43, 4 Kids, Full TT, BA with Mastopexy for slightly tuberous breasts with Allergan 400cc HP Silicone Round unders

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My journey first began as only a consideration of...

My journey first began as only a consideration of a TT. As a mom of a set of twins that were rather large my belly is now a sagging annoyance. I admit i am vane. I workout 5 days a week and am very health concious. In addition to the sagging tummy i have slightly tuberous breasts and i hate them. So i had a consult and the doc confirmed that i would need a mastopexy to correct the tuberous deformity and i opted for an increase in volume so we are going with breast implants. I sized them in office with my husband there and we all decided 400 left/ 450 right bc breast are assymetrical. Im only 5'1" and 120 pounds. I dont want to big but i dont want to be disappointed. If im going to do it its going to be right. But implant size is tough, all our bodies are different. What works as 400cc on one person may not work on me. Anyways im scheduled for late august before kids go back to school. I wont have to shlep the anywhere especially being doped up on painkillers. Hopefully the worst pain will only last 3 days. Ive had both HIP surgery and 2 c sections so i know general and spinal anesthesia all too well. Yes it sucks! and i tend to vomit so lots of anti nausea meds will be on site!!

C-Section compared to a TT?

i had 2 sections. First was an emergency to deliver my twin boys each 7 pounders. As long as i took the painkillers and walked around i was fine however the hardest part was that i swelled up like a tick and my belly filled with air. Not fun. Second section was planned and no swelling and less air. So anyone on here have any comparisons? Is the TT easier?

purchased two compression belts from walmart

i had to try these. both comfortable and good prices. good for back support for the gym too. thought id share :)

thinking about moving up my surgery date

im scheduled for my MM august 26 thats a week and half before school starts and wondering of i should bump it up a week sooner of i can to the 19th. Reason being is that im not sure if a weeks time is enough before i can drive my kids around. Anyone have any advice?

7 weeks and 4 days left til surgery

Im officially obsessed. I look at everyones breasts at my gym now. I wonder oh what size are they? are they happy with size? etc... Im losing my mind...lol. I even went so far as to go up to a total stranger and ask her if her boobs are real. they are fake but she lied to me lol. i wanted to know how big she went, thats it...yep ive lost it. I love RS but starting to have anxiety. OMG will i get an infection? will i get capsular contraction? hows my pain level going to be? I gotta chill and learn how to enjoy my summer. NOT.

before photos

just wanted to show you all where mr jiggley wiggly belly came from. Twins are the culprit!

surgery moved up

yes!! doc called moved surgery up to august 24, that gives me an extra 2 days of healing prior to school starting! stoked.

Do i need these things for my mommy makeover?

Ummmm, do i need these things or what? a shower chair, a walker with seat, pee funnel, raise toilet seat??? i have a recliner.i basically lived in it for a week after my c-sections. its not electric but its comfy. i can get a little neurotic on here thinking i need everything. Did anyone rent these ? well i wouldnt want t rent a toilet seat, yuk. i can deal with getting a pee funnel but what about one of those collapsible walkers?


Ahhhh like a nesting mode. Trying to arrange all kids appointments, my appointments etc prior to aug 24. Im excited!! overwhelmed but excited. I cant say enough about having joined RS. It has been such a help for me. thanks everyone out there!!

bought some bras

these sports bras were so cheap i had to buy. my size is 34b currentl but i shoud be a 34d after. these should be perfect. if not i have 90 days to return. just had to have some fun today thinking ahead

Admit me to the geriatric ward!

Lol bought these 2 bad boys off Craigslist for $10 each. Getting prepared!!

4 weeks til the new me!

Bought 2 of these wedge pillows from Walmart online for support after surgery. they come with a zip cover but its not really soft and comfy so i may make one out of some soft fleece. Just trying to get some creature comforts that will help. I cant believe this is happening, so excited.


So last night i had my first pre surgery dream. I always start having dreams before a big event in my life. So in my dream it started out that i drove myself to the clinic bc my husband had to work and he was going to get there as soon as he could. So there i was on a table. there were alot of staff surrounding me trying to get everything together for my surgery. One of the nurses gave me something where i was loopy so i felt immobile to speak and could only watch everything around me. i had so many questions and worries but the words could not come out of my mouth. I was watching all different sized and shaped implants go buy and machines with wires. I was so worried that no one knew what to choose for me and once that anestheisologist came in i had no control and it was in their hands. I kept thinking OMG we didnt go over everything, nothing is specifically written in my chart about what i want. I had no control and i think thats the part that freaks me out bc i am a control freak. Then i felt my heart racing in the dream(it prob really was lol) that once they put me out and wake me up what will the pain be like? Will i be screaming gasping for air? It was the fear of the unknown. See, with my babies and having c-sections i was awake the whole time just numb and i knew when it was over i would be fine. Its not that i havent been put fully under before(i had hip surgery in 1986 full intubation 2 hour surgery) but this is elective and its 4.5 hours. EEEEk. Im just getting nervous. 4 weeks left!

Some current pics to further justify MM

About take take a ride on motorcycle and this is y I can't wait for surgery. I'm really happy with my body except this belly problem. These are a size 4 shorts. I'm a size 2 but need a 4 bc of this belly. I'm so uncomfortable I can't wait for it to go it's disgusting


I havent heard a post about implants and mammograms. So im 43 and i get one every year. Easy peasy for me bc i have no boobs lol. In 3 weeks i will! So how is it? anyone on here have the implants now and have gotten one?

3 weeks left!

