30 Yr Old Mother of 3 Bbl Lipo - Nebo, NC

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Ok so this is my first time posting, although I...

Ok so this is my first time posting, although I read tons of reviews. I'm 30 and a mother of three beautiful girls. I'm 141lbs and stand 5'7. I'm rather small but lost weight in my butt and gained in my stomach. I attempted to workout and my stomach left and butt didn't come back either. I gained some weight and right back to my stomach and arms it went. So depressing. Well I decided to make an appointment with Dr Hamel at Complete Laser Clinic for liposuction from my upper and lower stomach. arms and sides and place them all into my buttock region. I'm a bit nervous but I went to de hamel 2 years ago for a breast augmentation and was happy with the results. I have a couple of friends that went to him as well so I am ready for this. I go tomorrow in the morning so I should be back soon to speak on the process.

1 day post op

I went and got my bbl yesterday. With me being so small, Dr Hamel was worried that I wouldn't have enough fat. He said my stomach was all skin from childbirth and he could try but doesn't expect to get much from it. We agreed to go with my thighs. Sides. Lower back and upper arms. I'm not going to lie, the lady before me had me scared out of my mind. I heard her making noises And at that point, I was ready to go. But I stayed. Dr hamel marked me up and in the room I went. I was nervous. They drew some blood to make sure my blood meshed well with the new fat.!"they gave me a pill to relax me And we got started. He made his incision marks and started working. Although the pain wasn't anything I likes, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. He took a total of 1000 cc's from me. He said that he was shocked that he got that much. I think my arms and lower back did the trick. After taking all the fat. They harvested in and injected it in each cheek. I love my results. I'm very sore now and hate that I have to lay on my stomach to do everything but this will subside. Let me know if you have questions

4 days Post Op

I'm feeling so much better. I'm not sure if I am just good at taking pain or if it just wasn't that bad for me. The whole procedure itself was maybe a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. I must say though, laying on my stomach 24/7 is driving me absolutely crazy. I was able to take a shower by day two. My arms are a little bruised, thighs stomach and back are both the first day was hard getting out of bed but i don't have much trouble now. I'm going to get some surgical spray to help with my scare healing. I have a total of 10 incisions. I know!!!!! I got out the shower and looked at my butt and was like wow, that's you girl? I'm really praying that a lot of my fat stays if not all. I didn't have much of an appetite the first three days but my doctor said to definitely make sur what I eat so my body won't start to want to eat itself and take that new fat so I have been forcing food. What are you ladies doing to help prop your body in different ways besides laying on your stomach? Someone please help me.

11 days post op a little depressed

I will have to add pics later today but I feel like I have lost a lot of volume in my butt. I have been doing my best to lay on my back and stomach but I wake up some days like where did my butt go. I know fat cells have to die and come back but it's not a good feeling when you see results and then wake up and they are gone. I have followed a few of the ladies stories on here and I know you won't see full results until 3 to 6 months later or possibly a year but I'm a little bummed. Anyone else gone through this?

Week 10

I wasn't in pain for long. My arms out of everything, seemed to be what caused me the most discomfort. I went to get my accent treatments every two weeks and saw a drastic change in my stomach. My results have changed. Dr ma hamel said I've lost about 70% of what was added but by December I should see that a lot of the fat cells have regrown. I did just what he said about not sitting or laying in your bottom for three weeks. Having to lay on your stomach for everything is the puts. I started walking on the regular because I felt as if laying down and eating was gong up make me gain weight in places I didn't want to. I gained 8 pounds in two weeks so I definitely started walking. I still have these incision wounds that I don't really care for. I've been putting Vicks butter on the and neosporin to get them to decrease. I would say that at about week 4 , everything was back to normal. Again, my arms still have some minor discomfort. Let me know if you have any questions.

14 week update

Everything is going fine and back to normal. I don't think ive lost too much volume. It's definitely growing. The scar on my stomach is just about gone but the two on my back are very noticeable. Dr hamel mentioned some type of scar removal he can do three months after so I will probably look into that now. Those two wounds still have some slight pain when touched. The only thing off about my rear afterwards is that there are times when it twitches. I guess that may be it growing. It's not painful, just weird. Another thing is I get really hungry and I think since I've had far taken from different places, my body wants to eat, to fix it. I have been working out to make sure I don't gain the fat back. My stomach is not as flat as it was so im working on that now.
Dr John Hamel

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