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I have had three kids since Nov 07. My youngest is...

I have had three kids since Nov 07. My youngest is 11 weeks old. I have lost 50lbs and have 10 more to go. My body has been stretched out and I am so excited to get it back! We are done having kids and I am hoping for surgery the first week in September.

I would like to get a BA and a full TT, however, I will find out more at my first consultation this week. I have scheduled four consults; my first this week (10th), my second on the 16th, my third June 6th and my fourth on June 8th.

I am hoping for no lipo, but I have alot of belly fat that never seems to go away between kids, so we will see. I am 5'2" 136.5 currently and like to be right around 125.

So I went to my first consult last night. It was...

So I went to my first consult last night. It was very nice and comfortable; everyone was very friendly and professional.

Looks like I need a lift to go along with my augmentation. My breasts have always been slightly different in size but after 3 kids in 3 years with a 60 lbs weight gain and loss each time (not to mention breast-feeding, they are substantially different. I need a major lift on the left side and a slight lift on the right side. I decided on saline over silicone and we will go under the muscle. Not quite sure on size yet...

As for my tummy, I will need a full instead of a mini, which I completely agree with, as I have alot to remove and I have "severe separation" He talked to me about lipo but said he didn't think it was necessary. (yay!)

My sister went with me to piggy back : ) as she was considering a MM herself. She hasn't seen me "exposed" so she must have been a little surprised at my damage. On the way home she said no way in hell she's doing it. She said she doesn't hate what she sees in the mirror as much as I do and then added, " I can totally see why you want to do offense but you look pretty bad." Gotta love sisters, brutal honesty:)

Next consult: 5 days away.

OK. I went to my second consultation (different...

OK. I went to my second consultation (different doctor, different practice). It was so strange because the Dr. actually was trying to talk me out of having surgery. As far as my breasts go, he never even mentioned a lift, said he would only do implants, tried to talk me out of saline and told me my breasts will never be the same size as one another and will never be symmetrical no matter what I do. As for my tummy, he said even with a full TT I would still have overhang because I am 5'2" and over 85 lbs. He said my torso is not long enough to have a successful TT. He suggested a mini tuck and lipo, but said it still wouldn't give me the results I desired. He told me I may as well take the money I am planning on spending on surgery and go buy a nice car. I was dumbfounded. Have any of you ever had this happen to you at a consult???

After a lot of going back and forth, I finally...

After a lot of going back and forth, I finally went to a couple more consultations and ultimately ended up choosing my surgeon and scheduling my surgery for 9/2. I am going to have a breast reduction on my left side, a lift on both sides and then 200cc saline implants under the muscle. I am also having a umbilical float tummy tuck with muscle repair and hernia repair. I am very excited but nervous, as the surgery will take 6 hours. I have never had any kind of surgery before, so I am a bit scared. I can't believe I'm actually going to do it.

I'm 129 lbs now and hoping to lose 4 or 5 more by...

I'm 129 lbs now and hoping to lose 4 or 5 more by the time I have surgery. I am running a 5K this month and a 5 and a 10K in August; the 10K is a week before surgery. Does anyone know how long after surgery I would need to wait before some light jogging?

I am getting really excited, but am so overwhelmed...

I am getting really excited, but am so overwhelmed reading all the posts about garmets, scar treatment, vitamin packs...I feel like I am not prepared at all. I have time...but I am so concerned with having the house in order, meals prepared, supplies stocked (diapers, wipes etc..)I feel like I am not going to get it all together. I'm worried about what my kids will think when I am recovering. My husband will handle all of them just fine, but I still worry. I am also feeling guilty about the money, and about the amount of time it will take me to recover. I am starting to have dreams about it! Part of me just wishes it would get here already. I am sure time will fly by, but my anxiety is already starting to kick in.

OMG 5 weeks from today, holy @#$%!!

OMG 5 weeks from today, holy @#$%!!

I am looking at so many people's before and after...

I am looking at so many people's before and after pics, I can't even imagine myself having that kind of transformation. I am so excited but also feel guilty and a teensy bit scared. I took some belly pics last if I could just get the b@#ls to upload them....: )

Ok here I of the belly. These are at...

