I've always been athletic and used to being comfortable in my skin. I had two babies within 3 years both of which were over 9lbs (the first was 10lbs!). I gained 50 pounds with each baby, and lost it pretty quickly through healthy diet, exercise and breastfeeding. However my stomach never regained it's flatness, and the stretched out skin is saggy and covered in stretchmarks. I'm constantly worried that people will think I am pregnant and very self conscious about my bulge. On 9/22 I will have a full Tummy Tuck. My dr does not think I will require muscle repair. The proceedure he uses is called Scarpa Sparing Abdominoplasty with Concomitant Liposuction; which meand there are no Drains Needed. I can't wait (And I'm totally freaking out!)

Made it to the flat side!!

Home from surgery! I wound up needing a full muscle repair, which I was t expecting. I feel that the most! I'm on Vicodin for the pain and so far I'm doing ok. Just did my first lap around the house and forgot to go pee while I was up! Doh. Trying to psych myself up to get up again. It's the getting up and down that has been the worst so far! My scar is super low and the nurse said my belly button is very cute :) can't wait to see it all!!!

Day 1 po photo

So tight and cutie belly b!

Day 2 PO

I woke up a bit grumpy and frustrated with my progress but hubby suggested a shower might help. I dreaded going up the stairs but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected! I got a little woozy in the shower but it felt so good to get clean and put in clean clothes. And it was my first good look at my new belly! I'm thrilled with it!! And so thankful that I don't have drains to deal with!

Day 2 pic

Day 4 update

Day 4 and doing really well! I'm only taking my Vicodin at night and last night I didn't set an alarm to take more. I slept through till 6am (9 hrs) and woke up quite comfortable! I'm taking Tylenol during the day. And best news ever, I had my first bm today :) I was getting anxious because it had been so long, I've been using stool softners daily and drinking smooth move tea since day 1. It was easy, phew!! Feeling pretty good, I'm waking more every day. Still don't have much of an appetite yet but trying to eat small frequent meals with lots of protein. No swelling to speak of yet. Still quite hunched, can't wait to stand up straight again!

Day 4

I'm surprised by how well I think in doing! I'm only taking Vicodin at bed time and only one. I slept 9 hours! Woke up with very little pain, only my incision is sore. My back hurts badly from being so hunched over. I cannot wait to stand up straight!! I get the stitches out of my belly button on Monday.

Day 6 BB stitches removed!

Hi Ladies! I had my first PO appt today, they removed my belly button stiches and put on seri strips. They explained those tend to help smooth the skin for a better scar. I have Steri Strips on my large incision too, she said those will likely stay in place for up to a month. Taking the stiches out felt weird but didn't hurt. She said my results are looking good and everything is normal. I have almost no swelling and she said i likely won't get any if i haven't had it yet. WOO HOO. I'm on Tylenol for pain and doing pretty well. Today is my first day back at work, i'll work from home this week and plan to be back in the office next week. Now if i could only stand up straight!! Sleeping is quite a challenge. I attempted sleeping on my side last night but was too uncomfortable. Debating going back to the recliner tonight... any tips for a good nights sleep?

Day 7, Frustration has set in.

I think I pinned my hopes on "it will all be better in a week" and today is 1 week and I feel like crap. I'm tired, I can't sleep and I'm sick of not being able to stand up straight! I want to be back to "normal" so badly! UGH. I'm at that point where it feels like you'll never feel better again. Sorry for the negative update.... this too shall pass....

Day 9 the left side looks odd

A little more upright every day, I'm sleeping better too, I have a wedge at the head of my bed so I'm sort of sitting up with a pillow on either side and one under my legs. I'm walking a half mile a day, was hoping to increase that but it's wiping me out! I feel like the bruising just started and I'm noticing an odd bulge in my left side, the incision goes further over there then the right, could it just be swelling? Should I be concerned? Also I feel like my scar is getting higher as I straighten up :(

Oops pics didn't post!

2 weeks!

I made it to 2 weeks! It's been a bit of a long two weeks, I was pretty blue at my 1 week mark but every day since then I've had improvement! I'm pretty much upright now, but if i sit too long or walk too long my muscles tighten and i hunch more. I'm sleeping on my sides at night, still a bit tough to "roll over" but getting better every night. I can even laugh a little bit now without pain! I'm still quite swollen from my belly button down, looking forward to that decreasing! I'm taking 2 xtra strength Tylenol at bedtime and usually 1 during the day as needed but i'm not having much pain, more discomfort/tightness. I went back to work at day 6po but worked from home for the week, this week I've been back in the office and doing fine so far. I'm finding I'm pretty tired at night but nothing terrible. I can wear my normal clothes, i'm still wearing my binder so I've been wearing big sweaters to hide it, but it's freezing here so that's not unusual :) I got out for my lunch time walk today, i went half as far as i usually do and that took me twice as long! but it's progress. Today is my last day in my binder, I plan to switch to spanx tomorrow per dr's orders. But i think i'll keep my binder in my bag, just in case :) I'm doing twice daily light massage on my abdomen, small circles using two fingers and arnica gel.

3 weeks po!

Well I have made it to three weeks, in the last week I really started to feel "normal" again. I'm standing tall and walking normally. I am wearing spanx by day but nothing at night. I've been walking 30 min a day for exercise and dying to get back to my normal routine (running, Piyo, insanity, soccer). I have a check up with my dr next week. By the end of the day my lower abdomen, from my belly button to my incision gets pretty swollen and hard.

