27yr Old Finally Got Implants!..and Not Sure if I'm Happy with Them ): - New England, USA

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I've wanted large breasts since a very young age....

I've wanted large breasts since a very young age. I grew up with two older sisters who both had beautiful full c cups and I couldn't wait to have a set of my own. In fact, all of the women in my family all have large breasts except for me :/. When I went through puberty at age 9 I was excited for my breasts to grow in but they never got any bigger. I waited and waited and even watched my cousin who is 7 years younger then me grow D cups and still nothing for me!

It took a lot of courage(time and money) to finally see a doctor and talk about my goals and go through with this surgery. I always thought it was shameful to get plastic surgery because I come from a traditional family but as I got older I realized I need to do what makes me happy and who cares what anyone else thinks, right? I only met with one doctor because I felt very comfortable with him at first. He gave me a few sizers to try on and told me that because of my small frame and athletic build I would look best with a 286cc implant(I am 5ft 2in, 116lbs, wore a 34A bra). I went home and did some research and went back in for my second meeting and told him I wanted to go larger. He pulled a 304 and told me that it wouldn't be much of a difference in volume, only in shape. I wanted a full c cup and he was well aware of that. I went home and started having more doubts. I was not happy! I went in for a 3rd and final sizing and we pulled a 339cc. When I placed it into my bra it look PERFECT! I liked the width of them and the fullness. I honestly felt like this was THE ONE but the doctor seemed to get frustrated explaining to me that it could not happen because my chest wall isn't wide enough. If he created a pocket underneath the muscle to insert them I could be at risk for the two pockets breaking and becoming one big pocket across my chest. He even told me my nipples might go pointing towards the floor if I do it. This really freaked me out! He never used a tape measure, he just pressed the center of the implant against my nipple and depending on how far it stuck out from the sides and how far it stood up on top he said that would determine if it would fit or not. He told me that I needed to trust his judgement and that he was going to do a nice job. After all he has been doing this for 25+ years so I decided not to freak out and move forward with the surgery and his recommendation.

He ended up bringing all three sizes to surgery but he knew that I wanted to go as large as possible. When I woke up after the surgery he told me he put in the 286CC because the 304CC didn't look as nice in and that he tried. He didn't try the 339CC at all.

Now I'm 1 week post op and I cannot stand looking at myself in the mirror. Is this normal? I am so disappointed with the size and I know as the swelling goes down it will only look smaller. From the front the shape appears nice because I wanted that rounded look but I'm afraid once the swelling goes down that will disappear. The side profile looks the same to me.. maybe a little fuller but not by much. I understand once they drop they will look different but honestly is it going to be much different? I tried on my old 34A bras (several different brands and styles) and they ALL fit! Whats up with this? I thought the cups would be wayy too small and was excited to finally throw them away. Maybe because it hasn't dropped yet? I don't know anymore I'm just so frustrated and disappointed with this entire procedure. I feel like I got talked out of getting what I really wanted after all these years. I've been really depressed since surgery and I cannot stop crying. I've thought about revision with another doctor but I don't want to put my body through all of this again.
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