Taking selfies today to try and imagine what I will finally look like with a flat belly. Never had one. Never had this skin either until after twins. Just getting excited that's all????

More before photos

This one is extra special. Look at how much skin hangs over my underwear when I sit. Omg I can't wait 3 weeks!

More and more and more

Lots of skin to go

Boob talk

Ok so just to freak myself out i decided to go to that "breast implant removal" section. Yeah sure y not torture myself 19 days away from surgery. See my boobs im ok with them but its the tuberous deformity i dont like and yeah id like them round and up. I cant achieve that w/o an implant but i am worried. Worried something will happen down the road and ill need them out. Like what if i develop some auto immune disorder or capsular contraction or rashes? I never had boobs to deal with. I mean im 43 im not 20, not having anymore kids for sure and im getting silicone gummy bears. Im not going huge but enough to see the difference. Cant i have 20 years of fun. then at 63 i figure the fun will be over bc who cares and then get em out. Idk. The TT is a one shot deal, you get it and its over, never look back. Im buggin. I dont have to go through with the boobs, its an extra thing i added. I only wanna hear that they added a nice quality of life not bring remorse :( Stupid me for reading that.

Implant sizes

Ok so im really torn. Originally i said im going with 400cc HP silicone under muscle. Heres where im getting all confused about my choice in cc's. I'm 5'1". My goal is to fill out a bra/bikini top/lingere/sports bra etc... I am def going with the HP bc i want them to project out not on the sides. A i tried on sizers in the office with my husband sitting there, all the sizers looked big you know bc im not used to boobs. Anyways we started at like 200 and ended up at 400 bc my husband said that looked the most proportional. these were stuffed in a tight sports bra under a tight "hooters style" t shirt over that. Its what the doc had. Me personally i had stopped at 350cc but my husband said the 400 was the best. Who do i listen too? Myself? My husband? The Doc? Lol the doc was watching us kind of bicker about sizes so i turned around to him and said "doc what do i do? he said well hey i can give u anything u want its your decision based on what your looking for. Originally he asked me before i tried on anything he asked whats your goal size? i said a C. So i guess he imagined the 300/350 which is where he thought i would stop. Hmmm then i hear on here you lose cc's when u go under muscle. Do any of you women find that thats the case? Even after the dropping and fluffing? Now keep in mind im also getting a full TT so lots of my protruding belly will not be there and my top will look bigger. I dont have big hips im very petite 119 pounds. I def want boobs just not huge things where my bras straps are digging into my shoulders and the weight of them is causing me to lean foward. I dont have time or patience for that. At the end of the day i jst dont now what will make me the happiest once they are in ad once they are in thats it, i cant fix it bc well " im out of money" lol

Preop tomorrow

We are getting close 17 days left!! Writing here on RS is helping me vent my fears. This is a major life changer. Tomorrow i go see my doc, get the rundown of whats going to happen and fork up the rest of the $$$$. Ill update again tomorrow t let you all know whats going on :)

Preop photos

Final selection high profile silicone 400 left breast and 450 right under muscle


Well that couldn't have gone any better! Love my doc, i trust my doc and those are 2 very big factors. Ok so the rundown: Pharmacy scripts, Lovenex(blood thinner to prevent blood clots). Zofran(prevent nausea), Emend(another nausea preventtive u take right before surgery) Percocet (happy pills), Robaxin(muscle relaxer), Keflex(antibiotic) and said hey yeah you may want some metamucil lol. He said Colace is a joke just get that and use it 2 days before surgery and going foward. I also have Magnesium Citrate on hand. I also have a script for a CBC panel to rule out anemia. and thats it. 8:15 am on August 24th. My doc is amazing! He answered every question i had and then some. So excited!

Preop stuff

Anyone have real good luck with stool softeners like these two. The blue box is the store brand of colace 100mg and I heard of this smooth move tea on here. I saw it on same shelf so I picked it up. I got these bc I will be taking Percocet which we all know slows your digestive system down

My small pharmacy

Yep all this is for the MM. $60 out of pocket. Insurance covered the rest

What the heck spanx do I buy?

Doc said after binder I wear spanx. Ok so there's only a thousand different kids to choose from. I know what style I like and of course in black but what about compression levels? I broke a nail just trying to get some of them on lol. I chose all high waisted but boy short style. The one with the lace if def harder to get on and more compression. The other one still compresses me but is more comfy on the legs. Doc never indicated I needed certain level of compression so I should go with comfy. Gees if I'm struggling before surgery getting these on I can't imagine doing this with a scar and boobs in the way

Big moe

We brought big moe upstairs from the man cave today . It's leather and not an electric one but good enough and a heck of a lot easier then getting in and out of my bed

My outfit for after surgery on way home ????

Kmart two for $25 granny housedress. Between these, the walker and shower stool I'm ready for my elder years lmao

2 more things

The doc didn't tell me to get bromlein just the arnica Montana for the lipo and breast bruises. But I got both from the vitamin shoppe today

Old pic

This photo of me was from my honeymoon in Antigua 2000. I am close to this now but I had much better and then lol still I had a lower pouch not bad but never ever had a flat belly. I can't wait to have confidence again and to not have to wear a cover up lol


So with surgery being next week i asked the nurse if i can start taking the Bromelin and Vit C with rose hips before. She said yes so i took 1 of each today. The bottle says i pill daily but what do you all take for healing?

7 DAYS!!!!

At this time next week ill be 3 hours into my surgery. Super excited! Friday is my last day at the gym. Il prob top it off with a spin class that day :) I started taking Bromelin, Vit C with rose hips and a colace along with my regular multi vitamin pill. Im not sure if i should be taking more than 1 colace a day since im a week out. Any recommendations? I take them all at night before bed. Im hoping by taking the vitamins it helps me with recovery and helps avoid any unwanted complications.

