23 yr old mommy of 2, 5'2 120lbs 450cc silicone gel implants & inverted nipple repair - New Bern, NC

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I have known since I had my first child when I was...

I have known since I had my first child when I was 17 that I would someday have a breast augmentation. I felt like my breasts never had a chance to fully finish developing before my body put all it's effort into growing a baby, my beautiful daughter now age 6. When she was born I attempted to breast feed but was unsuccessful but that didn't stop my breasts from becoming very large and engorged leaving me with a lot of stretch marks and extra tissue. Then I had my second child when I was 20, a handsome boy who is now 2, which led to even more saggy tissue. Since my husband and I were now sure that we were finished having children I began to seriously consider getting implants.
I found Dr. Zannis online and saw that he was running a special and I felt like it was a sign, that I had to look into this and give it a shot! I I had my consult appointment on March 14th 2014. The office was very lovely and comfortable and the staff were friendly and attentive. He took some before photos and discussed what I would like to look like as well as what technique he would be using (sub-muscular, inframmary incision). He also noticed that I had inverted nipples and much to my surprise said he could easily fix those during surgery! I told him I'd go home and look into and and make a decision about that before my surgery date. I then tried on the sizers and had originally settled on 550cc, which didn't look that large with my sweater on top. I explained that I would be moving in the near future and they were able to get me scheduled for surgery on the 24th, only 10 days away! Since the surgery date was so close they completed my pre-op assessment as well and had me sign all the paperwork.
I left the office feeling SO excited......But those 10 days felt like forever! All I could think about was boobies. Realself became my go to page, reading review after review and checking out a ton of before and afters. Of course in doing so I realized that while 550cc may look great with clothes, it was much larger than I wanted to look when naked or in a bikini. And for me I wasn't concerned with how I looked clothed, I just wanted to look like a well endowed 23 yr old when I looked in the mirror. So I decreased my implant size to 450cc and was still apprehensive but told myself to just go with it! I also decided to add the inverted nipple repair to my operation. It was only an addition $200 so I figured why not give it s shot and get a whole new boobie makeover haha
Finally my surgery day came. I was nervous and anxious and excited and so much more. I arrived a the office at 1pm. The nurse came in and gave me a lovely paper gown and non slip booties to put on. Luckily I was able to keep my undies on since they didn't have any metal on them. We then went over my medications and she answered some of my questions. Next the anesthesiologist came in and asked me some questions. Finally Dr. Zannis came in and marked me up and we were off to the operating room!
My surgery started around 2:15 and was finished by 3:30. I woke and and was feeling well enough to talk the nurses ear off lol. I'm quite the chatty kathy when coming off anesthesia, I feel like talking help gets that muddled feeling out of my brain faster. I was a tad uncomfortable so as soon as we left the office we drove through sonic to grab a bite so i could take my pain meds. I was also feeling a bit nauseous so I took a nausea pill as well. Once home I stayed in bed the rest of the evening. Ate some cereal for dinner and took my meds as instructed. Set an alarm for the antibiotic so I wouldn't miss a dose.
Today I am one day post op and feeling ok. Very sore, definitely still need my pain meds. Happy to report that I have an appetite and seem to be feeling well aside from the expected discomfort. I did take a glorious 2 hour nap this afternoon and when I woke up I noticed that the post surgical bra had given me a blister so I called the office and the nurse told me I could switch into a different one as long as it was supportive and had no underwire. Luckily I had bought some fruit of the loom racer back front clasp sports bras beforehand and they are much more comfortable. While changing I got my first look at the new girls and so far I absolutely love em. I can't tell yet whether the inverted nipple repair worked or not but I wont be completely heart broken if it didn't. I'm just excited to watch them transform and progress over the next few months. And I can't wait to buy new bras and a bathing suit! I'll be uploading more pics as they progress so stay tuned!

Day 2 post op

So I forgot to mention in my last post that I am 5'2 120lbs and I recieved 450cc mentor smooth round moderate plus profile silicone gel implants. As for day 2, not much change in the appearance of the new boobies. I may actually be a bit more sore today than I was on day one, especially on my left side. But I've been keeping up with my pain meds, muscle relaxers, antibiotics, and stool softeners and drinking lots of water. Went out for about an hour but was exhausted and uncomfortable by the time I got home so I took a much needed nap and woke up feeling much better. So far the worst part is just not being able to cuddle my kiddos and having to rely on the hubby for silly stuff like pouring me water because the jug is too heavy! But I'm looking forward to my post op appointment next week and looking even more forward to the heavenly shower I get to take tomorrow! (p.o. day 3) :)