Ok here I of the belly. These are at 128 lbs and 5 months post-baby.

Yikes! Four weeks and counting. I am starting to...

Yikes! Four weeks and counting. I am starting to notice how every single move I make taking care of my kids is going to me strenuous on my abdominal muscles. I won't be on baby duty for several weeks after surgery, but can someone tell me when I will comfortably be able to put kids in cribs, carseats ect...?

Ok ladies I need some help. I have about 3 weeks...

Ok ladies I need some help. I have about 3 weeks to get my house in order, supplies purchased and ready for my big day. I need some help with what I should be buying. Should I buy some spanx, or wait til I need them? Should I buy some scar treatment or will my PS office supply it? Do I buy steri-strips or will I need those? I am sure all of this will be taken care of after my appointment on the 19th but I am still nervous.

I had the opportunity to get a lift /reclining chair (for free)a couple months ago and now I am kicking myself that I didn't jump on the chance. I was planning on staying in my bedroom but now I am thinking I won't be able to get onto my bed...

Also, planning on get a toilet seat riser and a shower seat. Basically I am getting really nervous..can you tell?

Well, it's official. I had my pre-op appointment...

Well, it's official. I had my pre-op appointment and paid for my surgery today! I can't believe it is actually going to happen. We had a long discussion about the float TT vs. the regular TT. My PS said we can certainly do a regular TT, but I will have a vertical scar, new BB, a higher horizontal scar but he would not be able to repair my hernia. If I went with the float, I would have no vertical scar, a lower horizontal scar but my BB would be lower and since I have a short torso it might look too low. I told him ultimately I want the tightest muscle repair, the hernia repair, and the lowest scar possible. He said the float would be best for me then. I am happy with the decision, as I feel it is better for me.

As for the top half, we are still doing a lift and saline implants under the muscle. I am doing 250cc, instead of 200, not too much of a difference but I don't want to wish I went bigger. I got all my prescriptions and just need to get them filled. I am so excited, I can't believe this is actually happening!!

So now I wait. And frantically try to get it together! My PS will supply all my binders, strips and they said I don't have to buy anything in advance. As for the lift chair, I haven't gotten one yet, but am still trying. Other than that, I've bought enough diapers and wipes to run a daycare over here and my husband is going to gain 10 lbs with all the food I've made and frozen. Two weeks to go.

: )

I showed my husband the receipt I got from my PS...

I showed my husband the receipt I got from my PS office today and he looked at it and said, "Wow, this really makes it real huh?" I told him I know, it was like everything was moving in slow motion when I was paying for it. I think he will be pretty nervous for me the day of, but he would never show it. He is always cool as a cucumber. I said, "Are you getting excited?" and he told me he just wants me to be happy with how I look and feel and he will do everything possible to make my recovery go smoothly. Times like this I just want it to get here already!!

I got my lift chair, yay!

I got my lift chair, yay!

In exactly 1 week from now I will have had my...

In exactly 1 week from now I will have had my surgery and I will be at home starting my recovery. I can't believe it. I am more nervous than I thought I would be...and I still have a few days to get even more nervous. The good news, is that I hit my goal weight and reached 125 lbs. Those last couple pounds took forever!

Tomorrow I run my first 10K and that will be the end of race season for me. Then I will just hang out with my hubby and kids and wait for Thursday night to come so I can take a Xanax. : )

My PS office called today and said there was a...

My PS office called today and said there was a cancellation and I could go in Thursday morning instead of Friday. I took it. Yikes! It is in less than 40 hours!

Well, this will be my last post before I go in...

Well, this will be my last post before I go in tomorrow morning. (eekk!) I am so excited, but more nervous than I thought I would be. It's like I day dreamed for years and years of this happening and then it actually is happening and I feel like all my excitement is over shadowed by fear. Not too sure what exactly I'm afraid of.. anaesthesia, complications, recovery in general, disappointing results, or not being able to care for my kids the way I do now (during recovery)..

