45 Scheduled but Haven't Told Hubby Yet!! Help with Convincing.. - Nebraska, NE

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I can't believe I just scheduled my BR. But slots...

I can't believe I just scheduled my BR. But slots fill up fast and I have an odd work schedule. I took a date in early Nov. I wanted later but they are already filled. I have only mentioned my research to the hubster once, 3 months ago and he seemed shocked and looked at me like I was crazy/stupid. Of course he loves the sag bags. I have told him over the years how I hate big boobs but have never actually complained about my back and neck. Plus I just hate how they look. I
have spent last 3 months in deep research. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Take Methotrexate and Enbrel but I am in full remission. So I have had to do extra research and work with Rheumy. I am 5'7, 148 lbs. 34/36 dd/ddd sometimes G at Sonoma. I am smooshy and long. Righty considerably longer than lefty. I am afraid hubby will be unsupportive. Insurance has approved and even if not, I will pay myself. But I need him to drive and possibly transport kids to sports practice and just generally taking care of me for a few days. Any suggestions on what/how to tell him. Convince him it is not purely vain? Of course I do want to look younger and skinnier. But that is just another benefit. Then of course there are the risks. My biggest concern is losing a nipple or having them deformed and then he finds them ugly. For me, I have always hated them so just doesn't seem like I care about scars. Any help with how you told your men would be great. Thanks!!

Chickened out, canceled and now regret it.

I was scheduled for Nov 4. Had pre-op, spent an hour with PS, got scripts. At the end he decided I would need a blood thinner since I have an IUD. I said that was a deal breaker. Now based on my research and discussion with OB, the Mirena does not increase risk of DVT/PE. So, now I am hoping to get a cancellation spot in next couple of weeks. But, being on a wait list and getting a call will not give me much planning time. We shall see. Still so scared. But I could have been done in 3 days! I even gave in and decided to search for the worlds best bra instead. 20 bras later, lots of orders and trips to UPS to return. Epic fail. At least I found a nice shoulder/neck heating pad. ????
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