35 Y/o Mother of 6 Tummy Tuck & BBL - Nebo, NC

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I'm SO nervous yet Extremely Excited!!!!! The...

I'm SO nervous yet Extremely Excited!!!!! The staff has been extremely sweet & helpful!!! I'm always doing things for others but this time this is for me!!!
About 30 more days to go!!!!
I've had 4 c-sections is the Tummy Tuck worst than that?
Does anyone have any insight to share ppb their procedure 6 months to a year later? I'm nervous about the post op care & the possibility of my day being re absorbed

Wow!!! Less Than 30 days Away

Deposit paid
Approval Call from Finance Company
Surgery Scheduled for Saturday, February 27th!!!!! In less than 30 days my body will be snatched to the HEAVENS, I'm so ready for this TOTAL LIFE CHANGE!!!

Officially Counting Down 10 Days till TT Day

I'm so excited, so anxious so ready to begin this JOURNEY!!! Crazy I've had so many unexpected things to come up that I thought would derail my plans but I'm still geared up to head to NC!!! ONLY 10 DAYS until 2/26!!!!!

This is Surreal

Oh Wow I can't believe I'm only 3 days away from TT day!!! The BFF & I will be hopping in the car on the road to North Carolina this time Friday & my total transformation will happen this time Saturday!!! I have that funny feeling of nervousness & excitement in the pit of my stomach, WOW!!!!!! I'M SO READY, I think

On my Way to Nebo, NC

Getting ready to hit the road with the bestie headed to Nebo, NC!!!! THIS TIME TOMORROW I SHOULD BE BEING PREP'D TO BE SNATCHED TO THE HEAVENS!!!! Traveling Angels camp all around us!!! (I'm having a tummy tuck, lipo & bbl with Dr Hamel)

Follow Up

Today's the followup appt then we're back on the road to Memphis, TN!!! I'm so missing my BABIES wonder what they're going to think about this new & improved mommy!!!! I'll post pix for you guys when I'm feeling a little better

To The Vets

To the Vets
I know it's still early (had procedure Saturday, February 27th) but how much longer will I feel like I've been beaten with a bag of pennies... my body is so sore & achy


I'm still really swollen but things look so much better already!!!!

Post Op Update

Dr. John Hamel

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