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I'm 28 years old and I'm naturally a 32A-B cup and...

I'm 28 years old and I'm naturally a 32A-B cup and I'm in need of some advice from this community especially Doctors... I have a long history with breast augmentation to say the least so please bare with me. I will do my best to explain myself.

In 2005 (age 20) I got my first breast augmentation with saline 300cc high profile implants. I was so excited as I always wanted big boobs! I had severe bottoming out right out directly out of surgery (at the time I didn't really know what that was so I didn't think much of it) and the Dr. placed them partially under the muscle (not sure why as I was supposed to get them fully under muscle). I was happy to have larger breasts for sure, but they didn't look like what I was expecting them to, it wasn't what I wanted. I asked to be a large C small D and I was BARELY a C.

I waited about 4 years and in 2009 I finally decided to get them fixed with a different Dr. I decided on 500cc high profile silicone Mentor implants and my Dr. tried fixing the severe bottoming out and putting them fully under the muscle. They looked VERY strange for several months and I noticed that the right breast was much higher and slightly deformed from the very beginning. I was VERY concerned about it but was told I needed to wait a long time for them to settle and heal. I was happy with them compared to my 300cc's obviously but I really wanted them even and perfect. I also have some scar tissue on my left breast by the incision and it makes it sucks up in slightly. I noticed the unevenness ALL the time with or without clothes on and it drove me nuts. I was wearing a size 32D bras, sometimes a 32C. I didn't really wear bras much as I didn't want it to make my breast not drop.

I dealt with the uneven breast for about 3 years and in 2012 I decided to have the same Dr. go back in and try fixing it. I also decided since I was going into surgery again that I wanted to go with a new implant size to try to create more cleavage and fullness. We decided on Mentor ultra high profile 590cc. After a few months of healing, my right breast was STILL uneven and still the left breast was slightly sucked up in by incision. There wasn't much difference from the 500cc high profile to the 590cc ultra high profile I wanted them a little bigger and they look the same lol I'm still wearing all the same bras. At this point I just thought something was wrong with me and it would never be fixed.

About 6 months later and hours of massaging my Dr. decided to take me back under the knife and try lowering the right pocket again slightly. (This would be my 4th breast surgery). I was hesitant, but went ahead with it. After 6 months of aggressive massaging and several appointments, my breast had STILL has not changed. So once again my Dr. decided to take me back under the knife and try removing the built up scar tissue to try to get the implant to settle. (5th surgery) in Feb. of this year

I'm about 2 month post op... I've been aggressively massaging since 7 days post op, I also wore a band for 10 days. Yet again my breast is still high and deformed on my right side, it looks no different than my previous revision. I'm at a loss for words now, and I have no idea where to turn. I'm told to aggressively massage as much as I possibly and at least 5-10 min. 2x a day WHICH I have been doing since I can remember. My left arm literally hurts from so much massaging lol. But my breast is still harder than my right.

FIRST and foremost, I want both of my breast even and settled into the pockets where they are supposed to be, secondly I want more cleavage and thirdly I want them slightly bigger. I've thought about going to a very experienced Dr. that has done TONS of revisions and having 800cc high profile implants put in or possibly 800cc ultra high??? THOUGHTS??

I would appreciate ANY honest advice, please analyze my photos and situation and tell me what and where I should go from here... also uploaded a photo of what I WANT them to look like on the end.

Photos in tank top

Here's what they look like in tank top

Photos of 300cc HP 60 days, bottoming out

As you can see, the bottoming out only started to get worse. This photo was taken only 60 days after my very first BA. It got SO much worse over the next few years. My nipples always stuck out of mmy bras etc. It was terrible.

Goal photos

Here is some goal photos that I WANT mine to look like

Photo with workout top

They look fairly normal in sports bras and workout tops so I figured it post a photo
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