4000 Cc, 75 % Fat GONE! Vaser is a Great Way to Remove Stubborn Belly Fat! - New Delhi, India

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Pre-vaser stats: Highest Weight: 166 pounds, 75...

Pre-vaser stats:
Highest Weight: 166 pounds, 75 kgs (March 2011)
Current Weight: 147-149 pounds, 67 kgs (July 2012)
Body fat: 39% (May 2012)
BMI: 25.2 (Overweight)
Age: 24, Height: 5'4"
Body type: Slender all over, but heavy on top

I have been trying to lose belly fat since 2008. This past July 2011, I became really serious about losing weight and started going to the gym 4-6x per week, eating extremely healthy (somewhere between veganism and the raw foods approach). I watched inspirational you tube videos every single day. I wrote down, daily, everything that went into my mouth and every bit of energy I expended. I kept an eye on my body weight, my measurements and my weight, but after 12 months of working out and embarking on this healthy lifestyle change, nothing much had changed. Yes, I felt better. Yes, I felt happy to be taking charge of my life and putting my health up there with my educational and career goals. But, why wasn't I seeing any results? After four years of frustration, and about a year of hard work, I came to vaser as a last resort.

I have a friend who does consulting with medical hospitals in India and he recommended Dr. Ajaya, a board certified plastic surgeon who has 30 years of experience in New Delhi and Boston. Apparently, people from America and other parts of the world fly to New Delhi just to have him do their surgeries. I liked that. And I liked that he had experience with all types of bodies.... India, Caucasian, African, and Afro-American....and many others too, I'm sure. When I met him he was very nice and knowledgeable. He took a look at my belly and while I was only interested in removing fat from my lower abdomen, he (rightfully) suggested that I would benefit from doing my whole stomach (flanks, upper and lower abs). He is known in Delhi for his body artistry.... he's into etching and giving lines and body contouring. He told me he'd throw that in as a bonus. Cool!

The cost was 85,000 rupees (1500) per section. He gave me my flanks and the etching gratis. I had the option of doing it in several hospitals across Delhi, but we agreed on Nova because it has the machinery necessary for body sculpting. I was very nervous. I was worried I would wake up during the surgery because they didn't administer the anesthesia properly. I was worried about an electricity cut during the surgery (we just suffered the worst power blackout in the world in North India a few days ago). I was worried he would leave me with third degree burns from improper vaser uses, or not using enough saline. A word of advice: google responsibly. Because I didn't.

The day of the surgery, I went to the hospital by 7:30 a.m. (for a 9 a.m. surgery). I had my own private room, so me and my hubby settled in. I did y pre-anisthesia check up a couple of days before (includes ECHO, EKG, X-ray, blood test)... so there wasn't much left to do. They took my blood pressure, and vital signs, had me change into the hospital clothes, and put a needle in my hand for the IV and other fluids. Several doctors came in to answer my questions (I'm quite the inquisitive one)... but the first two didn't know English very well (and my Hindi does not encompass medical terminology), so they brought in the more senior doctors and they made everything clear for me. I felt better after talking to them. When it was time to go, they put me on the moving bed and took me to the 2nd floor for surgery. Soon after, Dr. Ajaya came in. He first snapped a couple of pics, drew on me with the pen, had me lay down and marked me up some more... He offered to play music, and I was able to listen to peaceful Tibetan chants as I drifted off to sleep due to the anesthesia....

After surgery, I woke up and was in so much pain. Part of it was due to the trauma of the surgery, but the other part of it was that I was on my menustration cycle.... the two combined was terrible. They wanted me to sleep for at least four to six hours, but for some reason I was afraid to sleep. I wanted to feel awake, to feel like I was okay. I slept maybe for 3 hours and then wanted to pee. It was very difficult to sit up and to walk. There were bandages and gauze wrapped all around my mid section! I felt like a mummy. When I went to pee I noticed that my vagina was SO swollen... not the lips or the interior, just the exterior. It was literally full of water. And numb. That scared me so badly, but the nurses said it was normal. I returned to the bed and after laying there for another hour, drfiting in and out of sleep, i noticed my left leg was swelling so badly that it hurt more than my tummy did. I would later realize that for some reason my entire left side was more swollen than the right. One cool thing about the first thing was that one of the doctors brought in my fat to show me! I couldn't believe it... 4 kgs/ 4000 cc of liquid (75% fat content)-- GONE! It was a great feeling.

Day 2:
I stayed in the hospital overnight and the second day I woke up the morning in the hospital. It was less painful but still painful. Preparing for discharge, the nurses bathed me a bit in some hot water and changed my bandages. I couldn't believe what I saw. Even though it was swollen, I could see a BIG difference. My gut wasn't really there anymore. I looked slim. But I was really disappointed in the holes left by the laser. They were pink.... have I been burned??? I'm just going to b patient and give it a couple of days.

I was discharged at 11 a.m. and went directly to my home in Delhi. I think the swelling was even worse today. I am staying medicated and taking arnica every four hours religiously to reduce the swelling and bruising. I also will be seeing the doctor in his clinic in 2 days.

Day 3:
Today my body fels different. The pain is less, but I still walk like an old lady and its hard to straighten out my back. Somehow I feel like either the swelling is less or that the swelling has redistributed itself. I know the latter to be true for some areas because when I woke up, I felt a heaviness in my vagina, as if the water content shifted down into the lips of my vagina as opposed to the "top"... very uncomfortable. Also it seems that the painful, red swelling in my left thigh has reduced. I also feel stinky. Can't shower for the first few days after vaser lipo. Ick.

Day 4 It hurts less, the swelling is going down...

Day 4

It hurts less, the swelling is going down more, though not entirely. I can use my elbows to sit up and I am generally becoming more mobile. I think the hardest part from here on out will be maintaining patience for the swelling to go down so that I can see my final result. In just one hour I have an appointment with the doctor. He is going to take off my bandages and put me in the compression garment. I hope it doesn't hurt too bad. Will update after my visit. I am also posting before and after pics today, although I think my final results should look a whole lot better than they do now.

Day 4 (After Checkup) So I went to the office,...

Day 4 (After Checkup)
So I went to the office, the doctor changed the bandages and informed me that I'd only have to wear them for 2 more days. The scarring isn't so bad with two of the incisions, but the incision in which the laser was inserted are pink. They look better than they did 4 days ago, but I hate that they are in such a prominent place on my tummy (the doc used old scars from my previous surgery).
He told me that the swelling would be good after 2 weeks, better after 6 weeks, and best after 12 weeks. Before I left they also put me in a seamless compression garment, which I am supposed to wear non stop for 2 weeks and on and off for another 4 weeks after that. Next checkup is in 1 week, Saturday at 10 am.

2 Weeks Post Everyday up until now, it's been...

2 Weeks Post

Everyday up until now, it's been pretty painful. In the mornings, I feel the pressure of the swelling. I immediate use the restroom and feel relieved. Now, it's no longer that feeling. It simply feels like I did a really intense ab workout. I am still awaiting my final results- the swelling makes my stomach appear a bit lumpy. I'll post another one month update in 2 weeks, after I see the doctor again.
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