I am trying to look at the big picture and think positively. This will, in the long run, make me a better mom and wife. This will actually encourage me to stay on track as far as diet and exercise, and most importantly, my recovery may give me the rest I have needed for some time now. I mean, it's scary to be under for 6 hours but when was the last time I slept for 6 hours straight?? So there might be a little pain when I wake take the good with the bad, right? Plus, when I wake up my boobs will be pretty, the same size, and where they belong.

And the best part is, people will (hopefully) stop saying, "Are you pregnant AGAIN!?! Boy you guys don't waste any time, do you?"

Wish me luck gals! : )

Well ladies, I made it!! Sorry for the delay but...

Well ladies, I made it!! Sorry for the delay but these pain pills and this nausea patch have me pretty out of it. Thank you soooo much for all your kind words and encouragement, it really helped me alot, as I was pretty scared. I will tell you guys all about it a little later when I can better keep my eyes open. : ) thanks again, if it wasn't for you ladies im not sure I would have evr gone through with this.

OK, I not as woozy as I was so I thought I'd post...

OK, I not as woozy as I was so I thought I'd post an update. I am feeling really good! They did so much to prevent my nausea and it worked, I didn't feel even close to throwing up. I did feel foggy and woozy when I woke up in recovery, but not nauseaus at all.

Last night I think my boobs hurt a little, but this morning I am very comfortable. My lift chair might be one of the best purchases I ever made. I've been able to get up and go to the bathroom myself. Haven't pooped, but have been taking colace and dulcolax so hopefully I won't have issues there.

That's about it for now, I think I'm gonna take a quick nap.

Have a great day guys! And thanks again for all your kind wishes.

Day 1: I feel great! So far no nausea at all....

Day 1: I feel great! So far no nausea at all. Taking my drugs every 4 hours and it seems that I am keeping up with the pain. Just sitting/laying in my lift chair, I am not in any pain at all. Getting up out of the chair hurts a little, probably about a 3. I've been able to pee by myself all day and am working really hard to go #2. I've taken Colace, Ducolax and Philips, ate a fiber bar and drinking plum juice, so hopefully those will take effect shortly.

I've been eating with my pills; low sodium soup, broth, pudding, a couple salt free low sodium crackers. Haven't felt sick at all.

I am soooooo curious about what is under these garments! I can shower Sunday so I guess I will see it all then.

I am crossing my fingers that my recovery stays this smooth. I have such a long way to go, but honestly my boobs hurt 10 times worse when I was engorged with breast milk after child birth. I really am so grateful that I am feeling this good.

My PS called last night and again this morning. He is so kind. He told my husband that I had very severe muscle separation, and he had to use giant sutures to get them repaired. My PS said my abdominal muscles are "as strong as an ox" but would never had gone back to being flat on their own.

Hope you all are feeling well and thanks again for all your comments. It is very encouraging and all the advice helps so much!

More tomorrow.... : )

Oh also, sorry I forgot to mention, I am standing...

Oh also, sorry I forgot to mention, I am standing up straight when walking. Getting up and down I'm hunched but for the most part I'm standing straight. Is that bad, like maybe my tummy isn't tight enough? Or is it good that I can stand up straight this soon?

Well, I musta got too cocky thinking I was feeln...

Well, I musta got too cocky thinking I was feeln so good because the nausea set in last night and I puked from 12-4am. I would not be surprised if I popped something in my belly and I called PS to check. He said I may have popped some quilting surtures but did not seem too concerned about it. Honestly, my pain is pretty much the same, so I guess i would think I would be in much more excruciating pain if I damaged something. But holy hell puking hurt sooooo bad!

I am standing up straight, once I actually get up. Still hunched when I'm getting out of my chair or going to the bathroom. Took a peek today at my results and I really like my boobs but my tummy looks strange to me. Can't wait til I can see some actual results.

Until next time! : )

Hi Ladies, I need to read and catch up on how...

Hi Ladies,
I need to read and catch up on how everyone is doing. Hope you all are doing well, healing well if your post op, and having a good day.