More stuff

Picked this up tonight. I heArd to throw this in the mix post surgery to aid in muscle repair. Hope it helps. There's all different brands but one lady recommended this one.

4 days left!

Picked up some last minute helpful items. It's almost here thank goodness.

More pics

Saying goodbye to this gut is easy lol. My short shorts will finally feel normal. Yes I do wear and enjoy wearing short shorts lol. I'm good with my butt and legs but belly is so restricting . Can't wait!'

3 Days left!!!

Just like everyone on her im going through a series of emotions. I cant even believe i sleep at night. Ive only had 2 dreams about this so far which means im somewhat calm about it lol. Its all so surreal to me. All i ask and pray for is a smooth recovery and no complications, thats all. Pain is pain but im sure it wont be as bad as i think. Im hoping on day one im up enough to show you pics and write how everything went so i can put some of all your fears to rest. Im usually OCD about that so most likely i will do it....lol the words may be all mispelled from the meds but ill do it!!!

Before surgery bikini shots

Yep finally I give you all a simple black bikini before shot. I'm going to save this bikini for the purposes of taking an after surgery photo. I want to show u all the difference the surgery makes. Then it's going in the garbage lol bc you see.... This bikini bottom is too big anyways and the top is padded lol I never ever leave my yard in this it never sees the beautiful beaches here . So there u go realselfers . T minus exactly 48 hrs from now!!!!

24 hrs til surgery!!

Trying to get everything in order today. Clean bathrooms, vacuum pool, do any laundry hanging around, scoop litter box(lol). I am having a ton of anxiety, just for fear of the unknown. Im dropping my kids off to my moms late this evening they will be there until sunday evening. 4 less things to have to worry about lol. I think im supposed to get a call from the anesthesiologist today just to go over procedure and remind me no food or drink after midnight(duh). I have no appetite and have been well,,,, going to the bathroom alot bc of my nerves. But i figure thats actually a good thing!! no need for a pre op cleanse lmao. Thats just the way i am when im nervous. I have tp be at the surgery center at 8:15 am so ill be up very early and knowing me ill update my review in the morning(helps me vent lol). I have to take two of the prescribed meds at 6 am the muscle relaxer and an anti nausea pill. I have a bag packed including a tank top to wear under my binder!! i asked if they can put that on for me before putting on binder so im not so itchy. NP nurse said. Its not a garment my doc uses its a white binder. So thats everything folks! you will hear from me again in morning. Writing on here helps calm my nerves :)


Ok so the nurse called to confirm tomorrow. she also confirmed ill be getting Allergan(made by Inspira/Natrelle) 400left and 445 right. high profile round cohesive gel under muscle. Just wanted to mention that lol. Ill be hearing from the anesthesiologist later today. no food or drink after midnight just a sip of water to take my two pills in morning at 6.

2 hours left!

Its 6:19 am. I took my 2 pills Emend(anti nausea) and Robaxin(muscle relaxer) as prescribed. Now im just further prepping my little rest area in the den. God i'd love a cup of coffee right now! Sucks i cant eat or drink anything. I didnt have any bad dreams last night so thats nice. Im good, i just have my period which sux and im wearing pads which i havent used since after my last was born lol. Ugh mother nature just couldnt hold off on that for me lol. So i wont have my camera but im going to ask the doc or nurse or someone if they can take pics of the surgery right before they bandage me so you can all see how it looks. If not your just going to get what my husband takes which wont be much bc ill be bandaged up and im not touching a thing unless instructed. My post op is tomorrow so maybe then i can get pics. Thank you everyone for all the tips you gave me. Without RS i would have been a mess and under informed. This has been such a wonderful site providing a wealth of information. Goes to show you we humans are never alone no matter what we go through. See you all on the flat side!!!!

I made it!

Just groggy pain is minimal bc of drugs. Most of the I comfort it on chest from boobs belly feels fine. I'll update more later. I'm I can't by boobs now. Thank god for anti nausea drugs

More pics from today

Evening after surgery

It's 11:30 pm est. I'll write a lengthy update tomorrow but just wanted to update everyone. I go back to doc tomorrow at 1:45 for my post op. For all those women that are waiting to have this surgery I highly recommend the Exparel shot. I have no pain in my abdomen at all just soreness. I can't imagine this without it. I got it in my pectoral muscles too but I feel pain there and tons and tons of swelling. My entire body is swollen . I did expect this though. In my opinion the boobs hurt more than any belly discomfort . Once the iv narcotics wore off about ten pm I could eat crackers. Those narcotics made me very nauseous and I dry heeved OMG that sucked . Now I'm
Good just really uncomfortable in the neck from the way I have to sit on n this recliner that part sucks and makes u miserable. I'm so stiff that it's giving me a headache. Also I've been taking Tylenol for any pain. If I feel the need to take the narcotics I will but just 1 pill not two

Day 2

I feel good. Only taking Tylenol every 4-6 hours no need for narcotics at this point. Hardest part about this is sleeping in a recliner lol. Hopefully at post op today I get to see everything w/o bandages. Excited to see my tummy!!!. I'll have pics for u guys. I'm getting around by myself don't even need the walker. No need for toilet seat riser etc I sit fine by myself on toilet no pain. So far so good! Here's a couple pics I took when I got up to brush teeth