1 week post-op pics and update

I was one week post op yesterday and had my first post-op appointment today. A quick rundown of the last week: Took my last narcotic pain meds 2nd night post-op and only had Tylenol post-op day 3 and by that night I was completely off of all pain meds which left only the antibiotic to keep up with. Ugh, the antibiotic, talk about bloated. I looked 5 months pregnant even though I wasn't constipated due to taking stool softeners since the day of surgery. Thankfully the bloat is starting to subside now and should continue to get better as I finished off the antibiotic yesterday and my body has released most of the fluid I was retaining from swelling. I've slept great all week which I attribute to my pre-op purchase of a bed rest pillow, love it. Was able to shower myself on day 3 without any help. I've also been up and about all week, was even able to clean my house yesterday (p.o. day 7) with the exception of vacuuming and mopping. I pushed my 30lb son in a lightweight stroller for the first time today and that went ok. 45 minutes at a slow pace was about all I could handle though.
As for the appearance of my breasts, they look about the same one week post-op as they did one day post-op. They are definitely softer and less tight though. All in all I am very happy with the way things are progressing and I'm just keeping my sights set on the final result. I am also very happy with the results of the inverted nipple repair, they look so much better to me and hubby agrees so I'm glad I went ahead with that. Now I'm just hoping for full return of sensation once I'm completely healed.
My first post-op appointment was today. I had my stitches removed and new tape placed over my incisions that I'm supposed to keep for another week. I was pretty nervous about getting the stitches out but it wasn't bad at all; the nurses did a good job of chatting with me and keeping my mind off of it. Dr. Zannis said everything is looking good and now we just wait for these babies to drop into place!

2 Week post-op update

So second week post-op was possibly the most frustrating. The night after having my stitches removed I woke up in tears with nerve pain in my nipple, probably from the inverted nipple repair...and I have never cried from pain through 2 c-sections, and an appendectomy. Luckily that was only a short lived pain that was tolerable after some tylenol. I've also been dealing with the "my bra must be lined with sandpaper" sensation. Annoying but not necessarily painful. Towards the end of week 2 my breasts are definitely feeling softer and I even felt them bounce a little, which was exciting because they really feel "bolted on", as I've heard others describe it. I've been riding my bicycle for short periods without any problem. I pull my son in a bike trailer and I prefer this over pushing him in a stroller as far as comfort and strain on the new boobies goes. I removed the tape that was placed over my incisions after my stitches were removed and I got my first look at the incisions. They look very well and only have a couple of spots that are still scabby and have a few bumpy areas. I think my scarring will be very minimal though.
I'm trying to stay positive but it is getting very frustrating not feeling like my "normal" self. I still can't even give my husband or children a decent hug because it hurts for them to press against me :( But I keep trying to remind myself that in the grand scheme of things, a few months is not all that long to deal with a little discomfort for something that I know I really want. And to leave you on a positive note: I did have one big highlight of my 2nd week post-op and that was buying a new dress that I actually filled out on top....without a bra!

1 month post-op pics and update

So I'm finally feeling like my old self again. I experienced a lot of positive changes in week 3. My breasts dropped a lot and became much softer; they finally feel like a part of me! The right one is still a bit higher than the left and more oblong shaped but I'm fairly sure that is something that will improve over the next couple of months. My breasts themselves are not sore at all, even when I wake up in the morning. My nipples, however, are still a bit tender, especially when pressed against and are still a bit firm inside but that is all due to the inverted nipple repair and should improve with time. I am back to exercising but still not feeling brave enough to attempt any push-ups. Maybe in another couple of weeks. Other than that I am happy to say that I am able to do all of the activities I was doing before my surgery. I had my 1 month post-op appointment with Dr. Zannis and he said everything looks fine. I can wear any type of bra I like now so I'm sure I will be going bra shopping very soon. Although I don't plan on buying any pricey ones until I reach the 3 month mark. I am still very happy with my decision to have a breast augmentation and with the results I have so far.

2 Months post-op update

Well it's been 2 months since my surgery! Nothing major to report since my last update, just more progress in the drop and fluff department. I am a little concerned about my left breast. The interior of the crease is noticeably lower than the right and the incision has moved up a good bit. But I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I'm not bottoming out. And even if I am there's really not much I can do about it as I'm in the process of moving completely across the country! My right breast still appears a little higher than the left but at the same time also seems fuller to me.....not sure if that will improve over time or if the right might just have been a bit bigger pre-op. Either way it doesn't really bother me. Many natural breasts aren't completely symmetrical anyway. And my breasts look a thousand times better now than they did pre-op, asymmetrical or not! I did just buy my first bathing suit since I got the new girls and I was so thrilled with how they looked I bought 2! (They're the ones in this review's pics :) ) That's all I have to update for now. Will do another update at the 3 month mark.
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