39 year old 5'2 Mommy Makeover

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I am new to the site and checking it almost...

I am new to the site and checking it almost everyday to read and learn from the members experiences. I am getting excited. I will have a consultation tomorrow and I will see from there. Is there anyone in the Fox Cities area (Wisconsin) that can share their experience to me? I would love to connect.

Tummy tuck and Breast Implant Replacement

It's almost 6 months since I had a tummy tuck and breast implant replacement. I have no problem with my old implant, I just want a bigger one. I have 550 HP ROUND Mentor, I love it but my tummy tuck is a different story. I didn't take a lot of before pictures because I'm unhappy with my tummy after having twins via C section. My skin is very loose, lots and lots of stretch mark and vertical incision. I saved money to have it done and I'm always in this site to see how the others do and learn more about the procedure.
I had surgery last Oct. 20, 2015. I remember waking up from the surgery expecting worse, but I have no pain because my surgeon used Exparel. The only complain then is that my back is killing me from walking bend over. It's hard to look at my tummy back then, but I remind myself that this too shall pass and that I'm just in the early process of healing.
I remember that I had a hematoma on my left breast that heals on its own eventually but it worries me about having capsular contracture. Another thing that worries me during early phase is that my breast are so swollen that it will give me symmastia (Uni-boob). After all the swelling subsides, my breast turned out the way I like it.
About my tummy tuck, I never been flat but I always remind myself that this is just swelling but as the months goes by my tummy remain the same. There are days that I'm more swollen than the others but I'm hopeful that my wonderful surgeon will help me fix this.
I saw him yesterday and he said that I look good, I have some fat left because he can't liposuction all of it (fat) during my tummy tuck procedure because the tissues might die and I won't heal properly. He wants me to talk to his Physician Assistant about a ThermiTight that according to him will tighten some of my loose skin and remove my fat. I asked the front desk with his nurse by my side how much it will cost me, they don't know the exact price because I haven't evaluated yet but she give me a quote of $2500 for the stomach. This made me so sad that I'm crying when I left the doctors office but when I get home I got a call from one of the nurse telling me to see their Physician Assistant to see what they can do to make me happy. I schedule an appointment with her and I honestly don't know what to expect.

Tummy Tuck

Here are my pictures taken today almost 6 months post op.

Before Pictures

Tummy Tuck

I took a picture today 4/4/2016 after an hour of fasted cardio.

5 1/2 months

I can't believe that after the money spent and days passed I still look like this. SMH..

Disappointing result

6 months tummy tuck photos

Nothing change on my tummy. Still as big as my pre op. SMH in frustration.

Check up with PA

Last Thursday I have a check up with Kate (she's my surgeon's PA.) She took her time listening and answering all my questions. She said they can't help much with how my tummy looks because it's tight already and my muscle repair is still intact. (Confirmed through sonogram). My flanks, they will either do a liposuction or cool sculpting which is less invasive and will cut some more excess skin on the sides. I am waiting for her to call me to see how much will I pay should I choose lipo or cool sculpting..

Almost 7 months post op

I will have a cool sculpting on my flanks next Thursday to see if it will help to give some shape to my body. Almost 7 months post op and I don't feel any pain even when I exercise harder. Still frustrated that I have lots of loose skin but hopefully it will get fix soon.

7 months post op

I'm 2lbs lighter than my pre op weight. Since my surgeon said the cause of my loose skin and bulging tummy is fat, it's supposed be flatter right.. But it's not. I just had a cool sculpting done 6 days ago and they said that the result takes up to 3 months. I have to be more patient before I schedule another check up with Dr. David Jansenn of Fox Valley Plastic Surgery in Oshkosh WI to see what is his plan to correct this.

8 months post op

9 months

I've seen my Plastic Surgeon yesterday that's why there's a purple mark on my side. He will cut more skin on the marked site to reduce the rippling. The bulging of my stomach, I hope it will be flatten someday. I'm still going hard in the gym and trying to eat clean.
Dr. David Jannsen

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