Doing my round two bbl/lipo.

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So i am two days post op and am so happy that i...

So i am two days post op and am so happy that i decided to do it. My motivation was this website all the way. My surgery took about four hours but i was awake the whole time. The patient coordinAtor called me in, took my vitals, then the doctor marked my body up with his marker and it was on from there. I am padded heavily because of the tt/bbl but i feel no pain at all. Ive been eating fine and i went for a follow up today that went fine. Ill post pics when they take my padding off on Friday
Ill update more when i can ladies

Wrong doctor

For some reason Real self updated my review with the wrong Doctor Hamel. My doctor is owner/operaor of Complete Laser Clinic in Nebo, N.C.

before pics

6 days post op

I'm feeling good today no soreness or pain. Had hot flashes like crazy tho. I think it was all because of the travel and change of climate. I am still swollen but I love what he's done to my stomach so far. I can imagine how is going to be when I heal. As far as my butt I see the difference. He used 750cc in each cheek. Maybe he should have used more but it's still early

Postop Day 8

So today's another day and I'm still feeling good about my results. I see my butt filling in and no problems with the tummy tuck. I did have a fever for the last two days and I was miserable. I'm taking my antibiotics and I woke up this morning feeling like myself again.

Three and a half weeks post op

So ladies I'm almost a month post op and I'm feeling great. No pain no issues at all. My incision is closed very nicely my stomach is flat and I'm loving everything about it. I'm still looking at my butt like maybe a round two in a few months but it looks good in some yoga pants. Im also thinking about more liposuction in the waist area. It's still too early to tell but so far I'm so happy I did this... Im not wearing a binder anymore I bought a faja waist cincher and I wear it religiously all day everyday except for an hour a day. I take it off to let my incision breathe

another before pic YUKK

1 month post op today

Time definitely flies when you're in recovery mode. I am swollen like crazy today but still happy with my results. I decided I am going for a round two for more liposuction and bbl so I hope six months fly by just as fast as this month did. Idk if I want to go to another doctor or back to my doctor. I love what my doctor did for my body and he did ask me before my surgery if I wanted an apple bottom or a Donk I said apple bottom and that's what I got. I'm just scared after reading alot of reviews about how much pain these ladies are in and with my doctor I had NO PAIN AT ALL. I like the fact that I was mobile the day after my surgery. I don't want to be on pain so I just don't know. Decisions decisions.....

Pics with clothes on and my faja waist cincher.

My butt is looking better everyday..

Almost two months postop.

My journey with this whole healing thing

A must read for all Vanity fans

After hearing about so many deaths related to plastic surgery, this one left me shocked the most. A 51-year-old mom of five from Florida died after having a Brazilian butt lift surgery gone wrong. Maribel Cardona went in for the procedure at Vanity Cosmetic Center in July after paying a non-refundable $4,000 down payment. The sad part is she was having second thoughts because of the risks involved, but decided to follow through to avoid losing the money she'd already spent.

She should have listened to her instinct because as she predicted, things went awry during the surgery.

Read more ¿Qué más?:Latina mom pays ultimate price for cheap plastic surgery in Dominican Republic

Cardona reportedly found the cosmetic center through word of mouth and heard that it was inexpensive compared to other places. She placed a down payment for the surgery but started having second thoughts when her son voiced concerns over it. Unfortunately the money could not be refunded and she risked going through the procedure as she originally planned.

Cardona's blood pressure and oxygen dropped five minutes after the surgery was over. Then she ended up suffering from a heart attack caused by a pulmonary embolism and died. I think the biggest shocker here is that her doctor, Anthony Hasan isn't even a REAL plastic surgeon. Instead, he is a dermatologist but by Florida state law, any doctor can legally perform plastic surgery despite their expertise. The controversial doctor has a sketchy history of malpractice and isn't even labeled as an expert on butt implants.

"I checked everything that had to be checked and, honestly, I don't believe I could have done anything different," he said defending himself. An actual plastic surgeon at the University of Miami says Cardona should not have died from this surgery if it was done by the right person.

It saddens me that people will put their lives at risk by going to these sketchy locations for plastic surgery. If Cardona listened to her instincts and her son she would still be here right now. Money can be regained, but you only have one body and it is important to put your health first. It shocks me that Florida has such a risky law on its books. I'm not against getting plastic surgery, but if you are, at least go with a reputable surgeon as opposed to a dermatologist! My thoughts are with Cardona's family, but ladies this just proves that we have to be super careful if we decide to go under the knife.

