So Ready to Be on the Flat Side - Nebo, NC

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I feel like I have been stalking RS over the past...

I feel like I have been stalking RS over the past few months. I love my curves, especially my bootay, but my stomach just will not move. After raising two children and having energy to focus on me I have decided to give my tummy a little help. My profile pic is my ultimate wish pic.

I am 57 days pre op and filled with mixed emotions. Days like today I feel like hurry up already but when I see a tummy tuck gone bad I start to get really nervous. Good thing is I have seen some of the most amazing result of RS and they keep me encourage.

So today I begin documenting my journey to the flatside

My current situation :((

With only days before I get to the flat side I figured I would post pictures of my tummy now.

I always try to hide my tummy in what ever I wear. I can't wait for this to be gone and my waistline to sexy again.

Guess I need to start gathering my supplies. I feel like I'm going to be a hostage upstairs in my house for a few days. That alone makes feel nutty. I am constantly up and down my stairs. I should be skinny. Not to mention my couch is downstairs and it's my favorite resting place ...hehehe.

The journey continues :)

Love Team Hamel and Maki!!!!!

So I ventured to the flat side on January 2nd. I love the entire team at CLC!!! They are truly amazing from start to finish.

The weeks prior to surgery I had so much nervous energy I was irritating to myself. The morning of surgery I was so stressed I had myself believing I was sick. Once I got to CLC meds were started and I relaxed. Then I realized the TT was going to be done by two different doctors. Instant panic was in my head. I just knew the incision was going to be completely uneven. The numbing process was the most painful for me but I endured just to get it over. During the TT the CLC team was awesome!!! I remembering them talking about lunch towards the end and I was thinking "huh??!! You can think about food at a time like this".... lol

I didn't post last week because the range of emotions i was feeling... happy happy... cry cry... happy cry cry.... yep that was me. I was tired of walking hunched over, the drain was annoying more than anything and I wanted to shower!!!! However, I was loving the shape. The drain was taken out on Friday which was one week post op and guess what I get to shower today :)).... I am over "hoe baths" as Dr. Hamel called them.

My recovery has not been as bad as thought it would be. The first couple of days the pains was unbearable (for me) so I was glued to my recliner with the remote. Once I started moving around I just listed to my body but I made sure I moved when I could. My heating pad and neck pillow on my lower back really helped to sooth my lower back pain. I drink plenty of water and with a little bit of lemon juice. I also try to do high protein. I had one day where I ate crap and I was in swell hell.... needless to say that will not be happening again.

Oh btw my incision looks awesome!!! I am still swollen but I love how it looks. Hopefully I will be not be swollen by spring time.

Thanks for every who has shared and happy healing to everyone!!!

Ughhh!! Posted before I loaded all pics

Here are the more pics of my journey :))))

Slowly progressing :))))

Just over two weeks post op and I'm feeling great. Still swollen and tight in my belly and upper legs. Hopefully in two weeks I will get back to my workout routine. I feel my bootay loosing it's shape.

The hair in my private area is giving me heck. It's growing and the area is still swollen... uggghhhh. My incision opened up on me a little but doc says it will heal just fine.

Other than that it has been a journey so worth it. No regrets from this chic :))

Happy healing all:)))
John D. Hamel

Complete Laser Clinic

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