Getting Tummy Tuck, Brazilion Butt Lift and Lipo, 38 yo, Mother of 3 - Nebo, NC

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It's almost time. I'm terrified! I'm praying for...

It's almost time. I'm terrified! I'm praying for safe surgery, great results and fast healing and no complications. I'm not having MR as my surgeon says I don't need it. I gained #85 with my daughter 3 years ago and I have lost it all including my butt. I'm so nervous and anxious. Will be updating as I go.

Day 1-11 update

The day of surgery my pain was horrific but that didn't last long. My husband called Dr. Hamel's office and a doctor and a nurse was sent to my hotel room with Demerol and stronger pain meds. My pain was under control after that. I took my pain meds every 4 hours around the clock day 1.
Day 2 continued to take pain meds around the clock. I was pretty miserable for the 1st three days. Mostly discomfort.
The BBL hurt a lot longer than the TT and so did the lipo. I felt like I weighed 500 pounds. It was hard to get around.
Day 6 mimal pain and my drain was removed that didn't hurt.
Day 8 I was off all pain meds.
Today I have an area on my incision that I was concerned about and Dr. Hamel asked to come in. It was a stitch that had not dissolved. He cleaned it out and placed me on an antibiotics. I just pray that's all it is. I'm very pale and have been running g a low grade temp. I finished a 10 day course of antibiotics last night. Swelling is going down.pretty fast now. I'm drinking a lot of water and taking iron. I had an allergic reaction to something so he ordered 7 days of prenisone. I'm still slightly hunched over more in the mornings than at night.


Before and after photos

Pics and progress

I'm still swollen and hunched over.

BBL day 11

Before bbl

Sadly with my weight loss my butg suffered the most.

Day 5

Still swollen and hunched over.

More pics

Day 13

Day 13

Day 14

I'm still weak but I think I'm anemic and I've been taking iron pills to help. I have minimal discomfort that does not require and medications. I wear my bind 21 hours a day. After I shower I dry my incision and bb with a blow dryer and then leave my binder off for a few hours to air my incision out per Dr. Hamel's direction. I change my steri-strips if I see they are loose or have any drainage on them. Otherwise, doing well just need to build my endurance back up.

Day 21

I'm still swollen in my lower abdomen and flanks. Overall I'm happy with results. I did return to work this week and it wasn't awful but I was more tired and did have some pain in my flanks from lipo and buttocks from sitting (elevated on pillows).

Week 6

I'm still swollen around my incision, hip to hip. Overall I'm doing well. No pain and almost back to myself. I do have dog ears that will have be fixed. I've lost some volume bbl wise but still better than before. I'm pleased with my results.

Week 7

I feel pretty normal. My incision is completely closed and I'm going to start scar tx. I've been trying to wheen myself off my binder. I wear it at night only now. I've read that you should when yourself so your body doesn't become dependent on it. Also, it can make your abdominal muscle weak. My swelling is minimal now and at the end of the day I don't notice much change with the binder off. My energy level is back to normal. I do have dog ears which will need to be corrected but I have confidence that Dr. Hamel will take care of it. I haven't been back to see him since week 2. I was scheduled for a follow up at 4 weeks but my daughter got sick and I had to cancel. He is 3 hours from me so it is a drive to get there.
My bbl is better than my before but I would say I've lost about 65% of volume. I'm still happy with it because my before was awful. I plan on doing a second round this fall with Dr. Hamel.

Dr. Hamel

Dr. Hamel is not a board certified PS. I knew this prior to my procedures. I followed his work for a year on a support board. He does a large amount of TT weekly! (Not kidding). I have had two other procedures with board certified plastic surgeons. One PS I used was chief of plastic surgery for Carilion Hospital, which made me believe that he knew what he was doing.. Boy was I wrong. I was compleletly dissatisfied with my results. The other PS I used did a mediocre job. Dr. Hamel's experience with this procedure and actually seeing his results sold me. I could have went to a PS BUT that doesn't mean you will get great results if they have little experience with this procedure. I have not seen any of his patients suffer from necrosis or infection. I HAVE however, seen multiple ladies who used a PS end up with these complications. I'm not saying all PS don't know what they're doing, there are some fabulous PS out there but there are also some that are not great. Same with any Doctor. I decided to go with the more experienced doctor that I got to see actual results from. He is also very affordable. My limit for this surgery was $13,000 and my cost was far less but I would have paid the $13,000 for the care and results I received by using Dr. Hamel and his team. Just my opinion and experience.

81/2 months out

At the 12 week mark I was done with the binder. I slowly wheened myself off of using it. I haven't wore it since and I have no swelling. I am still happy with my results. I do wished my bbl would have given a bigger booty. I lost about 70% of the fat. It does look better than before I must say.

I also should have added that day 1 of surgery I was up.walking around every 2-3 hours to prevent blood clots. I also wore my TED hose 24/7 until around the 3 week mark. I ate a ton of protein for wound healing. After a surgery like this nutrition is key to a fast recovery w/o complications. I kept a very close eye on my incision. I took a shower on day 7 after my drains were out. I would let the water hit my belly. I thought it would also help with circulation and lymphatic system. Kinda of like a lymphatic massage. (Sorta). Also dried my incision and BB with a blow dryer.

Almost 1 year out!

I still love my TT results. My BBL is not excellent but it does look better than before. I have gained 19# unfortunately since my surgery but very minimal in my abdominal area. I'm still able to get into the same size jeans. I would not recommend gaininh weight after. I'm lucky that it did not affect my results. I was placed on a course of prednisone for an allergic reaction and it went down hill from there. I am back on track and losing.
Dr. John Hamel

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