Journey to Finding a Good Revision Rhinoplastic Surgeon - Netherlands

Since I was very young I hated the way my nose...

Since I was very young I hated the way my nose looked. It was big, crooked and had a hump. So 5 years ago I decided to do a rhinoplasty surgery in the Netherlands. However the result was not good. There was a piece of cartilage sticking out of my nose bridge and moving down a little after 8 months. My nose tip looked like it had two tips and from the front view it looked that my nose had a C-shape, I also developed a lot of scar tissues. After one year I had revision with the same doctor (de Jong), he removed the cartilage piece on my bridge and the excessief scar tissues. However he did nothing about the C-shape and my deformed nose tip. At the left side a little scar tissue developed.

I regret so much that I did not do enough research about rhinoplasty surgeons. 5 years ago I thought that after mine primary surgeon I could close this chapter in my life, but unfortunately that is not the case. Now I have to do another surgery and a revision is soo much harder then a primary. It is also much harder to find a surgeon that is specialist in revisions. So mine advice for anyone who wants to have a nose job. Please research! Below I wrote same steps that may help you and I wish I had done this steps.

Step 1: find information about what makes a good rhinoplastic surgeon.
Step 2: read medical papers about possible complications and possible errors after rhinoplasty. By recognizing errors after a plastic surgery it is easier to review before and after pictures of a surgeon.
Step 3: evaluate yourself. Write down what you don't like and what you hope to achieve with the surgery. If it is minor problem and you can live with it then don't do rhinoplasty, it is not worth the risks.
Step 4: search for rhinoplastic surgeons. Review there before and after pictures (beware! Most only show there best work). Also keep in mind your ethnicity. From example people from middle east can have a thick skin, that can make it difficult to create a nose with definitions. So find a surgeon who treated many patients with thick skin.
Step 5: search for reviews. But be careful there are many fake reviews. Try to contact patients that have been treated.
Step 6: go get a consult with couple of rhinoplastic surgeons that you liked. But before you go write down everything you want to know and ask them all your questions. And let them know what you want. Ask them if they can give you what you want. Also ask if they treated similar cases and ask for before and after pictures (if you did step 2 then it is easy to evaluate the surgeons skill).
Step 7: decide when you think you have al the information. Also listen to your guts, if your guts says you can not trust the surgeon then don't do it. It is better to wait and search longer then have a revision.

I hope my tips above will help someone. Iam still searching for a rhinoplastic surgeon. I thought about going to Iran or Turkey for the revision, because the doctors over there do much more nose jobs then in Europe. I also considered USA, but every time I found a surgeon there I would find a really bad review or the price was just too much (like 15000 dollars).

I found 4 possible doctors.
Turkey: dr. Emre Ilhan
Iran: Dr. Yahyavi, dr. Mohebbi and dr. Hosnani

But iam not sure which one of them is the best for revision. A friend of mine was treated by Emre Ilhan and she was satisfied with the results (primary surgery). I have contacted him, he has a lot of clients and he does a lot of revisions. He is even full booked till may 2017. But I have not seen any pictures of his revision patients. So i dont know.
The before and after pictures of dhr. Mohebbi in Teheran is sooo beautiful and natural but i dont know if he is also good in revision. Dr. Yahyavi also seems good but same story as dr. Mohebbi, i have no clue if he is good in revision.
Dr. Hosnani work also looks good and he does revision.

I still need to research all this doctors. When i have more reliable informations about them, i will let you all know.

I really hope that i can make a good decision. Because iam really tired of my nose chapter ?

And if anyone has any experience with this doctors or advices please let me know, i will really appreciate that. Thank you!

Ps sorry for my bad english, it is not my first language.

Before pictures

After a lot of research i finally decided to do my revision surgery with dr.Emre Ilhan, The reason for this is that i have read a lot of good reviews about him and my friend was operated by him. Also i had a consultation with him in september and i have a good feeling about him.
At first i wanted to do my revision in Iran but it is very hard to find information about rhinoplasty surgeons in iran that does good revision. And Iran is much further away for me than Istanbul so i can't go there for a consultations only.
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