23 Years Old, and Looking to Improve My Body After Weight Loss. Nebo, NC

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Hello all! I've been stalking this website for the...

Hello all! I've been stalking this website for the past few months and I figured I'd document my journey here.

About Me: I am 23 years, and I am in a job where maintaining my weight is very important. In fact, I am 5'4 and used to weigh about 225+ pounds (that was the number I remember seeing back in 2009 when I "officially" started my weight loss journey.) and I had to lose about 60 lbs for my job. I am now between 165-170 lbs, but ideally, I would like to be about 155 by the time of my surgery.

I never thought about getting liposuction done before, and I always thought it was an "easy" fix for lazy people. However, due to recent events where I almost lost my job because my waist was "too big" made me reevaluate things. It sounds ridiculous, but physical fitness and appearance is a big part of my job. So because of this, I've decided to get liposuction done on my upper and lower abdomen, flanks, upper back and buffalo hump. Sure, loose skin is a concern of mine, although it's pretty minor. My body (aside from my arms) has done a decent job at snapping back into place, so I'm interested to see my body post-lipo.

For the Fat Transfer: Even when I weighed more, my breasts have always been small, and I've always been self-conscious about it. I mean, I'm by no means skinny now, but aren't bigger girls supposed to have bigger boobs? I barely fill out a B cup, and that's if it's a padded bra. But my husband loves them anyway, and when I saw that it's actually possible to take fat from one place and put it somewhere else, I was very intrigued. I figure, if I'm getting lipo, I might as well get new boobies out of it too!

I've decided to go with the Complete Laser Clinic in Nebo, NC, mostly because they are ridiculously well-priced. I understand that there are a few bad reviews about them floating around on the interwebs, but for the most people, people on realself seem to be very pleased with Dr. Hamel's work.

I will post "before" pictures soon. My surgery is scheduled for November 14, so I'm pretty excited. It's still a bit far away, but I have some important stuff to take care of before then so it's alright. :)

Update: Pictures

As promised, here are my before pictures. I am 5'4 and currently 163 pounds. Hoping to be about 150-155 when I get my surgery done.

I will be taking a week long vacation from work for recovery. Hopefully, that'll be long enough to get me back to normal. Lol

16 Days Out!

Hey all, just a quick update! Only 16 more days. :) My best friend will be flying in to take care of me for a few days immediately post-op so I am very excited to see her.

Reading reviews and other scientific material and what not, I've read that the Brava system great increases fat retention. Well, I can't afford a $1,500+ contraption like that, nor am I dedicated enough to wear it all night, so I opted for the Noogleberry. I wear it for about an hour a day. Not really seeing any swelling, but I'm hoping it gets to blood flowing so that the fat will take better. It's really more comical than anything!

For people who have gotten it done/done your research, what type of supplies do you recommend to help with swelling/general comfort at home?

Just got out of surgery

Hey y'all!! I just finished surgery about an hour and a half ago and I feel pretty good. A little nauseated and excited to get home. We should be home around 4 this afternoon, then I'll get some pictures uploaded for y'all.

At first glance of the clinic in Nebo, it's a little shady looking, but the inside is immaculate. The staff is all very wonderful and Dr. Hamel was amazing and prayed with me before we started.

Numbing was definitely the worst part, but I just giggled and laughed my way through it. The lipo wasn't bad and I am excited to take a sneak peak of how I look when I get home.

I feel awesome right now, just ate Waffle House so my day is going wonderfully.


I'll try to get some better one tomorrow or Monday. :)

One Week Post-Op!!

Sorry this is a bit late, but here's my one week update. :)

I love the size of my breast, especially now that the initial surgery swelling and hardness has gone away. I'll be sad to see more of it go in the upcoming weeks. I wonder if taking breast enhancement pills will help keep the fat around...

I am still experiencing bruising as it is traveling down south, but I feel great. I'm not 100% yet, as I can feel my sides in pain if I bounce too much (slow jogs/running is uncomfortable) my breasts are softer, although I do have a noticeable lump on my left breast that I hope will resolve itself.

My pictures are from 4 days post-op so the bruising has gone down. I am still swollen, but I can't wait to see the final results of my lipo either. Dr. Hamel did a great job! I woke up this morning with my stomach the flatest it's ever been in my life!
Dr. John Hamel

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