39 yr old, 2 kids, My 2016 Makeover!!!

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It's almost here, Wednesday is surgery day! I...

It's almost here, Wednesday is surgery day! I never thought I'd have the guts to go through with this. I am the magician and have perfected the illusion of making it look like I have big boobs in clothes. Soon enough, I will have them and no longer can be charged with boobie fraud!
At my initial consultation I chose 275cc moderate profile. The nurse said everyone wishes they went larger so I went to 300. Then last weekend I went to 325 based on pictures. A few days ago I went for another fitting and changed again to 350 and left pondering over the idea of 375's. If I don't get this soon who knows how big I will end up! ????
What has kept me from doing this for sooo many years is I know my mom will freak out. She will email every article to me she can find about why I shouldn't do it. I am not going to tell her I'm doing this and if she realizes later I will explain to her I didn't, just for that reason. My daughter will also not be very happy with me. She asked me about a year ago why women get them and I started to explain why to her and she yelled to her brother, "mommy wants boobie extensions". LOL
I am uploading my current photos. Currently, getting errors but I will keep trying. They look and feel a bit swollen from PMS. I told myself all last week to get this done and I didn't. I also never noticed they were different. I think the PMS is making it stand out more.
I am also confused as the nurse was pushing the moderate profile but when I read the reviews it seems the high profile are more popular.
Thanks to everyone that has posted their stories as they have helped me tremendously! I hope documenting mine can help at least one.

39 yr old, 2 kids, 2016 makeover

Before pics

Cold feet?

So I looked at the reviews by the women who had breast implant removal and now I'm getting cold feet! I'm so glad I did because it brought me back to why I wanted implants. I've never wanted big boobs just fuller boobs. 375cc? What was I thinking? They look great on others and I'd love to wear them on the weekend but I know myself and I would be dying to take them off at home. I need to rethink what size I want as 350 will definitely be the biggest I go for me and I'm scared now that's too big for my own comfort level. All I want to do is replace the padding in the push-up bra with the real stuff. I'm not trying to go bigger than that. Back to rethinking this whole size thing!!!!!

Last fitting! Only 32 hours until surgery!

I can't take it!!! I have been having so much anxiety and I feel sick to my stomach. I feel like my journey was hijacked in the dr office. Who picked out the implants? Nurse? Husband? Me? I'm going back! I don't want booby greed but at the same time I keep picturing myself walking up saying, "these are too big, get them out of me". I need to make sure whatever the final decision is it's 100% my decision. Ugh, and the comment of why do it if you don't go big, is so upsetting to me. Why do guys not understand??? Only 32 hours left and I need to decide at my fitting in 7hrs because waiting until the big day would be way too stressful.

Surgery Done Today!

Surgery done this morning. I changed my mind and went with the 325's. All I can think now is "darn it" I'm sure I'll have booby greed when the swelling goes down and wish I did 350's but really would I ever know the difference. I had horrible anxiety about the size all night and morning and decided I can always push them up if I want later and could deal a lot better with boobie greed than them being too big. They are perfect to me the way they are right now. I don't want the swelling to go away or for them to drop! Only time will tell.

Don't change! 1 Day Post Op

Day 1 post op and I don't want them to change. I love them I don't want them to drop or fluff.
Today is going to be so boring. I am not in pain at all and don't want to lay around to ice them. Ugh, I will though as I want to follow doctors orders. Plus if I can't do household chores and suppose to be walking more than what am I suppose to do? Ugh, so boring, sigh.

Day 3 Feeling Sad and maybe crazy!

Feeling so sad, I don't want these to drop and fluff. I like how perky they are and I'm scared they're going to be saggy.
I also have to keep checking they are there. I don't feel them on me at all and I'm afraid I'm going to open my shirt up and they be almost all the way gone and tiny bit bigger than I originally was.

2 week post-op

It's been two weeks and how easy this surgery was (implants above muscle). On my right side when I reach far for something or roll over I do have a stabbing pain on the incision touching my rib but that's the only pain I have had and hopefully it goes away soon.
One breast has dropped more than the other. The nurses warned me that everyone has a little sadness when they drop and aren't so perky but when I read reviews it's seems like most people are excited for them to drop and look more real, so I guess everyone differs. I personally prefer the look of fake boobs over real boobs they are just more perfect looking and perkier so I am missing the swelling that makes them stand out in your face, lol.
If anyone is debating this surgery I say go for it. If you want people to notice I'd say go way bigger than you think. Sometimes I wish I had that look and feel sad for not having it but I went into this knowing that wouldn't work for me right now. I'm sure though when I wear a swimsuit this summer there will be a wow factor, or at least I hope so.
I am happy I got it done and I don't even feel them on me. I never had big boobs so I didn't know what to expect I thought they would be in the way and super annoying and I was wrong. I don't even know they are there it feels the same as before and I have to check often to make sure they didn't disappear on me. This is something I wish I did many years ago. When people say fake boobs I instantly thought porn star sized boobs and that is so not it. I realize now so many people have them but they are not enormous so you just don't know. I even went to lunch the other day and noticed one of the girls pushing her boobs out. My husband and I both laughed when we got to the car because it was obvious she got new boobs too recently and wanted everyone to notice.
I am happy with my boobs. I do wish I would have done 350 as planned or larger instead of 325 as I picked out the 350's twice because there is minimal diff between the two so why not go larger but I somehow went crazy and changed last minute because of nerves.
If I'm ever questioning my boob size as being too small I just go lift up my shirt in a mirror or remind myself this isn't permanent. I could always go bigger at a later date. For now though I am going to enjoy these and no matter what this is a 100% improvement from where I started so there can't be any regrets!
I will update with more pics at a month out.

1 month pic

Posting this a bit late but here is the results after one month. I took the pics at the one month point but couldn't get myself to post because I feel the pic are misleading. They are much smaller looking in person and I wouldn't recommend anyone go 325cc or smaller unless they already have some boobs. I'll post two month pics in a couple days.
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