Post op visit

Everything looks perfect and drains come out monday

Day 3

I pooped! Lol. I owe it to colace and smooth move tea along with not taking narcotics. My neck and back are killing me. Boobs are swollen and tummy feels ok just sore. I feel a lil nauseous don't know why maybe bc I just can't eat. I'm relying on saltines and water. Head is still groggy and I stink. I can take a shower but I'm scared to take binder off. I ice my boobs constantly which helps but I can't wait for them to drop some bc my arms are limited the implants are in my armpits. I go back to doc Monday he said drains can come out. That's it for now too dizzy to get up and take pics

swell hell

Th swelling is real folks, be prepared. Its 2:30 am i was sleeping on my recliner when i awoke to tightness everywhere. My garment felt tighter, my legs feet everything. The Experel shot wore off last night and i started to get increasingly uncomfortable feeling every ache and pain blah blah. Anyways i caved ad took a percocet so i could at least sleep. One drain has stopped draining altogether and the other is producing minimal fluid. They do get clogged and u have to strip them. My right drain is the one that still works but i have to keep stripping it, its annoying. just hope my belly isnt filling up with fluid. I can feel my incision now, im just having a rough night here and writing helps me. i just want this part over with. i cant get in any comfy position to sleep. im pretty bummed out :(

Some day 4 pics of very flat belly

Now this makes it all worth it my friends

Post op day 4

Doing much better folks. Yesterday got a sponge bath shaved my parts washed my hair. I take 3-4 Percocet a day to keep pain at bay. I'm done with the antibiotics and muscle relaxers. I take 2 colace a day bc I'm still taking the percs. I also drink a smooth move tea a day. Man that stuff works! I still have my bandages on my incision and breasts. I go tomorrow to doc to hopefully get drains out. I'm outputting about 20 ish cc's a day. Not sure if both will come out but def one he said . Yes they are annoying but I'd rather that than a needle in my gut to aspirate fluid buildup. My neck is killing me it's very stiff but my back is fine bc I walk straight and pretty much have the whole time. But neck posture man that sucks right now. It's bc the boobs are so tight and I'm tense in that whole region. I took a pic of my implant card to show what I got and some boob shots. The gauze is stuck to the nipple on one breast so I'm not touching it. It's bc of the mastopexy. I do have incisions under boobs where implants were placed . Once I get my dressings off tomorrow I can do a photo shoot lol. For now I took these

Day 5

Whoot got my drains out! Not bad for 5 days post op! Also got stitches around BB removed. All tape was left in place around breasts and TT incision. I go back on Thursday to have tape changed. He said next week i can drive and 2 weeks post op i can go back to gym to do light cardio like walking, elliptical etc. And the best part................. I CAN TAKE A FRIEKEN SHOWER TODAY. The drain removal was not painful just a lil pinch and pull with a weird feeling. I wasnt putting out much fluid in drains so they went but i still worry about any residual fluid buildup will give me tummy issues. Just a worry wort. The BB i cant feel so just a pulling feeling as stitches were cut so im glad its numb lol. Ill get some pics up after the shower.

Today pics after drain removal

Day 6

So, i woke up feeling fabulous this morning. I slept well and im in very very little discomfort nowadays. If i do get discomfort its just in the area where the muscle repair was performed and its later towards night. That makes perfect sense bc of activity, yelling at kids etc,,,,lol. At this stage of the game i feel so secure in my binder that i feel like i will never live w/o it. idk there is just something secure about having this hard work wrapped all nice and snug like a burrito. If i take it off to do anything like shower or take some pics i feel vulnerable and like im going to hurt something. So far so good w/o the drains. I dont see any fluid building up w/o them. I am not able to really eat much and maybe that helps. Im pretty much sticking to soft palatable things like greek yogurt, muscle milk shakes, i did have a protein bar but it filled me so much i felt like i was going to bust. I did have a little sauteed spinach with grilled chicken last night that i cooked. Maybe 3 lil pieces. it doesnt take much to fill me. It didnt before either but now its worse. Im totally ok with that while being less active. lol my poor butt, God that thing is looking sad. Sitting on that recliner an the way this binder sits on me pushes it down so it looks flabby and flat lol, Anyways you gym goers will understand my pain lol. Small drop in the bucket but had to mention it lol. Im off all drugs except 1 percocet at bedtime so i can sleep and vitamins. Multi, bromelin, vit c ad a colace. I take em all at night so i dont feel nausea. Ive been ok with using the toilet from using the colace and drinking a smooth move tea a day. I go about every other day in that respect. Mobility in my arms has returned for the most part so i know ill be able to drive soon. Friday will be my last day ill take a percocet bc i want to drive before next week. If i take pics later ill post. :)

The black bikini after photos

This the this 6 day post op black bikini shot. Compare the before I took on here to the after. Then I have a bikini I could have never worn my sexy mama cheetah bikini. Now keep in mind I'm hunched and I'm swollen

Cami top

I couldn't wait to wear one of these with new boobs. Omg cloud nine

1 week post op

Boobs softening and a lil lower. Belly swollen all around. Can't wait to have a torso back. Still sleeping in recliner, no pain except neck and lower back. I just love my docs work he exceeded my expectations and then some. Totally in heaven

Day 8

I update my review in the mornings. I find it helpful bc I am the least swollen at that time. And I know the swelling is going down bc I keep having to make my binder tighter. There are these little tabs on binder where drains use to clip onto. I can judge the difference in swelling based on how far I can stretch the binder past one of the tabs. I went from it being stretched before the tab now to almost past it. Yes!!' We are making progress here. I knew I would but its euphoria when u see it happening before your eyes . So here's a shot taken about 8:30 this morning . Happy healing girls ????