I am doing just fine and am in very little pain at all. I stopped taking my pain pills and only took tylenol once today. My two main problems are it seems I get nauseaus at midnight every night. I'm not sure what this has to do with, as I thought it was the pain pills but obviously not because I stopped taking them. I seem to get really gassy and bloated at night which I think is what is bringing on the nausea. Which brings me to my second problem and that is that I can't have a bowel movement. I have taken everything under the sun and finally brought out the big guns and took MOM twice (I hate MOM). Finally this afternoon I had a tiny result, but still not enough to make me feel better.

As for my results.... please be honest. when you saw yourself for the first time did you not like what you saw? My breasts look nice but my belly seems strange. I am sure it is just bloating and swelling but it is not what I expected. I'm trying to think positively and just wait until some swelling goes down, but.. you know, you want to be all excited when you first see it right?

My drains are manageable, and not as much of a pain as I thought they would be. Hopefully they will come out thursday.

I took a shower today, it was so nice. My husband washed and conditioned my hair for me and it felt so nice. I have some bruising but it is not terrible, I am sure it will be gone in a week or two.

My husband is doing a wonderful job juggling me, the kids and the house. He is amazing! My kids think my lift chair is some kind of carnival ride, so they are pretty excited about that. My husband got me some beautiful flowers and my kids keep drawing me pictures to make me feel better. They are so sweet!

Hope you all are doing well! Someone please tell me their stomach looked strange at first glance and got much better over time....

More next time! : )

Hello ladies, I am on day 4 of recovery. Still...

Hello ladies, I am on day 4 of recovery. Still feeling really good, able to stand and walk staight and am getting around just fine. (TMI) The MOM kicked in and lets just say I won't be needing any help in that area for awhile. Thank God!

I think my recovery is going really well. I am rarely in pain at all. I haven't taken any pain meds since day 2 and day 3 I took tylenol. Haven't taken anything yet today, but I'm sure I will towards the evening.

Took another look at my belly and am feeling a bit better. Two things: Because I had a float and not a regular TT, I did not get a new BB; my original one was moved down. It seems very low now, but I think once everything is back to normal you won't be able to tell the difference. Secondly, I have a scar from my BB peircing. If I would have gone with the regular, the scar would have been removed. But since I went with the float, it is still there, so perhaps that is another reason why it is throwing me off.

FOr the most part I think my scar will be in a nice spot. It is really low in my pubic area but a lil high on the hips. I tried on some swimsuit bottoms and it looks good, but I guess I won't really know til the drains come out.

So far I have been in really good spirits, except today I have been a lil down. I miss playing with my kids and chasing them and hugging them. In a way my recovery is going by quickly, but in another way I feel like it is dragging. All in all though, I am happy I did this. I can't wait to try on clothes and see what my boobs look like in a cute bra.

Here is a pic of my belly that I took today. It is 4 days post-op. Not sure if my hips are really swollen from the bruising, or if they just look bigger because my stomach is smaller..

Day 5: Today is my first day on my own. My kids...

Day 5: Today is my first day on my own. My kids went to daycare and my hubby is at work. It's funny because sometimes I wish I just had a day to myself and now I have it and I miss everyone : (

Yesterday I had my first outing, we took the kids to lunch then went to the park and then hit the store (I stayed in the car with the kids)while hubby ran in to get steaks for him and I after bedtime. Things have been going so smoothly I'm afraid to say it out loud.

I am not in pain at all and have stopped taking even tylenol. Might start on an anti-inflammatory at night as that is when I seem to feel the most swollen.

For anyone who might be close to their surgery date, here are a couple things that have made my recovery thus far very managable:

1.Lift recliner, I got mine on craigslist for $85 and I LOVE it.

2.Toilet seat riser, mine is 5 1/2 inches and is soooo helpful. $21 at walmart.

3. Helping Hand Reach n Grab. It is a device that you can grab stuff or pick stuff up off the ground. $10 at walmart. LOVE this as I can walk around the house and pick up toys and the rest of the messes without bending over at all.

4. Milk of Mag. Yuck...but Thank God for it.

I am walking straight up and, as soon as these drains are out will be able to function pretty well. Can't wait til I can snuggle my kiddos and love on my hubby! Oh, and if you happen to still have a Boppy laying around, its nice to put it around your belly so you can at least sit with your little ones and snuggle them before bedtime. Just as a little bit of protection so you don't get an elbow to the hip or something like that.

