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On 28 April I was advised by my beautician to...

On 28 April I was advised by my beautician to undergo a facial treatment with a dermapen ( 0,5mm ) This was suppose to be harmless, no side effects and would do wonders for my skin. I am not experienced with such treatments as my skin was flawless and in great condition, besides some crowfeet around my eyes when I smile but at 49 that is normal. My usual treatment is cleaning and massage. So I thought why not go a step further and try something else. My skin now is damaged. I have little puncture holes from the needles all over my face, wrinkles on my cheeks when I smile,( elasticity is gone ) The texture of my skin has changed and you can see tracks ( mostly on checks as if the dermapen was dragged over my face) It made my skin 10 years older. It' hard to capture and looks worse then the photo. Spent loads of money on creams, vitamins etc. I'm seeing a dermatologist this week to get advice on the damage....... of course the beautician says not to be at fault and this can not be from the treatment, I was basically waived away and she couldn't be bothered to even look and give further advise. I have never written a review on anything but I think I should warn that although this treatment might work for some people but it for ruined my skin.

Dermapen (microneedling) ruined my skin

Was at the dermatologist today. Very simple answer, at this moment nothing they can do and hope that my skin will heal itself. If not healed after a few months then the only advise was a Fractional CO2 laser treatment. But also no guarantee that it will improve my skin but suppossably this laser is the best option and good results have been booked with this laser. So that's something to think about in a few months time. For now, stay out of the sun, and hope my skin heals itself. So now I am stuck with wrinkles, enlarged pores, scratch marks and a glow on the damaged skin. You can see the bottom part of my face how my skin use to look like, nice and smooth. I do think I'm seeing slight improvememts but maybe I m getting used to it. When researching for the past weeks about microneedling, I dont even understand why this treatment was advised in the first place. Guess I m particially to blame for agreeing to a treatment I didnt know anything about but I trusted her judgement and was told it was perfectly harmless..... I just pray my skin will heal and it will look like it did before ( see last picture, taken in Feb, 2 months before treatment)

Improvement on discolourarion on cheeks

The dark shadows which covered my checks has softened.

wrinkles have softened

I think my wrinkles have softened a bit as well. If only the texture and pores would get better so it doesnt look like I am wearing some sort of mask... staying positive


My skin is slowly improving. It looks to me the wrinkles are not so deep anymore as almost 3 months ago. The "traintracks" on my cheeks are less noticable. Scratch marks are still above my lips ( like smoker lines) also on chin and 1 above my left eye. Structure of my skin is still not close to what it was before treatment. And my pores ( I think needle holes) have improved slightly. All in all slight improvements. When I dont smile, the wrinkles on my cheeks arent noticable but I have come to a point where I decided to stop being so self consious and to smile anyway cause people have been asking me why I am so crumpy looking lately. I dont know if my skin will ever be as good as it was before treatment but I can handle the way it looks now, have accepted the fact that it may not recovery completly and I have to deal with it. So have cut down on sugar and lost 8 kilos, bought loads of dresses and high heels and letting my hair down. That' s the only good outcome of this, that I started to put some effort into my appearance. I guess I always took for granted that Iooked good for my age and never given it a second thought.
My daily beauty routine has changed drastically since. Before I cleaned my face at night with a 2in1 cleanser and morning with water, apply 1 cream and that was it.
Now I clean my face twice a day, first with cleansing milk, then with a lotion and apply a vitamin spray, a serum and different creams. At night I also daily use a 15% glycolacid. Get a monthly vitamin C facial and am planning a mild dermabrassion treatment ( 4 sessions, based on creams ) after this summer. Decided not to do any laser or any other treatment involving needles, lasers, lights etc. I am hoping that although I have more wrinkles then my mom at the moment that recovery/improvements will continue. I want to thank everybody who commented/suggested/tipped on my post. It has given me great support and has helped my decide not to do the fractional laser treatment and on what to avoid and what could help. So THANK YOU ALL !