I had a check up today where i got my suture tape changed. Incision is impeccable. Couldnt beleive my eyes. Anyways in order to bring boobs down more he prescribed a chest strap. I can wear it at night. Oh and guess what? Doc goes "hey if you hate this binder you dont have to wear it you can switch to spanx. WHAAAAAAAAAT? Im like holy crow this is my lucky day lol. I have those suckers waiting in my closet. DMK1979 this one is for you sweetheart ;). Black maidenform firm waist high boy shorts. Hello here i come. next week lol

The strapdown

Day 9

Feeling great. Boobs dropping left faster than right but enough on both. Waist line starting to form. Yesterday doc said I can switch to spanx but I plan to still wear my binder at home and for sleeping. I'm hoping to try and sleep in my bed since my belly feels great and I'm straight. It's the boobs that make me want to stay in recliner. I'm hoping by sleeping more comfortable in my bed with a body pillow will aid in getting rid of my shoulder hunch

Day 10

My morning fashion show. As I e stated in my previous reviews I take pics in morning where there is the least amount of swelling in my torso. A pic of my "short shorts" post TT. Notice no more wrinkled skin and a flat belly. I still have a way to go . I am still numb but way better than I was. Another pic is with the spanx on. A lot of compression in these and I love the style I can wear to gym as my shorts. I bought them at target for $16.99. I took a pic of the tag to show u exactly which one it is. Size small.

Day 11

Ok so recliner is killing me. It's day 11 and my poor once amazing butt is flat lol. I tried my bed again last night which my tummy is absolutely fine with but the boobs are not easy . They are still tight and when I go to lay down which I so badly desire at this point they pull and bother me. Anyone that got the boobs find a way to get around that? The swelling in my belly has gone down significantly and I couldn't be happier. I see definition I can cough laugh etc just not that hard like I'm used to. I take nothing but vitamins. I'm still taking two colace just to make sure everything stays regular. I'm less hunched at the shoulders but I fell stuff so I do catch myself hunching. I walk straight and I feel great

Day 11 pics

scar strips

ok all you RS ladies, id like any and all opinions experinces etc with scar therapy strips, ointments recipes lol etc..... Which ones proven to work the best for your scars???. I have bio oil, coconut oil(i use it for cooking and skin hydration in winter here in ny). Now i know everyone will heal at different rates and scar types so i know theres going to be variables thrown in there. thanks RS

Scar pics

The suture tape is coming off so now u can see my docs work. Amazing how thin the incision is

Full TT scar

All surgical tape is off and I snapped a pic of my incision before I put on the scar away strips

Day 13

It will be two weeks post op tomorrow. Today was my first day back at gym. I was able to go on the elliptical that has a very slight incline and doesn't use arms for 30 min. Then I walked at very slow pace on treadmill with slight incline. The incline is for the benefit of my butt. The poor thing is so flat it needed to move lol. Anyways it went well I wore my body band which offered enough compression for that time. Now I will go home and put back on my surgery binder bc I love it????

Today's pic

While shopping at mall.......

2 weeks post op

I am officially 2 weeks post op today! Guess what? i finally slept in my bed last night. Boobs are still sore and uncomfy but my tummy is fine. Going back to gym again today for more light cardio. Feeling great so far. Next doc appt is next week. I was instructed to do some breast massages pushing them in and down. been doing that since last week. They are getting softer and i get a zinger of nerve reconnection pain once in a while. the aeriolas are scabbing, well all my scars are scabbing and itchy. I still take my daily vitamins bromelin, vit c and my multi vitamin and drink my muscle milk with BCAA in it (helps aid in muscle repair). Life is good :)

Bandage less boobs

All tape is off . Beautiful work. My own dream boobs.

Day 15

Some progress pics. I can now see the skin is reattaching to abdomen bc you'll start to see definition and less swelling. You'll know it's happening bc the area near your belly button will feel sore, all ab muscles will feel sorer.

Day 16

Definitely less swelling bc I just took these pics and it's almost 5pm. I worked out this morning 40 min light cardio. I'm getting feeling back in my abdomen just numb near BB. Some of my skin on my boobs is lightly peeling I guess that's from the skin stretching. I massage them several times a day for 30 second intervals . They are the hardest and sorest in morning. My TT scar is healing nicely I do use the scar away strips but my doc said no he wants it to heal fully first. I see him on the 15th and nurse said he may want me to use biocorneum instead at a hefty $100 a bottle lol. I am using some mederma advanced scar gel on boobs incisions. Seems to help. Other than that all I've been doing is massages and going to gym every morning for light cardio.

Scar therapy

So I love you tube. One of the things I wanted to know was how TT patients treat their scars. I came across a video of a women that made her own moisturizer for her scar. Basically she applies it at night then wraps her belly in her cg and sleeps. She wakes up wipes cream off and uses milipore tape to cover incision. The theory behind the tape is to help keep scar flat. She said she does this twice a week. So what I did was I found a body butter that's kind of similar and I ordered a roll of milipore tape for $4 from Amazon. I'll have to find video for you all to see

You tube scar therapy video

Here's the you tube video regarding scar therapy:

Day 17 morning pics

Am pics

Day 18

Starting training BB with a marble. Doing good. Nothing else to report

Day 19

I'm getting stronger little to no swelling anymore. I still remain sore in my abdominal region from the MR. My gym routines are still light cardio 5 days a week. I am going at the level I once was before surgery as far as incline and resistance but I just move slow. All my scars are healing and fading nicely. The only thing that I say I struggle with is comfortable sleeping. I start out in my bed but end up on the recliner. This is not bc of TT it's bc of BA. My boobs like an elevated position. Hopefully as the keep dropping and less swell I will be back in bed all night. Other than that life is good!

