375cc Teardrop High Profile, Above the Muscle - Nedlands, WA. Australia

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Firstly, i have a petite build and im currently a...

Firstly, i have a petite build and im currently a 34aa or barely.
My weight: 45kg
Height: 158cm
At first I wanted to have natural results but after reading and researching I had choosen to go with the 375cc instead of 330cc (my other recommended option)
My surgeon was really helpful with the choices and even though going above the muscle might seem wrong to many..I agreed that it would be better for me..not only because of my gym routine but also it would heal faster, less restrictions to my daily life etc..
The reason my surgeon suggested teardrop is because I barely have any breast tissues, so a round one would look ridiculous on me. High profile is because I wanted it to be fuller at the bottom and also having that nice side boob haha.
Of cos being 3 days to my surgery im trying to look at the positive side of my decision as much as possible. I can visualize my result thanks to many of you ladies posting your pre and post ops pictures and the things you are going through it helped me alot! :)
Wish me luck! :)

6 days post op update :)

I had 375cc teardrop Implants XH profile silicone implants over the muscle in both breast and also a upper blepharoplasty done on the 27th of feb :) but im mainly talking about my implants.

So today, I went into the clinic to get my upper blepharoplasty's stitches out..and it hurt so muchh wow hahah half way through, I told the nurse to stop because I really couldnt take the pain anymore :(

As for my boobs, I had my bandage taken out and it was sooo sticky I felt like I was getting waxed lol..and unfortunately abit of my skin came off with the tapes around my neck as you can see in my photos.

Summary of the 6 days: lets start from waking up after the op, I felt really dizzy, hungry, sore and tired. Oh, the hospital I went to was hollywood hospital in nedlands, wa :) to be honest the hospital doesn't felt like a private hospital..because I'd been to royal perth hospital before and it kinda reminds me of it..you dont have your own room or a tv (i imagined it to be like that) haha its like sections are divided with curtains :/
Okay, so I was given Cephalexin capsules (antibiotics basically), Endone tablets (strong painkillers) and Panamax tablets (panadols). As for my eyes, I got an antibiotics oilment and icepacks for it.
The nurses at hollywood hospital are really nice and helpful and like if you feel unwell like I did, I was offered to stay until 8pm but I didn't want to.. oh yeh one down side was..Dr brooks didn't come to visit me after the surgery tho..while the other patients get visited by their surgeons :(
Anyways after 2 days of taking those strong painkillers, my stomach was going through hell! I decided to stop taking "endone". I slept alot so the pain didn't really affected me that much. Afew days later I stop taking the antibiotics caps, Cephalexin, because I had contispation then I had diarrhea. Gosh..
On day 1 the pain I feel would mostly be the top bridge of the implants (near the collarbone) then slowly the under boob where my incision is and also I get muscle spaz once in awhile.
About massaging..I was told not to massage them as textured teardrops r suppose to like stick onto your tissues so it stays in the position forever..but once in awhile I poke/ lightly press certain parts that feels sore.

Tips: 1) buy more sports bra because those are the only type of bras you will be wearing for a few months.
2) get some sort of Fibre pills or eating lots of vegs, prunes, bananas etc.. those meds given to you, can make you feel bloated and contispated.

3) always eat something before taking any of your meds!

Sorry about such a long post!! At the moment I just cant wait for it to set..and feels like it's a part of me..I heard it would take afew months for that so im hoping time would fly by faster haha.

3 wks post op update

Currently, im already gyming..not touching the chest muscle group though..just mainly legs..biceps..back abit of shoulders..but im not doing really heavy or crazy because not gyming for 2 wks plus and going through surgery my body had went through quite abit haha

About a week ago my left one was slightly red on the top..and as we all do, I googled it and pretty much scared the shyit outta myself lol...but after having more follow-ups with Dr Brooks, he assured me it was just skin stretching redness. What I liked about him is how he actually explains why he thinks it is not cc or infection. He clearly pointed out the reasons and showed me why I have nothing to worry about. Oh and because my right is slightly bigger than my left, my left one is slightly sitting higher still but to be honest im loving the fullness at the top, its like im wearing a push up bra 24/7 hah. Unfortunately, this wouldn't last, as it will drop in afew months.

At the moment im not having any problems with my boobs, I can lay on it etc..doesn't hurt..its starting to feel a part of me and most of all i'm loving it ;)

As for my eyelid surgery if some of you are wondering..my right side is slightly more swollen than my left..therefore it looks smaller which sucks but i kinda use make up to cover up..the power of make up hah..I have an appointment with Dr Brooks on April 7 to check up on my eyes if its still uneven...if it is, he will be fixing it without charge :) although thats the case, i don't really want to go through the pain again. :(

almost 2 mths post and got it size for bras

So I got my sizing for buying new bras and its a 8DD omg crazy from 8A to a 8DD hahah but for playboy I got a 10E. Even though im suppose to be a 8DD..they dont have 8s in store so i got 10D D and a 10E for playboy bras instead.Im loving my boobs I have nothing to complain about now :) just enjoying them hahah

clearing some misunderstandings with the pricing

My BA cost about 10k AUD
And my eyelid sugery cost about another 5-6k AUD that is why I put 16k AUD before but if you are just going for a BA in australia it is around 10k AUD

5 months post op!!

Firstly, i had a 3 mths checkup after my last check up with Dr. Brooks. He said that he did visited and checked up on my after my surgery at the hospital, not once but three times. However, i was under heavy medications which explains why i was unaware of this.

Secondly, i am loving the results of my BA! It had gone softer, slowly but surely. My friends all complimented that it looked really good on me, it wasn't too big or fake looking, which is what i always wanted.

Lastly, unfortunately my eyelid have some "milia" on it as i guess it is common around the eye areas...it is like little white heads but with no openings...i dont know how to get rid of them :( i was adviced to exfoliate regularly...hopefully it works.
Perth Plastic Surgeon

I had about 3 to 4 consultations with him. He is really helpful and not to mention friendly and funny hahah

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