50yrs Old, Having Breast Uplift and Implants Liverpool Uk

Hi I'm having an uplift and implant 340cc under...

Hi I'm having an uplift and implant 340cc under the muscle. Due to big weight loss my boobies have sagged not loads and gone a lot smaller from 36f/g to 34d. Im 5ft 2 and weigh 9st 4lbs used to be a 34dd/e before gained weight 5yrs ago. having the procedure done In new birkdale clinic Liverpool by dr shah. Has anybody had there's done by him? An do you think that size implant is going to give me a DD/E cup. My surgeon reckons a good D cup. I don't want porn star boobs I just want nice round firm looking ones but still a decent size. Also can you recommend sports bra I will need to wear been told high performance back fastening in a 34E. Carnt see any uk shop brands only USA reviews

Here we go going to be brave girl and post some photos before my breast uplift/augmentation surgery with nateralle 375cc HP unde

Hi girls thought I'd be brave and bite the billet of putting pics up. Please bare in mind I am 50 yrs of age, :-( I'm 5ft 2 and now weigh 9st 4lb.
1st my flat sad boobies 34d
After surgery 2nd day post op
5 days when dressings 1st removed, before cleaned up
8 days post op
Breasts are still very tight, high up due to swelling and was informed cause under muscle . I am currently wearing surgical bra 24/7. Still odd shape sponge bob , can not wait for these girls to drop down, have to wear surgical strap 6wks. do you think they will go bigger looking? don't know what size bra I am as been told not to wear proper bra 3 mths. Pain not so bad now I'm 10 days post op. But still very tight, get a dragging feeling but think I'm doing to much. I'm off work 2 weeks sick then took extra week as annual leave due to have very demanding physical job as nurse. Going for another redressing Friday as just a few breaks in incision were the junction underneath is. Apart from that look good. Still a bit straight at the bottom but hoping that will change soon. Nipples very sensitive and got one boobie slightly bigger that other but informed will change also in time. Difficult sleeping upright, but triangle pillow been a blessing and recommend girls to invest when they have surgery. So would appreciate any comments or advice girls on my photos and tips
dr shah

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