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I had the Total Fx procedure done 4 days ago. It...

I had the Total Fx procedure done 4 days ago. It definitely was uncomfortable..felt like I was getting zapped with hundreds of rubber bands lol..but it was not untolerable.

Had lots of pinpoint bleeding and heat after, but not too bad. First night and second night was hard to sleep. Your definitely feeling a little under the a shock to your system, but nothing horrible. Face goo is gross and super not fun to deal with.

Day 3 the tightness and itching got almost unbearable at times. I took showers and baths and soaked my face in the bath...face down..and I must admit I used a warm wash cloth to massage the skin lightly because the itching was over-the-top this day.

Pretty much the crust came off after all the soaking on day 3. I was surprised because they used a high setting and told me to expect alot of crusting for at least 5 days.

Today bright red and still alot of swelling. Skin tone is a HUGE improvement already where I had enlarged pores and sun damage. I noticed the few acne scars are still there for now..crows feet one one side are gone but still very swollen on that eye...the other eye still has some wrinkles...they can look worse with all the swelling around them.

I used Retin A for 6 month prior and took Bromelain tablets, Claretin, and warm soaks. I also doubled up on my Multi B vitamins and fish oil. I'm not sure which of these helped me to 'slough' the crusts so fast, but they came off pretty quick.

Will go to store tomorrow (Day 5), still very red, blotchy and swollen, but I will use a little make-up and see how I turn out lol..

This procedure is not a pampering beauty must be a bit tough and determined. It does hurt a bit and the first days after are pretty yucky.

But, I am an outdoors girl and wanted a fresh start from all the damage over the years :) This is the right treatment for that.

I am 44 years old and I don't think anyone under 40 should bother with is an ordeal, no doubt about it.... wait until you really need it.

I will update in awhile when the swelling and redness come down.

Day 5- Got out for errands..looked swollen and...

Day 5-
Got out for errands..looked swollen and the thick, chalky sunscreen you must use didn't help any with the looks lol.. I went back to the Dr. office for a small touch-up where a spot was missed.

When my husband came home from work today he exclaimed "WOW, You look HOT!" :) The swelling had gone down today and I definitely notice HUGE improvements in my skin tone ...I am excited because they told me at the Dr. office today that this is just the beginning..biggest improvements over time..

My skin is still dry and very pink/blotchy..the thick zinc sunscreen tones it down, but highlights the fine lines lol..

I also went out hiking on Day was overcast and I wore a baclava(?)and huge sunglasses and zinc ointments on my nose. It felt great to get out!

I am really excited now with the swelling going down and my face starting to look nice again! I feel this was the right treatment for my sun damage and I really do look at least 5 years younger already... YaY!

OK....I saw a previous post review that said you...

OK....I saw a previous post review that said you will not look totally like yourself for 2 weeks and I have to agree.

My expression wrinkles acutally looked WORSE after the swelling went down, but are starting to soften and my skin tone is amazingly even compared to before.

This is about 2 1/2 weeks out and I was told 8-12 weeks for the biggest improvement in wrinkles so I am happy.

The deep FX left some distinct lines in places on my face that looked scary, but they are fading.

So I have to say DON'T PANIC about how you look for the first month because everything is changing my case for the better... :)

So its been about 6 months since the procedure and...

So its been about 6 months since the procedure and I am happy I did it. It was worth it for me, but I still think younger than 40 try Retin A first.
For me with sun spots and 'bronzing' from undiagnosed hemachromatosis it was so worth it.
I still spend a ton of time outdoors and wear sunscreen and hats. I do notice continued improvement in mild wrinkles..tightness of my skin and tone.
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