Update after NeoDerma peel

Had my first Neo Derrma Bio Peeling last Wednesday and am enthusiastic. The right side of my face (which was less damaged the the left side ) looks pretty good and I can see my skin is healing. The left side of my face is still a mess. The structure of my skin is still a long way from how it use to be. Looking at my right side, I can see most improvements, giving me hope that in time the other side will also look better as it shows my skin is healing. From a distance, when not smiling too much ( last picture ) it is not really noticable for other people, because others are not looking closeby at 1 cm away from my face as I am , and this gives me more confidence. I am going for the next neoderma treatment in 5 days and cant wait to see what this will do. The treatment is based on natural herbs and is not invasive as chemical peels. Afterwards it feels like little needles pricking into your skin but it doesnt hurt, just feels weird. The juices go deep into the skin to stimulate collagen and it removes dead skin on outer layer. I mention the brand name Neo Derma because this is working well for me but I have read here on realself about greenpeels in general and have seen negative reviews. So please dont take my word on this, as I said before, what works well for one might do damage for someone else. Always do your own research on ANY treatment for making a decision !

3rd NeoDerma Bio Peeling Treatment

So had my 3rd Neoderma Bio Peeling treatment last Friday combined with the Neoderma biolifting mask. First 2 pictures are same day as treatment, skin is red ( and shiny from hydration creme ) .
Redness disappears within 24 hrs. The day of the treatment is a stay at home day lol. My cheeck wrinkles and scratch lines look pretty good. Appear to be less deep. Not gone but that would be asking for a miracle. Pores are still visible but in some places also appear a little less noticable. Although my skin has not peeled, only felt tight first 2 days, my complexion looks fresher and my skin feels soft. Going to continue doing this treatment once a month and also the vitamin C facial 2 weeks after the Neoderma and daily neutering cremes. It has been a long tiring and expensive process but compared to 6 months ago, my skin has improved and staying hopeful this will continue.

Pictures after 3rd treatment

Something went wrong with previous download. Here some pictures. First 2 are same day as treatment, others of this morning

Update Dermapen microneedling

Not much too mention. Skin is showing slight improvements. Enlarged pores seem a little less, specially on my forehead. Wrinkles and scratch marks appear a little less deep. I do now have white stripes which replaced some scratch marks, difficult to capture on photos, athough this doesnt bother me too much cause I have very fair skin. Hate the smoker lines above my lip. Dont think the wrinkles will ever go away due to the fact I am turning 50 this year and at this age skin doesnt produce much collegan as in younger aged skin. Started using the Skincentuals serum as suggested by various people on this site and I think this is a very good product (besides the beefjerky smell hahaha) All in all I ve come to accept that my skin most likely will never be as before, I am still hoping a slight improvements as time goes by. Hope everybody who replied to my postings are also showing slight improvements and wish you all strength and try to stay in a positive frame of mind however difficult this may be at times, we are all beautiful and unique people, never forgot that x


Sorry, haven't been much online.Thank you all for your posts and tips.
A couple of weeks ago I went to a higly reputable skin clinic and I have boosted up my day to day regime.
I have purchased many Skin Ceutical products which I have been using daily.
Morning : cleansing, Vitamin C serum, retexturing serum, AGE cream and SPF 50 sunblock.
Evening: cleansing, exfoliating foam, Turnover cream and retexturing serum.
Although I am sceptical about many claims manufacturers put on their product ( I mean, if all claims became true, we would all have beautiful, flawless perfect skin) but I am enthusiastic about these products as I am seeing improvements. ( 1 little remark, after putting these products on in the morning, my skin shines, I wait 30 minutes and dab my face with tissues to absorb the shine and I look fine.)
I will wait a little longer before I post pictures and see if improvements continue. Don't want to get over-exited. But for now I am very thrilled, scratch marks are improving, my pores are less and my cheekwrinkles, well don't think they will ever go away but do look more tight. When I don't smile, I feel like 30 again, when I do smile.....older hahaha.
The white scar marks are not improving but due to my fair skin don't bother me. Having a positive attitude and smiling a lot has really helped me get through this ( I know it is hard to stay positive when at times all you want to do is hide from the world) Work towards that place where you love yourself and find yourself worthy cause we all are beautiful. Never put yourself down, the world is tough enough, be kind to yourself.

Sending positive vibes x
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