Preparing for my round 2

So it's been almost a year since my procedure and I'm not satisfied with the results anymore. My body should be looking better. I'm considering Dr. Ortega. I've seen his work and am very impressed. His specials are awesome for the Bbl. I did financing this time around so the money's there I'm just waiting to set a date with Dr O. He has a new doctor on his team who does good work to. I'm so excited. I'll have the body I've been dying for in less than sixty days.

Flight booked, procedure paid Miami here I come

Soooo in 13 days I will be going to CG Cosmetics for my 2nd bbl. I am so hype right now. I got my labs back yesterday, flight booked today so everything is a go. I cannot wait to meet Dr. Ortega and get this summer body poppin'. I'm going to be staying at a recovery house recommended by my coordinator at CG. Everything is good. I don't want to over pack so I am wondering what do I really need to take with me? I don't wanna be lugging bags of unnecessary stuff with me. I'll be in Miami from the 15th -21st. Has anyone ever tried the bbl pillow? I am thinking about buying it. I already have a brand new boppy pillow but the bbl pillow is much more smaller, and compact. My surgery is on the 17th, I dont knw what time yet but will know t my preop appt on the 16th. This is my st time flying, and I am not that nervous about it. Probably because I know Ortega is going to do my body right. I am just worried about the tummy tuck I had last year. The doctor I went to (Dr. Hamel) left this big ugly scar across my stomach. It's not low either. Cannot be hidden by my panties. I hate that I went to him uugghhh!!!! So ladies what do you guys recommend I take with me?

Packing preparing for my flight on Sunday.

I'm so excited and ready to go. My date is the 17th and all i keep thinking is next week at this time I'll have my booty. I'm going with Dr. Ortega he seems as if he is good at what he does. I'll be in Miami 6 nights 7 days. I decided to stay with Keyla at the recovery house. I've heard nothing but good things about her. The weather here is -18 degrees. I cant wait to get to Miami. I'm packing now and bout to get my hair done but i am hype and ready to get gone.

On my way to the airport

So glad my flight wasn't cancelled. Glad to be getting out of this -28 degree weather.

In Miami

I made it to Miami last night after missing one fight and having to be booked on another but I'm here. Had my preop appointment today at CG signed all my paperwork did my pics I'm all set. Surgery is scheduled for 6:30 in the morning and the nerves are starting to kick in full gear. Being here with Kayla is awesome....... I met some other girls fresh out of surgery and everyone is crazy cool i haven't even had my sx yet and Kayla is trying to wait on me hand and foot. I had to tell her to calm down. She is such a sweetheart. Miami is beautiful. The weather is 80 degrees. I'm outside with my maxi dress and sandals. The clinic itself is very neat clean and busy. I didn't meet Dr. Ortega yet but I'll be taking to him in the morning. I'm excited. Very happy i decided to come to Miami. I'll post more after my sx tomorrow.

Two days post op revision with Hunsaker

Here's my post op pics.. I need to do a whole new review because was supposed to go with Ortega ended up going with Hunsaker at CG Cosmetic. He was super aggressive with the lipo and i am looking and feeling good 48 hours post with swelling

Going home tomorrow.

Just finished my last massage. I'm out of here in the morning

Here's my review... One day shy of a month post op (bbl revision)

So, I am almost a month post op from lipo of the back, flanks, and stomach. I decided not to post my pics until most of the swelling subsided because you really have NO results when you're swollen. My 1st bbl journey started in Nebo, NC with Dr, John Hamel. I had a so called tt with no muscle repair, and lipo with fat transferred to the butt, I hated my results after all was said and done so I waited a year to get a revision. For my revision, I went to CG Cosmetic. I got in contact with Catherine Ruiz who was my coordinator, and she was awesome. I had no problem getting in contact with her. We mainly communicated via email. She was there all the way through this journey for me, and even now she still responds to my email's. Dr. Hunsaker was so cool. I am so happy I decided to go with him
Dr. John Hamel

He was awesome. We said a prayer before my surgery and i could not have picked a better doctor. I was awake the whole time but him and his nurses kept me entertained. Im two days post op from a tt/ and bbl and the pain is minimal. Like a 2 on a scale of 1-10 One year later, I regret going to him. He has no skill when it comes to performing this procedure.. I am preparing for my round two with Dr. Mel Ortega

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