I'm still worried about the end of my incision on my left side, it's looking a bit like a dog ear.

Belly button angst

Not loving it, really Hopi g it's just swollen and will become more innie and less anus with hemroids soon!!

4 weeks

I made it to week 4! I feel pretty good, I'm flattest in the morning and tend to swell a bit by end of day. Especially on days I'm stuck at my desk most of the day! Trying to exercise more (walking) I see my doc Thursday for a check up. I plan to ask him about my belly button (will it sink in at all) and my left side bulge.

Week 5!

Hi All!
I forgot to take pic's this morning so this update will be without them. I'm 5 weeks PO today and feeling great! I got cleared last week to do whatever I want for exercise but I've still only been walking. More because I've been so busy than anything else. I did play soccer with my boys last night and felt great. I'm hoping to start running again this weekend. I had a coughing fit late last week that left me VERY sore, for several days! Honestly i'm just feeling better today, i must have strained those tight muscles. I'm still swelling in the evenings but trying to make sure to do lots of massage. And to stay on top of any constipation, I've found constipation to get quite painful quite quickly because everything is so tight.

I head to Chicago for a few days (leaving tomorrow) for a conference, it's going to mean flying, a lot of running around and heels so wish me luck! I was so excited to pack a dress that I got last year but have never worn, it clings to the stomach and before my TT I looked pregnant in it, now i look nice and flat! So excited! Hope your all doing well and have a great week!

6 Weeks (and one day)

If you had asked me even 4 weeks ago if I thought I would be working out again this soon i would have laughed at you! It's hard to believe that just 4 weeks ago I couldn't stand up straight, that walking 1/4 of a mile left me totally winded and dripping sweat! This week I've been focused on getting my endurance back. I'm doing a 30 min run walk daily, I've run up to 10 min at a stretch so far and feeling good! My tummy is tight when I start but loosens up as I warm up. I'm adding some plank into my workout too, only up to 30 seconds and boy do i feel it! I'm doing some squats and lunges too as i feel like my legs have gotten flabby during the down time!

All in all i'm VERY happy with my results. I feel good, I'm happy with how my belly looks. I have a bit of loose skin still on my left side, my belly button is still icky but getting a bit more inney every day. I'm hopeful! My scar is looking good, I'm massaging twice a day with Bio oil which really helps with the swelling (the massage not the bio oil) and just trying to MOVE IT MOVE IT!

My diet has been horrid the last week, too much candy, too much junk. i'm focusing on getting back on track! Planning to start the 21 day fix (food and exercise) next week.

Happy Healing!!!

PS if you wonder if you should have a tummy tuck or wait. DO IT. i'm SO glad I've done it!!!!

8 1/2 weeks!

I forgot to post this last week! The pics are from 8 weeks. I'm feeling great and back to doing all my usual exercises for the most part! My diet has suffered and I think I've put on some weight. Trying to get back on track! I haven't gone down a size in clothing but it is nice to not have a muffin top hanging over anymore! My scar has lowered a little but I'll still need to find a higher waisted bikini bottom if I'm going to wear a two piece! My belly button is improving too!
I've been doing twice daily massages with bio oil, my stretch marks are pretty bad, trying to find options to reduce their appearance (suggestions welcome!)

10 weeks

Time flies! I'm 100% back to my normal activities including yoga, running and soccer. I feel great, no side effects. I had a checkup today and my dr encouraged me to do more vigorous massage especially along the scar and bb. He said I need to really break up that scar tissue. I still have mild swelling, he suggested wearing spanx to combat that. I have a Florida vaca in January and was hoping to wear a bikini but I need to find s higher bottom to cover my scar and not sure I'd my bb scar will be faded enough by then. Has anyone else found a cute higher waisted bikini?

I still have a "blob" on my left side, they will give it a year and if it's till there they will "excise" it.

14 weeks? I think!

I've lost track of time! I feel good! I would say I'm at 98% "back to normal" I'm back to all my normal activities but have an occasional pulling or tightness. My scar is still very red. Does anyone know the normal timeframe for when it should start to fade?

5 month update!

5 months out! I can't believe it's been so long! Aside from still having some numbness I have no other pain or discomfort. I'm back to all my usual activities (running, yoga, soccer etc). My scar is still really red despite twice daily massage. Any tips to lighten it? Has anyone explored any scar removal options? (Laser etc). I still have a bit of a lump on my left side. I have a follow up with my doc next week and want his thoughts on a revision for that. I wish my bb scar would fade the most! I still feel like I can't wear a bikini until it does.

5 month Follow Up

I'm a little beyond 5 months but my scar is still quite red. I had a follow up with my doctor today, which i'm UBER annoyed about. My Apt was at 9am, I was early but they kept me waiting until 9:20. Of course he only spent 3 minutes with me and i was literally chasing him out the door with additional questions :( He was disappointed that my scar was so red still but just said "we'll see if it's better in 3 months". I also talked about my "Blob" which he said is an easy fix under local... and we'll talk about it more in 3 months. GRRR. I keep reminding myself i chose him for his results not for his bedside manner but this is redic.

Bummed about my scar

My scar has healed very raised and dark ????. The dreaded keloid result. Any suggestions? I'm a year out, massage twice a day and have tried a variety of creams, oils and sheets.
Portsmouth Plastic Surgeon

I'm very happy with my results. Dr Gray has a fantastic technique. Not having drains helped me be mobile right away and I feel helped speed my recovery. I've had very little swelling and feel very good about my proceedure! The staff is fantastic!

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