Dysport Made Me Severely Sick - Nevada

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I got dysport on monday april 12th 2010, on sat...

I got dysport on monday april 12th 2010, on sat april 17th i woke up with a very heavy burning sensation in my chest, not flu like just disturbing. Not my usual on-set of a cold. Barely made it through work and stayed in bed sunday with more symptoms;head ache, fever, chills, sweating, coughing, entire body weakness(severe),INSOMNIA, no vomit. Went to doc on monday and got amoxicillian and cough syrup and stayed in bed all week!

It's now sunday april 25th and I feel so sick, it's my body weakness and out of touch feeling that scares me the most. I still have "flu-like" symptoms and I have not slept more than an hour here and there only at night. can't get to sleep. I'm definitely scared that i'm not getting any better. Diarrhea started today too.

I've called numerous health officials to try and get some help. I have no answers only questions. Has anyone gotten very ill from dysport and how long did it last?

Had botox twice before nothing negative. Had the dysport only for frown lines(it did work). Thank God i was on a budget and couldn't do my eyes. I can't imagine this being any more severe. I've looked all over the net for answers and it's very likely this is a side effect from dysport, and I know my body this is not the flu!

I will be posting at the FDA web site.

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