Gonna go and try to shower by myself. If I can at least get rinsed off I will be happy.

Until next time! Hope you all are healing well and enjoying the rest of your summer. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!

: )

Hopefully a Helpful Tip: If you are not sure if...

Hopefully a Helpful Tip: If you are not sure if you can shower by yourself DON'T.

Yesterday I was gonna shower while I was home alone. I decided not to. Later, when my husband was home, I took off my binder (like I've done many times) and my blood pressure dropped and I thought I was going to pass out. I have read that some women feel that way after taking off their binder but so far I have been fine, until yesterday. That is a scary feeling. Please be careful ladies, and listen to your bodies.

Hoping to get my drains out tomorrow and then I'll post another pic. Boobs are nice, I really like them. Tummy is very flat, but BB still looks weird. I knew there was a risk of that with the float, but even if it stays that way I still think it was worth it. I can't wait to try on clothes!

Hoping you all are having a good day!

Got a new swimsuit in the mail!! I have not worn a...

Got a new swimsuit in the mail!! I have not worn a bikini in 5 years....

One week post-op!! Went to see my PS today and...

One week post-op!!

Went to see my PS today and (boooo) drains can't come out yet. No big deal, but man that would have been nice. They removed some of my stiches; around my aereolas (sp?) and all the ones in my TT incision. A small 'ouchie' here and there but nothing terrible. Will have to get my drains out next week...

Feeling good, no pain, taking advil if necessary. Still taking it very easy but can help out with the kids with some things. I'm able to get them snacks/juice and make small meals. I can change diapers and get kids dressed. I am reading stories, watching Dora and can let one kid at a time sit on my legs. Gave my 2 year old a mani/pedi this morning (Thank God because she was wayy overdo :) so I am feeling alot better about taking care of my kids. I swear I used to just want one day by myself to sit and do nothing but then I got those days and I was lonesome for them! Today is their last day at daycare and I am looking forward to having them home.

That's about it for me. Hoping you all are healing well as my prayers are with all of you!

8 Days Post-Op: Feeling good! Getting around...

8 Days Post-Op:

Feeling good! Getting around great, can take care of my kids (at home, not like out and about) for the most part. My doc said I can lift my 6 month old (20 lbs) so I can get her out of her crib, but I don't carry her around. Can play with my 3 and 2 year old and they know they still can't jump on me so it is going well.

I'm starting to like my belly!! I mean I've liked it, but it seems to be looking more human, or smoothing out or kind of scared me at first.

Hope you all are doing well, resting and recovering. I think about you all and hope you are having a good day!

: )

11 Days Post-Op Hey gals, Hope everyone is...

11 Days Post-Op

Hey gals, Hope everyone is doing well and had a good weekend. My weekend was a little rough, as I was on my own alot with my kiddos. I didn't overdo it, but I definitely did more than I have been used to, so I was very tired friday, saturday and sunday night.

I'm had a pity party for myself this weekend and I was the only one invited. I started getting pissed because nearly all of my friends have flaked out on me. All this talk of visiting me after surgery and cooking for my family and helping me with my kids during recovery; it's all I heard for a month leading up to surgery. I have seen 3 friends in the last 11 days. They are moms and get it. One of my single friends was going to come spend the day with me yesterday but she instead had a long workout and then took a long nap.

I know my recovery had been very very smooth and I do feel very very blessed each day. But I could still use some company, and I have three kids here that could use some visitors too. I guess all I am trying to say to people is: "Don't say you are going to do something unless you are 100% sure you are going to do your best to follow through, or don't make promises that someone might take seriously if you are just talking out of your ass."

Ok. There. Party is over, I will go back to being normal again. Sorry about that.

Hugs to all you RS ladies, you are all such great people.

12 days post-op: I am still draining 30 ccs...

12 days post-op:

I am still draining 30 ccs every 12 hours (both drains total) and honestly do not think I will get my drains out on thursday. Anyone else have drains for more than 2 weeks???

Hey Girls, I am having a hard time catching up on...