Day 20

Morning shots no swelling more and more definition as each day passes. Now back in my bed all night. My body needs such a good morning stretch but my ab muscles won't let me they are very sore

More day 20 pics

I always forget the boobs pics. Getting ready for gym

3 weeks post op

Here is a picture of the compression band I wear when I go to the gym. I only wear it to the gym bc it's less bulky than my surgical binder. I know some of you wanted to know what I wear. This is comparable to what's known as the lean body band they sell online for $65. I got this at Walmart for $15 online

3 week checkup

All went well breasts continue to drop but I still have to wear strap. There is a little issue of wrinkled skin just near my belly button where I had stretch marks and I had a PUPPS rash during the twin pregnancy. Once all the swelling went down it became noticable when I lean over or sit. I was like whoah what's going on bc I know doc stretched me to the max allowed for a human lol. Well he said he can fix it at some point if it doesn't somehow straighten out. Patience is a virtue when it comes to this surgery! I'm not worried bc he did an amazing job and sometimes it's just your body. The point is that even if it has nothing to do with docs workmanship he still offered to fix it as close to perfect. That I like. Please, what this poor body has been through lol. So I took a pic as I leaned over so u can see

Day 23 morning progress pics

Day 24

Not much to report. I was super swollen last night after eating sushi. Omg I thought I was going to bust out of my binder. I can't eat a lot in a sitting and the sodium in sushi I'm sure didn't help. I'm not even as flat as I normally am in the morning when I snapped these pics .

Day 25

So I received my micro pore tape in the mail last week and started trying a scar method I found on you tube. I just use the coconut oil body butter or bio oil instead of the stuff the woman used. The purpose of having the tape on is to flatten the scar. Hence the pic with tape on lol. This morning I woke up super flat. You might not notice it as much as I do but I'm not sucking in my tummy at all. Everyday brings more results.

Day 25 pics

My photos didn't upload

43 YO Tummy Tuck and Breast Implants (400cc Silicone) with Periarelor Mastopexy

Dr. Kneessy is an amazing doctor. I was completely blown way by my results. His incisions were so thin and barely detectable. The whole experience was positive. I give him 5 stars and highly recommend him. He changed my life! I had no complications. Currently i am 3 weeks post op and loving my results!!!

Day 26

Finally sleeping comfortably. I can sleep on my sides now without the boobs feeling strange. I got a super cozy body pillow I use to help me. I have no discomfort anywhere just my ab muscles can feel sore sometimes. It will be 4 weeks post op in 2 days. I still like wearing my surgical binder 24/7 even though I don't have to. It's possible that after this week I'll just wear it to bed. They told me to wear it at this time for only 12 hrs a day .

Day 27

Boob greed. It's real. Just sayin

4 weeks post op

More definition by the day. Darn I need to take some pics with like swimsuits or something. This pic styles are getting boring. I promise next time a better fashion show maybe some jeans or something

Bra party

One of my old bras. 34c. I don't think it stands a chance huh? My boobs are only 4 weeks old so they aren't fully fluffed yet. Somewhat soft but not fully

My pacifier

I'm week 4 and afraid to let go of my binder to go places. I have been on an errand here and there. I'll take it off and have it in my car (just in case lol) . My belly still feels weird without it. The muscles get sore easy but I'm supposed to be able to live without it at some point I guess. My lower belly below BB is numb lol feels so weird. I wear a weight belt to my gym always and that's going to be for a while.

4 week post op bikini party

My friend DMK1979 got my lurking on VS site for swimsuits and this is the result.

When does the swelling end?

So, i was pondering when the time will come where i will look as flat and swell free as i do in the morning- all day and night. So i pugged in the question here on RS and this is a great answer i got so i thought i would share. I am almost 5 weeks post op.

A tummy tuck is a major procedure that requires "lifting up" your stomach skin (dividing lymphatic drainage vessels from under the skin surface), pulling it down to reset the tension of the skin, and then an excision to remove the excess. Basically, the skin from the scar up to your ribcage is in a new environment. It can only drain fluid "up" and to the sides. Until new lymphatic connections occur across the scar line and down to the stomach muscles, all this swelling fluid has to run against gravity to get out of the skin. This is one of the reasons that we suggest patients wear compression garments for a period of time after surgery - these garments assist with the "uphill" removal of fluid, and you may feel more comfortable wearing them until those new connections occur.

A simple way to judge how you are doing is to look at the indentations that elastic clothing create on your trunk. One the front, you will see more of a lasting impression than on your back / flank region (even though there is even pressure all the way around your body) (I'm assuming you did not have flank liposuction or anything back there.) This is a way you can monitor the swelling, and you can expect it to go away over several months. After a few months, most of what patients consider "noticeable" swelling has resolved.

Today's pics almost 5 weeks post op

Feeling good. So good I thought I'd take some updated morning pics

6 weeks post op

Some more new bikinis arrived today so I decided to give you all a fashion show. I'm still awaiting drop and fluff on the boobs so I'm kind of wondering if I'll still have such a wide gap between them. It's possible it may remain this way bc I chose high profile. Either way I love my choice but it would be nice to have them a little closer lol. Anyways still healing, still moisturizing and using surgical tape over TT scar. The bikinis don't cover the scar but I really don't care lol I shall wear it proudly????

