24 Year Old, 5'2, 100 Lbs 300 Cc UHP No Kids. Can Finally Feel Confident with and Without Clothes ;)

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Okay so......... Erm where to start. My stats...

Okay so......... Erm where to start.

My stats :
Around 100 lbs

Having always been very small my breasts never developed as much as I wanted to :[ on top of that school made everything worse all girls were much bigger busted than me with that said it does take its toll on you mentally aswell as being bullied.

I now finally get to feel like a woman rather than 10 year old boy.

I am ECSTATIC at the minute and cannot wait for my surgery day.

My first consultation went well but was very surprised with the size the ps recommended as you probably know you'll get a number in your head of how much cc s you want then you get stumped when it's actually a lot less for me anyway, in my head I was like Yeah 400 cc will be great BUT the ps said 300-325whoch is the max I can go to so a lot less than anticipated but having tried them on I have to say I was impressed with the 300 for my frame but decided to go for 325 UHP

A couple days passed and then I was thinking oh I think I've gone too big coz they looked huge and I didn't want them be overpowering as I am tiny. I spoke to a friend who had hers done and she said defo go smaller as you do not want them to look silly on your frame. So then I went back to try the 300 cc again and decided yes that's what I'm going for.

So here I am waiting excitedly for 21 Nov. I cannot explain how happy I have been the last few weeks and just cannot wait for one the best days of my life.

Will post pre op pics soon.

Realself and the girls leaving reviewshave helped so much and am thankful for their input. Any questions please fire away xx

Changed surgery day

Soo decided to bring the day closer rather than waiting. Only 5 days but still. Im feeling rather anxious about the surgery which has never bothered me before, anyone else felt like this? I'm actually questioning the whole thing uuughh I know I'll be happy after it probably nerves.

If anyone is reading this can you tell me how you felt after the surgery mentally did it change much? I suppose happier but what feelings have you had? Negative, happy?
Dr. Robert Hardy

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