Hey Girls, I am having a hard time catching up on RS. I hope everyone is doing well whether you are waiting or recovering.

I am doing great; went to my appointment this morning and got some more stitches removed and ONE DRAIN REMOVED! Yay! Hopefully the other one can come out by Monday or so.

My boobs seem to be settling down, and my belly is about the same. I am so happy with my results! I can't believe I actually did it and that it is actually done. I am so happy withthe way everything has gone.

I am 2 weeks out today and will post another pic here shortly.

Hope you all are well! Have a great day and a great weekend!

: )

Hi Ladies, hope you all are doing well. I need to...

Hi Ladies, hope you all are doing well. I need to sit down and catch up on RS and see how you all are doing.

I am 2 weeks 2 days today and doing pretty much everything I did before, just a little bit slower. I take frequent breaks, but I can do all my housework, lift my kids, run errands; I feel pretty much like I did before surgery, except I'm not a fast as I was and I sit down alot more.

My swelling went down, but comes back for frequent visits. I am trying to drink alot of water to keep it at bay.

Hope everyone is doing well! It is such a dreary day here, I may have to take a nap this afternoon.

More next time!

: )

Hello ladies, Went to my PS office today to get...

Hello ladies,
Went to my PS office today to get my second drain removed. Turns out I had fluid in my lower right abdomen that needed to be drained with a needle. I did not do very well with that, as I nearly passed out. Luckily, I did not with the help of some cold wash cloths, water and a cookie. I have to go back this week to have it done again, so I'm not looking forward to that at all. But at least I am drain free, and have a compression garment to arrive anyday from, so hopefully that will help. Also going to pick up some spanx later today.

Hope you all are well and recovering nicely!!

I am shopping for compression garments and some...

I am shopping for compression garments and some people say Spanx are the best, some people like the Marena, some people like Lipo In A Box...I am so confused. I need actual "compression" so some I know are not for me. As for Spanx, I am looking at the "Undetectable" and the "Simplicity". As for Marena I am looking at the Marena Support Girdle with no legs (F5 Certified Compression) but that one has a stage 1 and a stage 2. I'm tempted to get the stage 1 since it has a zipper on the side. I got a garment from Lipo In A Box and it is good, but I could still use some more compression/tightness.

Help! Please, any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated. I can not keep getting this fluid drained every other day, it is not pleasant.


I went back to get drained today and there was not...

I went back to get drained today and there was not alot of fluid, so that is good. I go back friday to get drained again and hopefully that is th last time I wil have to do that. I am just trying to use alot of compression and drink alot of water.

I am wearing my LipoInABox and then I am wearing my binder down low, because that is where my swelling is. Today I bought some "un-de-tectable" Spanx, so hopefully I will like that.

I posted a pic of my belly 20 days post op. The swelling area is on my right abdomen and the tiny band aid is where the needle goes in. If you look at all my pics closely, that swelling has been there since at least day 4 post op. Hopefully it will go away soon and not be a chronic problem : /

Hope you all are well. I have not caught up on all your updates but I will, and I hope you all are doing well.

I went back to PS office yesterday to be drained...

I went back to PS office yesterday to be drained for the last time. There wasn't any fluid so that was good. However, since then I have been extremely sore. I have a great deal of pain below my incision, in my pubic bone area. It is a little swollen, but nothing out of the ordinary. Where did all this pain come from? I really haven't experienced alot of pain with this whole process until now. Maybe I pulled a muscle? It is pain medication worthy. Anyone have this happen to them??

Well, whatever that pain was is gone and I am back...

Well, whatever that pain was is gone and I am back to feeling good again. Not sure what that was; maybe something got aggravated when I was drained on Friday?

Hope you all are doing well. I feel much better and was advised that I can start doing some light exercising and lifting some light upper body weight, so I will start on that this week. Hope you all have a great week, whether you are recovering or waiting.

: )

Tomorrow will mark 5 weeks since my surgery. I...

Tomorrow will mark 5 weeks since my surgery. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! I am back to all of my daily responsibilities and routine. I do not have any pain or discomfort at all, just some slight pressure if I really pushed it that day, in which case I throw on my binder and wear it at night. I am pretty tired at night, and go to sleep pretty early, which is why I haven't been on RS in weeks. I hope everyone is doing OK!