5 week post op TT scar update

I figured I'd snap a few pics of how my TT scar is healing. I have been using bio oil and coconut oil and coco butter at times. Then I put micro pore tape over it and change every few days with new tape. I think it looks amazing for 5 weeks

Friday bra party

Trying on to find the perfect style for the new tatas


I just wanna say. I LIKE BEING NAKED NOW. Just had to say that. Carry on.

Sexy night time attire

Aaaaand this is still going on at bedtime lol

Finally a butt shot

I'm not proud of my butt right now. It needs some squats butt since I never posted a butt shot here ya go. I'll be 6 weeks on Wednesday where I get green light for normal gym routine. Bring it!

Boobies @ 6 weeks

Softening. Right still higher than left. I love them. Dropping yet still great projection. Love me my high profiles

More pics

New bras and old jeans

TT scar at 6 weeks

Excuse the lines on belly. Those are from binder

One extra pic

This is what tummy at six weeks looks like sitting


So, I pretty much gave up my binder. I'm ok without it but it took a full 6 weeks to feel that way. I don't even use it at gym. I do wear it at night still just bc lol. I'm cleared for all normal activity at this point but it still choose to take it easy weights wise. My heart also goes out for my Florida friends on here. I hope there's no significant impact to their homes.


How do I choose? At least I don't have to ruin my tummy tuck to add one of these to the mix lol

7 week update

I just realized it's been 7 weeks already. I see my doc next week for a 2 month checkup. I have some irritated spots around aeriola where I'm thinking some un dissolved stitches remain. I just keep putting neosporin on it. I compare it to like when u get a splinter and your skin swells to try and spit out splinter. Well same here. Scars are healing nice I'm still using a hodgepodge or remedies them the tape over it. I I'm pretty much back to my normal activity. I still have difficulty engaging my pectoral muscles when working upper body so I'm not working out like I used to. I am slowly building it back up though. I don't swell that much I take bromelian daily. I only use my binder at night.

Trying to bring sexy back

I feel so flabby. Trying to up my game. I feel great but still can't do any ab work yet, no pull ups etc. I just want my muscle back

Playing them up

So today I wore my VS push up bra for the first time . Wow I feel big lol. The benefits of choosing a size that's proportional for ur body but you can play it up if you want for those "occasions"

8 week checkup

Finally got to see my PS today. I won't get to see him for 3 months next time and I need a revision above my BB most likely but it's too early to do it now bc I'm not 100% healed. It's local anesthetic thank goodness. I have stretch marks above my BB and the skin crinkles bc of them so HS going to pull more skin down into BB then snip and Re sew BB

8 week tummy pics

Just a couple from today

We added one more just because

We brought our shih tzu puppy home 2 weeks ago and we went back when they got their female mini schnauzers in. Now we are complete. I could t choose between the 2 breeds so I had to get both. Yes I know this is a plastic surgery site but hey new beginnings after my mommy makeover!!

3 month update

Finally I am able to work my abs! Not crunches but cables side twisting. Been doing this since last week and I'm getting stronger by the day. Things are great now, full speed ahead! I can pretty much do anything now????

2 month post op pics

9 weeks

Wow just when I think I'm flat, I'm flatter. I keep forgetting that final results can be up to 1 year. I'm happy now so I can even imagine more upcoming definition lol. 100% no regrets . Anyone contemplating the surgery? Don't. It's well worth it

Some pics and possible flex deformity in left breast

Ok so now that the boobs have settled and there's no swelling, if I flex I see a dent. I'm not sure if it's normal. I went with a dual plane technique which is half under the muscle. I don't work chest at the gym or over extend my pectoral muscles in any way. When any of u flex or put arms up do you see this? I'm buggin

Almost 3 months post op

I feel great nothing hurts back to normal lol. Working on core strength and building muscle nowadays. I had been battling a small abcess caused by an undissolved stitch in my right breast but it's fine now. The red mark you may see is from the band aid.

3 months post op

Life is good lol.

Look, no bra

Of course I would wear one but I can get away without it????

Today's deals

Picked this up today. Not crazy about the bottom they way they are cut. I'm just showing u all how flat my tummy is. Sadly enough I had to buy size small top. I never buy small but felt the medium was too big and not enough support. I'm really gonna focus on my side rolls aka muffin top.

New jeans

Hollister is having a big sale. These are size 3. I'm a nice size 2 but this cut requires it be a 3. I'm so happy with my results

boob question

for all you ladies that had implants, what are you wearing to bed for support? Im wearing minimal impact sports bras. Should i be wearing something with better support or what? its weird too, now that im almost 4 months post op and boobs have settled when i bend foward and let the ladies hang if i touch under them i can feel the implant edges,......Ewwwwww so weird.

New pics

Thought I'd take time to update. I'm almost 4 months post op. Everything is going real good. Would u believe I still find myself at times not standing completely upright? How did I realize this? Lower back pain all the time. I'm working on this. Ok so next issue, wrinkled skin when bending. The cure for this is called a fleur de lis incision and there's no way in hell im getting that vertical incision so you get what u get and u don't get upset lol. When I see my doc in Jan he said he'll discuss a small revision to minimize the wrinkles by pulling skin into the belly button. The boobs look like they have completely dropped and fluffedbc I can't see the lower incisions anymore and the nipples sit higher and they are nice soft and squishy.

