In Search of a Mommy Makeover in New England. New Hampshire, NH

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Hi all, I have been a realself member for awhile...

Hi all,
I have been a realself member for awhile and I love to see all of your before and after photos and read your wonderful stories.
I have been dreaming of a mommy makeover since 2013. I had a sleeve in 2013 I lost 90 lbs with a lot of hard work. I have maintained about 166 give or take a pound for about a year. I have the worst belly overhang and the girls are a sad pair of tube socks sigh.... I have the best husband loved me fat and loves me hanging skin and all. Don't get me wrong I look great with clothes on. You would never know I have hanging skin. I have a great Victoria secret bra that is the best secret keeper lol.
I searched High and low in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York for a plastic Surgeon that does Mommy Makeovers. I scheduled a total of 5. One in Maine, Two in New Hampshire, 2 in Massachusetts. All from reviews on Realself, the individual doctors websites, there before and after photo. I even spoke with a patient from each office.
The First Consult:
Dr.Zeff in New Hampshire. First off there were not a lot of reviews on him on Realself. His website was ok and I liked his before and after photos. I also knew someone whom recently had a mommy makeover and was really happy.
I got to the consult Dr. Zeff took me back himself. We sat in a room and he reviewed my paperwork and asked questions. He immediately stated " wow you want a lot done." I told him I wanted a breast lift with Augmentation, Full tummy tuck and lipo of hip, thighs and flanks.
He immediately stated that he " NEVER does a lift and implants at the same time." Also that he would only do the lift and tummy tuck in one surgery and I would need to come back for another surgery. I was a little upset. His website talks about a mommy makeover and I just spoke with a recent patient of his that just had everything I wanted at once. I let it go the women that I spoke to asked not to mention her. I respect her privacy. He took me into a room looked at me naked. He did not measure me, take pictures or anything. He literally talked the whole time about the procedure and I didn't get any of my questions asked. SO he stated Full tummy tuck and breast lift first, then BA and Lipo. For a total of 22,000. The price I was fine with I am willing to spend anything that gets the results that I desire. The deal breaker was the rushed consult and the fact that I can not have the lift, BA and Tummy tuck.
Next was Sean Doherty in Mass.
Beautiful office, great staff, took measurements and pics, explained everything in detail. He also stated the best result was breast lift first with Tummy tuck. Then BA. But he would do both together. But WOW! Price was a lot!! 27,000. I asked if it was a geographical cost or his choice he said A little of both.
Moving on!!!
Dr. Heidi Harrington New Hampshire
The office was beautiful, staff was great, they have their own surgical suite. I arrived they took me back I watched about three videos outlining the surgeries I was requesting. Then the nurse came in and went over my paperwork. Then Dr. Harrington came in a very new young surgeon much different then the other two. I immediately loved her. She was super informative again she stated Lift first then BA was the way to go for the best result. Also they have a limit of 4.5 hours surgery time because they are private. If I did the BA, Lift, Tummy tuck with lipo total of 6 hours. This would need to be done at the hospital which she was not opposed too, She listened to my wants and needs for my surgery. She advised that I may need a touch up lift later if I did both. But I plan on getting a thigh lift in the future and she stated that she could do the touch up lift with that If needed. Also none of the other surgeons would talk implant size with me because they were not doing them. Dr. Harrington listened to my wants and stated that with my measurements and my wants 600cc HP smooth implants should achieve my desired results. Also she does a drainless tummy tuck awesome. She explained in detail I suggest looking it up on here or you tube. Her cost for a BA, Lift, Full Tummy tuck with lipo, all garments is 10,800. They could not quote me the OR cost, Anesthesia or implant cost because this is the hospital charges the coordinator is getting the totals and will get back to me. Also I may need to stay overnight in the hospital so they are getting that cost as well. But if I was to do the whole surgery at their facility it would cost 18,000. I thought this was extremely reasonable with the amount of surgery. She requires a CBC, BMP and a Mammo if over 40 or a history of breast cancer in your family. Also Pre op clearance from your PCP. Then when they have that she requires you to meet with the anesthesiologist at their facility. The hospital has there own procedure most likely another Pre op appointment. They will get back to me with all of the details. I LOVED HER AND MOST LIKELY WILL GO WITH HER!
I have 2 more consults Dr. Verne in Portland Maine and Dr. Capello in mass.
Thanks for your support feel free to ask questions and I will be happy to answer. Not a lot of members from the Maine, New Hampshire area.

