20 Year Old, Can't Breath, Gets Septo-Rhinoplasty - Netherlands

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I had a dorsal hump, my septum was growing crooked...

I had a dorsal hump, my septum was growing crooked to the point that the bone stuck out on the side, I couldn't breath, everything was clogged yet my nose kept running and overall it was one ugly useless nose . Not to mention that I was so self conscious about my nose that I was willing to exchange an arm and a leg to get a better nose, not even an exaggeration.

After 2.5 years using nose-sprays and all kinds of medicine against this ''allergy'' it seemed that an operation would do the trick and fix everything.

Dr.Wever was very kind and seemed to know what he was talking about. He took a look inside my nose and saw that indeed it was clogged especially because my nose was so out of shape that no air could go through. His plan? to get rid of the dorsal hump and the droopy septum (aesthetic) and to break/broaden my nostrils so that more air comes in (medical). Do to the breaking, instead of a dorsal hump, I have a side hump. It doesnt bother me as much as the dorsal so I will not complain about it.

I told him that I really felt like something more was up with my nose and that it felt like my septums were blowing up. On the day of the operation, while I was laying in bed, he said those were called ''nasal concha'' and that he could remove them for me.

3 hours later (cuz I was in a very deep sleep after the operation) I felt absolutely no pain what so ever.
I'm going to skip through the healing phaze cuz that WAS painfull and its not really the key element to my story.

It's September, my nose is still swollen and I cant breath.
Its October, my nose is less swollen and the stiches finally fell out (I had to cut them with scissors since they didnt really ''disolve'' like they were supposed to.)
It's November, surprisingly there was only 1 week throughout the entire month when I was able to breath through both nostrils without having to snees, feel a burning sensation in the nostril or having to blow my nose every 30 seconds.
It's December, a day before new year. I still cant breath, my nose keeps leaking, have a burning sensation, only the tip of the nose is swollen.

Now that my nostrils are bigger, I stand in front of the mirror, bend my head back and look inside my nose. I can see 2 pink ''balloons'' blown up, thick, taking all the space, no air going through. I do the same on the days that I CAN breath through one nostril; I look in the mirror and see that only 1 pink ''balloon'' is blown up and the other nostril is black, therefor I'm assuming that's the ''normal'' looking nostril because I can actually breath through it. I realised, my nostrils are rarely ''normal'', the inside is nearly always pink.

I am happy with the results of how my nose looks, my confidence, that was once bellow sea level has gone up sky-high. But my breathing has only gotten worse. I can not sleep, I wake up to mucus dripping down my face, my ear drums hurt because I blow my nose so much. I lack so much sleep that I nearly want to kill myself because of how tired and grumpy I have become. Absolutely nothing helps. No medicine, no steaming showers/treatments, no-thing.

I sent an email out to Dr.Wever, because my conclusion from this surgery is that he either forgot to get rid of the ''nasal concha'' or he took them out but they somehow grew back out.

I am not willing to believe that my ''nose still swollen from the operation'' because if that was the case, it would be swollen 24/7 yet there are days and moments when I stand up too fast that my nostrils just open up and then close.

I would like to have some opinions from other surgeons while I am waiting for the email answer from Dr.Wever.

Please do not get me wrong, he did a great job, my nose was a lost cause and I regained self confidence thanks to him. But not my sleep nor my breathing.

Still no answer from the doctor

I have emailed his assistant, i called them twice but unfortunatly i got no reply. I will keep you up to date :)
Thankyou for the support!

Cosultation in February

Dr.Wever's assistant just called. Apparntly he was on hollidays so on February the 3d, I have a consultation with him and i hope he will be able to fix the problem. I'll let you know what the verdict will be.

Dr.Wever did his best, my nose looks great and I am very much satisfied. Though I kind of wish I didnt have a ''side hump'' but then again im assuming he cant do anything about it, he needed to make space in my nostrils so that I could breath. All in all, the aesthetic part of the surgery was a success. The medical might have to be re-done. Just waiting for his response.

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