Video of tummy

BB crinkles
Belly wrinkles
I videoed my wrinkles above BB

4 months post op

Since my friend SWOLEsisters posted her 4 months update and our surgeries are a day apart I felt a compelling need to update lol. Not much has changed still exercising 5 days a week but not hard core like I will begin once holidays have gone and spring nears. That's when I pick up intensity with weight training. Always low weight high reps for this girl???? I see my PS on Jan 12 for checkup and to discuss my tummy wrinkle revision. I'll keep u all posted on that . Meantime here are some pics I took a few moments ago


Ok so i had my appointment with my PS today. We discussed a revision above my BB to correct the wrinkles i showed in my video. No charge. This will be done next month. its done in his exam room with some numbing shot to the area. Hes going to cut the BB and pull some skin down into it. He said he had one other case where he had to to do this bc the patient, like me, had poor skin elasticity from a twin pregnancy. I m so excited. My boobs are amazing and my TT scar has faded significantly where there are areas u cant see any incision anymore, amazing. im only 5 months post op. I cant thank Dr. Kneessy and his staff enough for the new confidence he gave back to me. I am beyond thrilled. I will post pics once he does the revision.

Some pics

Just updating pics. Haven't taken any in a while. I had vein surgery to treat varicose vein behind right knee so I haven't been able to do any cardio and it's driving me crazy along with having to wear this compression stocking ( not pretty) I go sometime in February to have my belly wrinkle revision done. Other than that I'm pretty excited to have the new and improved me????

6 month post op

Still have a very flat tummy. Love the boobs. Revision for belly wrinkle set for feb 27. Life is good.


I had my belly button revision today. The purpose was to minimize some wrinkling of the skin above it bc of poor skin elasticity from having 7 pound twins. Doc pulled more tension into BB. He said we can do this as many times as needed until I'm happy. There are some stitches in there now with stern strips on it. I go back in 2 weeks. I actually am happy just trying to get that one area improved. I love this doc!

7 months post op pics

A little late with pics

10 months post op

Still love my results! My only wish is that I didn't possess stretch marks lol. My skin is of poor quality in that area. I was hoping for perfection although I'd say I got pretty damn close. Love my surgeon highly recommend . I still exercise about 5 days a week sometimes 3. Eat a nice clean diet for the most part. I try and avoid sodium bc for some reason it triggers swelling after having this particular surgery. I have no pain anywhere. My breasts feel very natural to me and honestly I love the size although I think once I get them replaced in ten yrs I'll go to 500/550 cc to bring them closer together. What I got now was perfect and I'm very happy not having gone any smaller than 400/450

10 months post op

Ok so i went to the beach with my new body. Kinda surreal. I used sunblock on my scar, however i got some sunburn everywhere else lol. This was my first time at a beach since my surgery last august. I couldnt get any photos im not really good at selfies without a mirror. Just wanted to post this bc i didnt have to cover anything up. well except my nipples lol which seem to find their way out of my tops here and there. Surreal experience

10 month post op doc visit

went to see my PS yesterday for a post op visit. This was the last required visit. I had some questions bc im not a perfect work of art lol. I asked him for future 10-15 yrs from now how can i get my boobs closer together? He said bigger and wider implant. Ok so now i know that lol. Im not unhappy an realize i couldnt go too big for my first surgery or i could have ended up with complications so im fine with waiting. I like my size and he did an amazing job with my breasts i just want them closer for more cleavage. Second, the BB wrinkles, its minor but for me im such a perfectionist and quite obsessive i asked again if we can have another round of cutting the BB and creating more tension in that area this time quite bit more tension. Hes more than accomodating and we scheduled for september 28 once summer is pretty much over here in NY. Could he put me under general and restretch me like a carpet? yes. but it wont guarantee i wont have those stretch mark wrinkles plus id have to pay for the anesthesia and facility. Its just so sad that im so hard on myself. Now i can see why these hollywood people go to far and end up looking un human almost like a platapus and permanently disfigured. Life goes by too fast to always see flaws and i know that but just cant help it. Luckily im not wealthy hahaha. I dont have any more money for this stuff. There.

Excess Skin After Tummy Tuck 11 Months Post Op

Ok is this normal? Yes i have stretchmarks from twins. I love my scar, love my muscle repair. love my BB and my doc but i am not satisfied with these wrinkles when sitting or bending. Im very self concious and feel like something went wrong here. Skin laxity? Can this be fixed without a vertical incision? Whats the deal. I discussed this with my surgeon many times and his explanation was that my skin has poor elasticity in that area from having twins full term. So there is no fix he did the best he could with stretching in down to the max. So what i want to know is what do the docs ad RS'rs on here think or does anyone have same issue and had it fixed to their liking or left it alone? Id consider going to the DR and have it handled there if i need a revision.

Long Island City Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kenneth Kneesey was the first and only consult i had for this procedure. He took alot of time explaining everything that he could do to correct my situation. I learned(and kind of already knew) i had slightly tuberous breasts so to achieve optimum results i'd need a periaeriolar mastopexy. I wanted larger breasts as well so we decided to up the game with some 400cc HP silicone rounds under muscle. It took me two years to finally make the decision and book the consult. During those 2 years i researched docs and actually met some women who had work done by him. The dsoc also beiev it or not had some of his patients call me that had same procedure done to say how much he changed their lives!! His TT incision was low and linear and his patients had very positive feedback about him. Although knowing i could have had this done out of country, i was more comfortable staying in the US for post op concerns etc and could not give up 14 days to be in DR (although i would have gladly done it bc DR is beautiful!) Upon my 2nd and final consult before giving my deposit dr. kneesey took alot of his time once again going over both the TT and BA where we tried on so many sized implants. He had a room full of patients and i had a list of questions. Still he took his time with me. I like that in a doctor and i'm very excited to go for my preop on August 8. Also his patient coordinator Kathy is amazing. So excitied!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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