Help with hospital charges

Hi all,
Waiting to here from the finance lady regarding the hospital charges. Those of you that have had surgery in a hospital setting mind sharing your cost? Please include state, OR fee, anethesiologist fee and any other costs. As well as overnight stay fee if you needed it. I can't find anything anywhere it appears most surgeries are done in a private facility. Thanks in advance.

Decision made!

After many consults. I decided to go with Dr. Heidi Harrington. I wanted to do all the procedures together but the next available hospital OR date was June 29th. I did not want to wait that long. Because of that reason I will be doing two surgeries. The Dr is on vacation now. So I am waiting to hear what she recommends on timing and which order the procedures can or should be done in. The next available date in her surgery center is May 26th. That would be awesome.
I'll keep you all updated.

Got a surgery date!!!

So after one hundred calls. The OR at the hospital was booked until June 29th and because of my brief time to get my surgeries completed I decided change my surgical plan.
Surgery one is Scheduled for June 6th! I will have a full tummy tuck with flank and inner thigh lipo
Then 6 to 8 weeks later breast lift with 600cc implants.
It was not my ideal plan but in the end I will have all of my surgeries that I wanted. I paid for the first surgery it was 12,011. I have not received the second surgery quote but I believe it will be another 7,000.
I have been prepping. My aunt will be helping me. I will rent a chair for the time need because I don't think I will be able to climb the stairs to bed. My husband is on board but I think he is very nervous. He tells me that he loves me for me and the surgery should be totally for me not him or anyone else. And this surgery is for me. I have worked so hard and I want the body that I have earned. I am nervous I constantly think what if the scar is huge and ugly what if my decision for the lift and implants together instead of separate is not a good idea and the girls are still saggy. I am spending a lot of money for this surgery and that scares me I am so responsible with money that spending this money on an elective surgery. But this is for me and I refuse to feel guilty about the choice. Again I have earned it. I am not a sitter I have to be moving! So recovery will be difficult but I will do everything to ensure my result is awesome. I'll update again once I have my pre op appointment.

Surgery done!!!

Hi all,

So surgery was completed yesterday. I will back track a little. Pre op appointment was via phone. Basic info like what to wear etc.
I arrived at the facility. They took me back did vitals, asked a bunch of questions. Started an iv. Did all the markings. Then I was off.
I woke up about 2 hours after. I really had no sense of time. They let me try to pee. The doctor stated binder only until tuesday then full compression garment.
I really had no pain. When I got home I took a pain pill went pee finally. I am very lucky to have my aunt taking care of me. She has an adjustable bed and I don't think I could of used just pillows. Recommendation get a hospital bed for 2 weeks. I also put two pillows under my legs. The doc said I need to walk bent over always and in a sitting position while in bed. I had inner thigh lipo and honestly this is the most painful last night. Felt like a constant cramp. My aunt said I have huge bruises I can not see. She checked my incision every two hours. It looks so awesome!! Instant results. Granted it is not flat yet and looks yucky looking. Now at about 130am. I started to get feeling back. My incision is starting to hurt. I am itchy and I have prickly feeling my nerves are waking up. I am taking my pain pills on a schedule. Drinking a ton of water. I AM SO SWOLLEN I feel like a grape ready to pop lol. I can get out of bed on my own carefully. I can not get in by myself. Also I got a walker so I could lean on it to walk A MUST HAVE! Overall I am doing better then I expected. I was a little sad I could not do my breast as well with this surgery but now I am thankful I didn't! Honestly not having arms to push off things because my breasts hurts and are swollen would have been terrible.
Follow appointment on Tuesday next week. I hope I continue with this progress. I will post some before photos later today. And after once I can stand straight.
Portsmouth Plastic Surgeon

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