33, No Children, 5'7, 66kgs, Curvy with Slight Assymetry, 355cc Overs - New Auckland, AU

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Goal is to even out the sisters and be a full C...

Goal is to even out the sisters and be a full C cup.
I have been recommended to go with overs - I have breast tissue available and want a natural look. I am ati unsure on size. I initially went for the 355cc Motiva Mod profile. 315cc L and 355cc R to balance out. But I have since tried the rice test at home and this was not helpful to me at all. They looked way bigger than in the consult and I looked so top heavy! Argh!
I may book another consult to talk sizes again!

My little ladies and my wish boobs

Deposit worrys

In December I have to pay my surgeon fee... I'm assuming it's normal to have doubts and fears.
It's a lot of money to spend on me. It's surgery that do I really need? Do o really need to put myself through it?
I really wish I could just click my fingers and have my boobs!

4 months on....

It's been an interesting journey. The op was seamless, the recovery fine, morning boob was a thing but short term. They have dropped and fluffed with full nipple ans breast sensitivity back as it was.
I was a freaking mess a week before the op and I now look back and think wow... I was in the best care and I love my boobs!
Dr Julian Lifts

Amazing surgeon. Julians team are professional and caring. One the day I couldn't have been in better care. 4 months on and I'm very happy.

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