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I have researched Brazilian Butt Lifts for almost...

I have researched Brazilian Butt Lifts for almost a year now and finally decided to do it. I'm literally wayyyyyyy too excited and can't wait until October. I lost a lot of weight and hit a plateau. People don't understand that I don't want to be skinny!!!! I want to keep my ass w/ no waist!!!!!!!!!

Wish Pics

Here's a few wish pics. I love the way Bria Myles is shaped and I feel like we have similar builds so that's my goal.

I HAVE A QUESTION!!!! And more wish pics of other girls....

I want very THOROUGH liposuction around my whole abdomen/back. It needs to be VERY smooth to achieve my ultimate goal.

Herey question:

Should I do a cleanse or weight loss cleanse before I have surgery? Any suggestions from anyone?

Shopping for supplies


Okay so I am literally in bed typing this and can't fall asleep. I have read so many reviews on the doctor in miami "Dr. Omulepu" and more and more girls are becoming infected for some reason. Every time I see post op reviews from girls getting bbls by him i just think to myself ANOTHER ONE *dj khaled voice*. BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALL HAD INFECTIONS. Even staph infections and those are sometimes DEADLY. And to think I was sooooooooo close to going there around this time. Thank god I decided against it. It is making me anxious to get the surgery over with. I haven't heard of any infections yet from Dr. Hamel so I'm relieved about that.



I am sooooooo sick.... and.... tired

OF SEEING WIMPY LIPO, LAZY LIPO, HALF ASSED LIPO, CRAPPY LIPO done on these girls. I've seen a woman with a ginormous stomach come out with a body so carved and contoured to the point where she looked like a different person!!!! And then I see a thin girl with a bit of fat come out with the SAME BACKROLLS she went in with and barely any ass!!! Like what are you doing?! What in the world are we paying you to do???? Stab us with needles and take our money?! This is why I'm glad I get to be awake during my surgery because I need to double check the symmetry and I need to see everything and make sure Dr. Hamel gets ALL of the fat out that I want. I will not settle for any less. I want AGGRESSIVE LIPO. Suck all that fat the hell out of my stomach, back, and sides. i need him to maneuver that suction needle to the point where my skin is tight. Playing no games right now, because let me see one back roll and I'm gonna have a FIT!!! I don't wanna sound like a drama queen but anything over a thousand dollars is ALOT of money to be spending to me because im a college student!!! And if you're the receiver of that money then you better do your f*cking job because I will be receiving a discount if it's not done right I bet you that!!!!!


Suck out the fat!!!! SUCK IT OUT IM SICK OF SEEING IT!!!! Do your f*cking job!!!!!!!!!!

Getting Supplies!!!!!

It's funny to me because this is usually the part where most women say, "it's finally starting to feel real! Like this is really happening! Buying supplies just makes everything feel more real!" But I still don't feel those pre-surgery jitters. If anything I feel very tense and just anxious to get it over with. It's like getting on a roller coaster ride. You hold your breath until it's all over, & then finally you exhale and you find yourself unbuckling you seat belt and hauling ass off of the docking platform. Right now I feel like I'm holding my breath and all of my feelings, expectations, worries, and excitement INSIDE. I just don't know what to do with all of th emotions that surgery can bring.

But back to the actual supplies, I went out today to Wally World and Dollar Tree and picked up some stuff:

Chux Pads (Walmart)
Arnica Gel (Walmart)
Basic Underwear (Walmart)
Gloves (Walmart)
Ibuprofen pm (or any pm pain meds) ((Walmart)
Anti Itch cream (Walmart)
Antibiotic ointment (Walmart)
Gauze, Bandaids, Tape( Dollar Tree)
Cotton balls and Q-Tips (Dollar Tree)
7 day pill organizer (Dollar Tree)
Antibacterial soap & wipes (Dollar Tree)
Back scratcher and Loofa w a handle (Dollar tree)
I also got a long body pillow!!! (Walmart)
Let me know what I'm missing ladies I REALLY need help on finding supplies. I know I still need to get a faja and squeam. Help me bbl sisters!

Compression Garment Hunt. Butt covered or uncovered?

I want to know and hear from bbl veterans (or people who know about garments) which compression garment is better?????? Butt covered or uncovered? Zipper or clasp??? Straps or sleeves? Thong or thigh length? I want to preserve as much fat as possible in my butt.
Let me knowwwww message me or comment pretty please?!

I think I can get pretty great results.

