Big Considerations for Facial Surgery

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I am 58 and decided to have a neck lift. I am...

I am 58 and decided to have a neck lift. I am really happy with the result and glad I made the decision. But I urge you to pay attention to the following advice. I failed, not purposely, to set myself up for success by not taking a number of simple issues into consideration. I have hypertension which has been very well controlled for 15 years. Unbeknownst to me until the neck lift catastrophes, when under stress, my blood pressure sky rockets.

I have recently had some significant stress in my work and life and didn't realize how it was effecting me. Following my surgery I felt good but made the mistake of necessarily getting involved in some of the dramas of my caregiver - her house had stairs, and suffice it say she had some major issues that impacted me and got my blood pressure elevated. I was unable to sleep (noise/lights)and more drama ensued. Although I felt like I still felt good, my bandage felt tight. I returned to the doctor only to discovery

I had a hematoma on my left side. However, because we all initially believed that was a risk, although small, of the procedure, it was dealt with and on I sent. It is now obvious, due to a subsequent event, that it was due to uncontrolled blood pressure; stress/drama that I was reactionary to. The hematoma was fixed and my recovery was smoothly progressing. Approx 9 days later, I got in a very heated debate with someone which made my blood pressure sky rocket.

Shortly thereafter, I suffered another hematoma which is not ordinary so many days later for this procedure. My blood pressure had sky rocketed. Had I made sure, the first day and thereafter, that my recovery was really restful and not stressful, and had I realized the extent of how my blood pressure sky rockets under stress/anxiety related circumstances, I truly believe I could have prevented/foregone any of the hematoma complications. All that stress caused those newly closed veins to burst under such pressure - and understandably so.

So, be sure to set yourself up for real rest and no drama (at least for the first two weeks, know what you blood pressure becomes under stress even if you don't suffer from hypertension, so you can avoid those situations while recovering.

Know your limits. This surgery, had I known what I do now, could have been/would have been uneventful, accompanied by no pain, very straightforward, and almost sinfully easy for such a great result. I don't have photos yet but will post them as soon as I do

P.S. If you dye your hair, be sure to dye your hair before you have the surgery.

Dr. David Kahn Dr. Thomas Yen

Both were extremely good in their fields. Dr. K's methodology was more conventional but came with years of experience, and an amazing staff. Dr. Y's was extremely meticulous and thorough and his post op procedures 'appeared' to be more easily tolerated - pain free. Don't have photos yet but will post them.

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