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HI, I am a 31 year old mother of two, one 13 and...

I am a 31 year old mother of two, one 13 and the other 8. I have wanted a tummy tuck and lipo of my flanks for ohhh 13 years! I guess my journey all began back before I even had my second child. I hated my kangaroo pouch, and the extra 900 calories on each of my hips from pregnancy. No matter how much I exercised and I was brought up with a health nut of a mother so I have a healthy diet there was no getting rid of the stretched out saggy skin that hung over my pants every time I sat down! I can't tell you how many times I have sat down in the past 13 years that it just became a habit to tuck the pouch it. I hated it! There wasn't a day or heck even an hour I would think about how much I hated it! So when I was 22 I went and had a consultation with a ps in Oshkosh, WI and to make a long story short he told me I needed to find someone who excepted me for me. Well we all know that anyone who has done this or is wanting to do this it is NOT for anyone else but ourselves! So I continued on hating my body (which is not a fun way to live) and ended up having another child (neither to which were planned) When my second child was about 4/5 I couldn't take it any more and had another consultation with a different PS again to be totally turned off long story short in lesser words pretty much told me I was crazy and if he were to do one I would only need a mini. I wanted to cry! I knew this was not true due to how stretched out my muscles were (I could push my tummy out and look like I was like 5months pregnant, no joke) I needed a full and the lipo. Was very discouraged and again continued on with life hating pretty much myself I wasn't going to feel the way I wanted until this spare tire was off of me! (I am not a large woman I am 5'7 130lbs) but I constantly was having to wear and find certain clothes to hid this spare tire! Dreaded summer for obvious reasons and from an outsiders perspective they prob thought oh she looks good for having two children. I felt like a prisoner in my own body and no one would/could understand. The money was always hard for me to justify spending on myself (how vain and selfish of me) as I was a single mom up until two years ago. Okay soooooo now that I have a very very supportive husband I finally got to do it!!!! I set up yet a third consultation with a very well known ps in our area the minute he walked into the room and started talking I felt so relieved that someone actually understood! I am ten days post today 6/13/2013 and on my long road to recovery. Slowly feeling a little better each and every long day. I am not one to watch tv, movies, or read books. So this is very boring. Some days I just want to cry, but I know and tell myself, and have the awesome support from this website that it will get better and I will no longer have to hate my body nor tuck my pouch in! I will post before and after pic's when I am a little further into the healing process as we all know how fun the swelling is and I still have surgical tape on incisions, oh and I was one of the "lucky" ones (haha) that had no choice but to have a vertical scar, but I can live with that. I am already very happy with the results as I know it will only get better and better as I heal. Thanks for all of your support on this site validates everything I am going through is to be expected and I can ask anything and get many opinions and answers at the click of a button! Oh and never knew just how much we all used our core muscles to do EVERYTHING!

Some before and after pics

I will post some better after pics when I can have someone help me to have better angle as I took those after ones myself but gives a little incite to the start of finally NO SPARE TIRE!!!!!

Better view

lil closer up 12 days after


Just getting pics in right order:)

the after:) (new to posting pics)

one more

12 post

7 weeks post

Feeling soooo much better still some swelling and soreness, just wanted to update with a pic;)

9 weeks post

Feeling pretty good, back to the gym not back to my normal routine yet back but able to do more and more each week. Still have swelling :/ Can't believe I lived as long as I did without doing this. So thankful I was able to have surgery and for an amazing result thanks to my PS!!!!

15 Weeks post full tummy tuck/ lipo of flanks

Just wanted to do a lil update. I was able to start some core work this week. I am fifteen weeks post op and am able to do light sit ups. I am using a large workout ball, I lay on that and do 25 sit ups max. I am able to do planks for a short amount of time. It is a little uncomfortable as I can really feel the muscles working but I am so excited to start to workout the core again. I have been able to almost fully do all my other workouts, including lifting (I am careful on the weights), zumba, yoga, boot camp, strength training ect. only things I can't do is pull up or pole strength class. I have noticed the swelling as also gone down. It is not gone but little by little I feel it is getting less and less. I know I still have a long way to go but I am feeling great:)

15 weeks post op

about 5 months up date

Starting to do core work slowly but surely, still tender, still swells, and still somewhat numb to touch. Very happy with results:)

6 Months!

Feeling fabulous about the result! I am pretty much back to all normal activity (I am very active) the only thing I can't do is a pull up (the hanging is the problem) stretches my tummy to much yet. Still have swelling with exercise, and still have loss of feeling in lower abdomen but has gotten better. Got to wear a two piece for the first time in public, WOW was that weird! But good:) You all now what I am talking about:) Happy New Year! Now I have been contemplating about getting laser resurfacing to try and diminish some stretch marks and lighten up to scar from tt. Not sure of the results of that??????

First time in public in a two piece!


Getting close to being a year since surgery. So happy I did this:) although recovery wasn't easy. And still to this day I have some numbness and swelling. (Nothing like in the beginning) still can't do a "wheel" talking yoga language but can pretty much do everything else. Wondering when the swelling will be completely gone :/ I know it's a pretty invasive operation so I am being patient and would much rather deal with that than what I had. Going to Mexico in 5 weeks, can't wait to wear a big girl swim suit ;) aka two piece!

Getting closer to a year post:)

What a difference!

Coming upon a year post. What difference!! I ve been working hard but it's finally starting to show and I couldn't be more pleased with dr. Van ye work:) still swell and numb to touch but both are getting better and better:) happy healing to all. If your in the early stages of recovery hang in there it WILL get better:)

New pics:)

A Year!!!

Summer 2014

Swelling slowly going away!



Still working hard:)!

Still working my butt off and could of never gotten this far without the help of a lil tummy tuck! My stomach muscle are back were they belong and I couldn't be happier about that:) still am a lil numb to the touch on the lower abs and believe it or not it does still swell a lil at time...... Eating clean and trainin mean = results!!!

Punta Cana christmas

Just keep plugging away

Couldn't have ever gotten this without the help of Dr. Van Ye! Amazing work he does, along with determination, and dedication????

Just an updated picture....

Still working hard and eating clean:)

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