Just counting down the days until it's time. I'm thinking about how it will turn out. I've seen girls with more fat than me get the perfect figure. I will be one of his most straight forward patients I think lol. I'm not playing. My voice will be heard..

I'm just trying to be positive and make sure my hopes don't get crushed like a bug.
And for more updated good news I called up to the office yesterday and asked about the garments and they said they provide one after surgery so I won't have to buy one! such a relief lol.

Alsoooooo does anyone have a meal plan/meal list for after Brazilian butt lifts? What should we eat in order to keep better results without becoming obese lol.


I don't want to bore anyone but these ARE A MUST READ! It all makes sense. Liposuction while standing up is so smart because you want to know what the body looks like upright since we aren't always laying down. Plus when we lay down the fat shifts to other parts of our bodies so the surgeons don't always get every bit of fat that we need. Thus, resulting in "round 2" surgery. Why do round 2, when you can get it right the first time? Uhhhhh I'm def gonna ask Hamel about this method.


So my surgery date is in a week and some change! And I realized my thighs are super chunky and have caused me dark inner thigh skin from rubbing together my whole life. I feel like thigh lipo would soothe that and make things easier (especially wearing jeans, which I really hate doing).

P.s. Does anyone know how to get rid of dark inner thigh skin?

I'm upset

I've been rooting for my period to come before my surgery but one month has passed and it still isn't here. :( so that means ill be bleeding pretty soon and my surgery is 4 days away. *cries dramatically*

that's one more thing that will stress me out during recovery. ughhhhhhhhhhhh!

I'm HERE!!!!!

Made it to the other side

Idk why they are uploading sideways. But I made it through to the other side ladies!!!! I'm so sore but I took some pain pills that knocked me out yesterday.

Dr. Hamel and his crew took GREAT care of me. We did my urine sample and weighed me and then I changed into that paper down and the fake string thing. After that we went to the actual room where surgery would take place. I still wasn't nervous. As soon as those ladies came out with those needles to give a clindamycin shot my eyes got big as hell. I was like "no no wait wait wait" lol. I hate needles but I was a trooper through it. Then they had to take my blood and for some reason my veins did not want to bleed at al. So I got stabbed about 3 times before they found a being that would actually bleed. After that Dr. Hamel numbed me up with the lidocaine on all the parts that were to be operated on. It was a bit uncomfortable but it parlay tickled. I felt pressure on my ribs and could NOT stop laughing. His whole staff was laughing at me. After that he started the lipo and that part was fine it didn't really hurt too much. There were certain parts by my bone area that hurt a little bit. My back looks really nice it made me happy. My stomach has a lot of fluid in it because I told him put somewhere because the first batch was starting to wear off a little bit. I was being a brat lol. Every time I thought I felt something I was like "ummmm nope give me some more of that numb numb"

After that he did the fat transfer which did hurt more than I thought, but I t was because we rand out of the numbing fluid. They measure how much you get according to you weight and height. Since I had so many places to lipo He adhered to my wishes and stretched the numbing medicine as best he could. I was crying like a baby when he shot my booty up with that fat. But I'm okay now. I'm all sore in my stomach and back mannnnnn.

First Post Op with definite Swelling

Hey ladies!!!!! So I'm still swollen in the entire abdomen. Some of it has went down since the day of surgery. It's just my full abdomen and back are hard, but it's not as bad as it was. I feel a few lumps here and there but I massage them everyday. I also have super swelling in my lower abdomen as well for some reason.

Here's the scoop:
I decided not to get any in the back of my butt because I didn't want big dump truck booty. I felt I had enough. So I told Hamel to put it in the sides and blow my hips out a little bit. I forgot how many cc's he put but I'll call and ask for anyone who wants to know. It's wasn't a crazy amount. I just got finished with my antibiotics. SO glad that's over. My mother wants a bbl now lol. Isn't that funny when she was the one skeptical? So we have to definitely schedule hers. I also am starting light workout today like walking around the neighborhood etc. I went back to work and I'm feeling fine. Everyone notices a difference lol. My stomach used to sit on my lap whenever I sat down and now I can look straight down at my feet and vajayjay lol. It's a different feeling guys. I love it. I still have a lot of time to go so I know my waist will only get smaller. So I'm leaning to be patient with my body.

Also excuse the mess in the pictures. Sunday was laundry day!! Xoxo

Any questions or comments, type below!
Dr. John Hamel

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