Getting Lips Done a Second Time - This Time with Restalyn Silk - Nebo, NC

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45 year old male - getting a little lip...

45 year old male - getting a little lip augmentation this coming Friday. Had 1cc Juvaderm a year ago but didn't have real noticeable results ( at least to me). My wife said she could tell a big difference but never once received a comment from anyone else - I guess this is a good thing . So this time around. Im trying Restayln Silk. I can tell from self pics now that they have infact went down a little.
Had Dysport to forehead twice - great results both times.
Been married for 10 years , exercise daily and definitely look much younger then my age, try to eat well and stay active.
So we will see how it goes, of course to be honest im a little worried as like everyone , I want a natural look but with that youthful pucker - think young Brad Pitt

After results

So, The MD talked me out of the Restalyn Silk and instead pushed Juvaderm XC - said he had seen better results and that per his patients feedback, the Restalyn silk was not lasting as long as the Juvaderm was. So wife and I arrived, she received Dysport first while I waited on the numbing cream to work - boy did it work - took a pic with just the numbing cream on before and to be honest its my favorite picture. I received 1ml Juvaderm between top and bottom , he said for guys that he injects deep into the wet /dry border for a more natural look.
Right now , I'm still undecided if I like the results - was actually hoping for a more youthful look, maybe something more different - not in your face different but more "modelish" maybe - if that makes sense, I guess I wanted more of a plump look - but it was hard to tell afterwards as my whole lips was numb - really didn't feel nothing but the initial pinch.
I did bruise some although its mostly all inner lip and you cant tell.
I did also receive 70 units of dysport to forehead - love this stuff - keeps the forehead wrinkles away :)

A few more pics

Adding some pics

3 days post

Swelling way down, slight bruising , going away
Thinking in a month maybe I will get 1/2 syringe top bottom, maybe more middle to outer - suggestions ?
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