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Hi. So I am going for Vaserlipo to arms, hips and...

Hi. So I am going for Vaserlipo to arms, hips and abdo and Vasersmooth Lipo to thighs and knees. I am getting really nervous as it is only a week away so figured I would start a review and keep you up to date with how things go. I can only hope they go well!! Fingers crossed! I will post my before pics next week before I go in.

Day 1 of surgery

So today was day one. I had arms, upper and lower abdo and hips done. Recovering well so far. Very dizzy and sore of I try to move around. I've added my extremely embarrassing and shameful before pics. It's hard to see a different due to the garments and massive dressings underneath. Quite swollen too so hard to say at this time. Going in tomorrow for thighs, knees and bum. Fingers crossed!!

Day 2 - thighs, banana roll and knees

Well today was the second day of my vaserlipo! I was a lot less nervous going in but alot more sore coming out! Plus nausea is really bad. Had my dressings changed from yesterdays and can see any difference yet. Extremely swollen and bruised so look awful! Now we wait for the results!!

Day 4 post op

Well i have survived 4 days since my second operation! It has been a rough few days I won't lie.
I came out of the second day quite nauseous but after a small vomit felt fine since. What can I tell you? Having had so much done the pain is pretty bad! As I am sensitive to codeine I was lucky enough to get Tramadol instead of panadeine Forte which I have only been using at night. I think I have been recovering fairly well considering until today when I woke up as sore as the first day. I tried going all night with just panadol but I think it is a bit early to be doing that yet but at least I tried. I also went shopping yesterday and I think all the walking and pushing a trolley was a little too much too soon. Oh well lesson learned and I will be spending today resting up like a good girl.
Unfortunately to add to my pain I developed phlebitis from the second cannula and my right arm is swollen, red and very very sore. It frustrates me immensely that I am having so much pain and trouble in an area I never even had lipo! I had to start taking a stronger antibiotic and a once a day anti-inflammatory which isn't ideal but what can you do!
Now the other thing I want to mention is something no one wants to talk about and that is: poop! We all gotta do it and you have to stop and think how do I safley poop with a compression garment!! I'm not sure if it is just me but I was quite worried about how the hell I was going to poop with only a small gap in the garment! Anyway let me alay the fears of anyone who like me has this concern. The small gap is thankfully big enough that you can safely poop without making a mess. Phew! One less thing for me to worry about!
Anyway on to the most important topic of all: results! Well they aren't lying when they talk about swelling and bruising! Holy moly! How ghastly! Well despite severe swelling to 80% I can still see some good results on my top half which is a relief! The swelling to my legs on the other hand is so immense that I see little to no change as of yet but I remain hopeful nonetheless! I will wait until the bruising goes down before I take after pics as I see no point at this stage.
Anyway I will keep you posted as I go over the next few days.
P.S. I had 6000ml of condensed fat removed!
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