18 Days Post Op - Nevada, NV

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2 months ago I decided to have a tummy tuck and...

2 months ago I decided to have a tummy tuck and today glad that I made this decision. I am 45 years old, 5' 5" and 130 lbs. I am a very active person and try to keep myself in working order.
I have two adult children and this leaves you with the time frame I have hated my tummy. I have been able to keep myself between a size 5 and 9 through my adult years. I can say that no matter how small I was I have been left with saggy skin. I am okay with not wearing clothing that shows the tummy.......but was not okay with how the tummy looked to me.
So here is the story.......8 days ago and I cannot believe how amazing it looks now. It all went well and was glad to have the pain meds. I did not take them every four hours unless I really needed them. I only took them for 3 days and then went to Tylenol. The first 4 days was very hard, tummy hurt, back hurt and at points was not sure why I had done this to myself. I slept in the recliner with a pillow under my knees and pretty much slept well. My Knees did give me some trouble with this but knew it was better than not doing it. I tried to get sleep whenever my body said to and made myself walk and do a few things around the house when able. I would not recommend sitting all day even if it seems easier to do so. I read on the pain meds that is causes constipation so the first day I started drinking smooth move herbal tea. I would have a glass just before bed and it really helped. I also drank a lot of water and I mean a lot, I cannot express the importance of it. I went on a low sodium diet and was glad I had.
I had read that you should not take showers due to swelling. My doctor said that it was ok to shower the 2nd day. I took his advice and can say that the shower was something I looked forward to. I did try to not let it hit the tummy as I stood with it pouring down my back. I LOVED IT!
During the first 3 or four days I did have a considerable amount of pain and discomfort. By day 5 I could tell that I was on the way to recovery. I was not moving around with speed but.......moving around and stretching out the back and tummy now. I would stand with my back up against a wall and knees bent, I would straighten them as I could tolerate. Glad I did this as now I am walking straight up and think most would not be able to tell I had surgery.
I had drains put in and am sooooooo happy I did. My tummy felt tight and could not have tolerated the added pressure. My tummy would fell stretched more after eating and that told me drains are good. At day 6 both drains below 20 and the doctor removed them. Just for info the removal of e drains does not hurt and is amazing the relief when they are not there any longer. Looking so much better and healing. I am amazed at how cute my tummy is just 8 days out. I wish you all luck and hope all goes well.

18 days post op and feeling good. I go back to...

18 days post op and feeling good. I go back to work tomorrow starting my 12 hour shifts Nd full duty. I am not sure if I am ready but need to try. The duty belt ( law enforcement) concerns me some but being hopeful.
When I think back just two weeks it is hard to believe how amazing I feel now. Now and then get some swelling but nothing I worry about. It is healing nice and scabs are just about gone.
I love the look of my belly and find that my pants fit better. It is not due to weight, just the excess skin in the tummy area not fighting with the pants and the muscle now sitting right where it belongs. I m blessed to be where I am today.
My belly button has healed nicely and I must add soooooooo cute. It once looked like an upside down smile and now looks perfect. I do have a few stretch marks still but have noted a great change in the appearance of them since the swelling has went down. They are now not so easy to see. I hope you all are doing well! God bless and good luck.
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