Need Help Choosing a Doctor and Deciding Whats Right. (Breast Lift and Labiaplasty)

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Im 20 y/o and have had saggy breasts since i was...

Im 20 y/o and have had saggy breasts since i was at least 15 maybe younger. I was sent away to some messed up places from 13-15. In 3 different places all with different diet/exersise or not rules i gained alot of weight, i went from a healthy 125lbs to 155lbs and in between.(ive never had an eating or exersising disorder and this has nothing to do with that). Ive since lost the weight but my breasts have taken the toll.

I belive im a healthy 128lbs or something now, moderatly active, 5'5. Im not sure when exactly my breasts started falling since i didnt see them much then, but i know i went in at 13 with natural healthy perky breasts and came out with streached saggy ones that continued to sag as the weight came off. This really sucks for many reasons, one by the time i started having sex i already had old lady tits, it affects alot of things, going into relationships knowing i look good with clothes on but when someone sees me naked they may not want to be with me.

My boyfriend now says he loves my breasts but i know thats just because he loves me, and they still feel neglegted, and it still affects our sexlife and my self confidence alot. I grew up running around naked and now im not even comfortable being naked alone. It sounds dumb but i feel like the right to have nice breasts was taken from me and i deserve that. That being said i really hate the idea of plastic surgery, im much more the all natural type but like i said i feel like something was taken from me and i deserve it, so now i find myself looking toward plastic surgery. I'll shut up now cause im looking for awnsers not therapy.

Both my breasts sag alot and have some streching on the sides. My right side is worse though and a bit bigger(though i dont think it used to be), and the right areola is streached out too, expessially on the bottom. I want a natural looking lift, which i belive may be easier since im young. Minimal scarring of course, im not compleatly unrealistic on this because i know of a really good way to treat scars. I'd like a bit taken out of my right side to even things out and my nipples to be exactly the same as each other and probably a bit smaller than they are now. I definitly want to have children in the future and to breastfeed. I have some concerns with how this will affect that, will the skin on my breasts have a hard time streaching out when the time comes, if im healthy will my breasts still be able to bounce back from that or will i be totally out of luck, ect.?

I'd like a natural breast raindrop look not super-perky-fake or the almost looks square from the side and way to compact like you see in picture sometimes. Ive been looking into the bellini method a bit and have seen two sides. One that i have to much sag for that method and you can get puckering(i'd like more info on that) and that some doctors specialize in that and it would work for me with minimal scaring and a natural look like im going for(witch im thinking may be perfect if theres still a little skin, just room to grow when i get pregnate). I'm also thinking of a labiaplasty because my left lip is quite long and uncomfortable, there both oddly bumpy on the edges, my doctor says its normal but it bugs me so i'd like them trimmed to be even. I've read some horror stories on these and about how you really have to pick the right doctor. I'd like some good honest information on this and doctor reccomendations, whitch doctors not to use and about the recovery process.

WHAT IM REALLY LOOKING FOR HERE IS: Certified, qualified, and experienced doctors input, advice, recomendations, help, and information. Would like it from several perspectives so i can make the right choice.Also doctor recomendations from those who have been throgh the same thing and are very happy with thier results. Anyone to tell me anything i should know about these procedures and thier risks and recovery. And really any help anyone has to offer me. I'm not computer savvy and the internet is complicatedly filled with lies and well people want money so im really hoping this is a good honest place to get help, info, and get started on fixing this. I travel alot sometimes living on the road so as long as its in these 48 states im not worried about where my said doctor will be. I'm also trying to decide when the best time to do this is because ill be in massage school from oct.-april. and will either have to do this after whitch im not stoked about or be done recovering before witch puts a bit of a time crunch on things considering i dont have an idea about a doctor yet. I apologize this has been so long and thank and appreciate anyone who's taken the time to read it and reply( expessially if your a doctor!!). Thanks much- Jean

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Would like the imput of several board certified and qualified surgeons to help me make a desion. also i want to choose a doc for my surgery who is all that plus very experienced. I'd also like the recomendation for doctors by people who have had the same problems and are very happy with thier doctor and thier results. thank you

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