My PS office gives 5 free sessions of Endermologie, which is a type of machine that massages the tummy after surgery, to help with swelling, circulation and so forth. It really feels quite nice and I think it is helping my muscles settle in. I have done 2 sessions, and have 3 more weeks left.

I have begun some light exercising, so that is nice. My 2 year old asked me what happened to my jelly belly. I told her it disappeared like a magic trick and she thought that was pretty funny. : )

The incisions on my breast are practically non existent and my belly incision is very thin and kind of a purplish brown. I just recently started with Mederma so we will see what happens over the winter.

I have posted a 4 week photo. Not too much of a change at all but just wanted to update in hopes to help someone with questions about recovery.

Hope everyone is doing well! : )

Hello! I am sorry I have not updated in a long...

Hello! I am sorry I have not updated in a long time. I am still checking in on you girls though, and so glad everyone is doing well!

When Tara posted that she got a revision date booked, I decided it was time for me to call my PS and have him look at my BB. I have kind of the same issue as Tara: my BB is in the right spot, but it is more like a slit instead of a hole. It has been like this since surgery and I kept waiting waiting as everone says it takes months for your permanent result. Well, I think it is getting worse actually ( I posted a 4 month post op pic) and you can see that it is more slanty than it was.

Thank you Tara for posting your update because I went to see my PS yesterday and there are stitches and scar tissue stuck where I had a small seroma. It is pulling my BB over.

He would need to open up my scar and get in there to remove all the stuff that's in there, then pull my BB back over to make it round. He also would do some lipo on my upper abs where it is kinda lumpy still. PS fee is waived but I would have to pay for anestesia (sp? I never spell that word correctly : ) and the use of the OR.

Talked to hubby about it and of course he wants me to do whatever I want. Recovery would only be about a week so it wouldn't be a big deal. (Fingers crossed).

I posted a 4 mo post op pic so you can see what the problem is. Hope you all are well and enjoying your beautiful results! You all look so awesome!

: )

Ok, its booked. February 16th I will have a...

Ok, its booked. February 16th I will have a revision. I put up a better (morning) pic of what will be fixed (hopefully!!). If you look at the top and left side abs, it is lumpy. Also, there is a lump on the right side which is what is pulling my bb into a slit.

I'm a little worried about my scar because I love love love the way my scar healed so hopefully he doesn't have to open the entire thing up.

I should be able to lift my kids (at least my baby) after 5 days. My hubby will only have to take 1 1/2 days off so that is good. Looking forward to seeing the results!

Please pray for me that this does the trick because after this there is no more surgery for me! Also pray that I don't throw up because I think that is what popped the stitches to begin with.

Hope all is well with everyone!
Have a great day!

: )

Well ladies, tomorrow is my big day...again. ...

Well ladies, tomorrow is my big day...again. Cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly. Hopefully, once the scar tissue and stitches are removed my belly button will be round. He's doing upper lipo too, so hopefully I won't be so lumpy. Wish me luck!!

Everything went great! Haven't seen it yet but...

Everything went great! Haven't seen it yet but will post a pic soon!

I am day 2 post revision operation. I feel great,...

I am day 2 post revision operation. I feel great, although I am super swollen. Just resting, drinking alot of water and eating with every pain pill, so I don't get nauseous. I snuck a peek and snapped a quick pic; keep in mind I'm super swollen, but I am very pleased regardless. Hoping it only gets better!

Hi Ladies, It has been 10 days since my...

Hi Ladies,

It has been 10 days since my revision. I am still rather swollen and a couple pounds up from my regular weight.

My belly button looks much better and some of my lumps were smoothed out. He actually removed another inch and a half of skin from above my incision.

He reopened my incision from hip to hip so that has to heal up again, but it is pencil thin so hopefully it will heal nicely like it did last time.

I still have a drain in and an scheduled to get it out tomorrow, however I am still draining 20 ccs every 12 hours so I may just wait til later this week. Don't want to get another seroma like last time.

I added another photo. Will add another once I get my drain out!

: )
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