4 Kids and 4 Yrs Later..Finally TT and Neck/chin Lipo Here I Come! - Ohio, OH

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Hello! I'm scheduled for Oct 24th... Gosh where to...

I'm scheduled for Oct 24th...
Gosh where to start!?!
I'm a happily married mother to 3 great sons (17,16,8) and one wonderful daughter (6).
I'm 40yrs old and 5'4 and weigh 168lbs. I wear a size 12 or L some days I can squeeze into a 10,lol
I started my tummy tuck and neck/chin lipo journey in 2009. I had two different consultation with two different PS. Was going to go to a 3rd PS consultation. Good thing I didn't go as we were hit with a big blow as my hubby lost his job we almost lost everything.

Been back on our feet since 2011 so fast forward to today.
Started the tummy tuck journey again so I went back to the first PS. He remember me and my awful childhood scar from my gallbladder/ appendix surgery. His staff was nice back then and still nice today, So I'm going with him and bypassing seeing the other two PS again.
My pre-op is set for Oct 11the and SX on Oct 24th and post-op on Oct 28th.
Thought I would finally share my pics as you all been so nice to let me obsess over yours ,lol

3 weeks from Today

Holy Cow!!!! Three weeks from today, I'll have my lovely Apron of fat and skin removed...not sad about that just sad that I let myself get there...But I'm finally able to do something for me.
So my middle son who is 16 says mom why are you having surgery? You have always been FAT all my life and you and dad have been married for 19 yrs it's not like you need to be skinny for him anymore...lol kids or should I say boys.. thinking he wants a car instead of me having a TT? Way to get on my good side,lol

I may have not lost any lbs this week but I can tell I must of lost some inches. I could wear a size 10 today without it feeling super tight on me, first time in months since trying to lose the last 10 lbs which is SO SO Hard to do,ugh!

Rainy day..good excuse to stalk Realself site,lol

I'm stalking everyone's profile who has the same belly as mine,lol especially if they weigh around the same as me. Love seeing the awesome post pics too gives me hope that I could also look like that down the road.

Trying to lose the last 10lbs will be the death of me...the numbers on the scale isn't budging. Would love to be under 160lbs on my sx date.

thought of the day...

Confirmation call today about my pre-op appt this Fri 10/11/13

Lisa call yesterday and I missed her call so I called this morning, confirming my pre-op appt for this Fri. She said appt will take about 1 hr to sign some paperwork, take measurements and take photos (yuck) and answer any questions and make sure I bring my money to pay.

I did manage to lose one lb this week down to 167 :( wish it was more like 150,lol
Adding another two pics ...gross right can't wait to look good in clothes again

Love it! Pre-op day

First off thanks to my hubby for making this happen! He say he loves me no matter what shape or size I am, but I was not happy with my own body. Told him by the time I have my 40th birthday I wanted my tummy and boobies done. Well a few months late but still getting the TT done while 40 no boobies yet ( hard to save up with 4 kids).
Hubby did come to the pre-op to Meet Dr Carp as he wasn't able to make it the consultation the first time ( back 2009) and again last month.
Signed my paperwork and paid for the Dr's fee...(in 7 days need to pay for the hospital fee).
Took the awful dreaded photos,lol
I'm surprised they took my weight with clothes on..it was very cold this morning here in Ohio so I had layers of clothes on. Oh well not bad 168lbs with clothes on.

Dr Carp said he'll try to do something with my second belly button (thanks to my little sister who ripped out my drain tube when I was six after my gallbladder/appendix surgery ) He said he'll do a great job but just have to be careful with my scars he's doesn't want to cause any damage to the skin and cause skin/nerve death.
I told him I know I won't look good naked but hoping to look great under clothes.
He said who's says you won't look good naked? WE just kinda stared at him and I said because of all these scars I have and again he said who says...Got to LOVE HIM!!!! Makes me so excited to get this going..
Everyone there from the receptionist to patient coor. Lisa to nurse Sue have always been very nice to me :)
Got my info packet and prescriptions ( dropped those off on the way home)
Surprised that I have to give myself a blood thinner shot for 7 days in the tummy, yuck

Bonus when I left the office have me a gift bag full of goodies :)

Another week done one more to go!

One week from today I'll be a the flat side, like in tummy flat not flat line, lol
Paid my OR fee in full today so everything is paid up! Also pre-registered today for my sx!
Think I've been stressing a little ...gained two lbs been trying to lose 10lbs not gain lbs.
SO I'm up to 169lbs,ugh!
My hubby's cousin works for a medial supply company so I was able to get my large wedge pillow for like $26 vs. the $76!
Borrowing my in-laws chaise lounger instead of renting a hospital bed or recliner.

Started my vitamin C 1000mg yesterday like Dr. Carp wants.

I see some people are taking muscle relaxer and antibiotics.
He didn't give me an RX for those...but I am getting antibiotic through my IV I was told by his nurse.
Got RX for stool softener, nausea patch, blood thinner shots, pain meds.
So excited yet nervous to be finally doing something for me!


Can't believe the 24th is almost here!
I'm just worried that something bad will happened, but don't we all have that fear?
I'm did manage to lose 2 lbs so I'm back down to 167 was hoping it was closer to 160.

Hope everyone else is doing great with healing and hoping the ones next in line will do great!

Last day of work

Well today is my last day of work until Nov 11th when I go back to my desk job!
Only bad part it's all unpaid as I used my two weeks vacation over the summer but well spent with the kids camping :)
Hubby's one week off with me is paid though:)

Holding steady at 167:) freaking myself out that I will be fat still afterwards, lol
Only two more sleeps that is if I can sleep, lol

Thanks for your kind words and support ladies and gent!

my last upright day spent....

So how am I spending my last upright day? Going to my in-laws to turn 3 bushels of apples in into applesauce, coming home to clean it, then 2 teacher's confer. and then end the day at Red Lobster for the last meal,lol

Thanks to my in-law for letting us borrow their chaise lounge works great with the wedge pillow I bought. And to my great friend/co-work for hooking me up with a bag full of movies to watch.
My boss and co-wokers says they hope the two weeks comes soon because they can't deal working with the other office manager as she not very good worker,lol

Hope everyone is healing nicely and hope the ones who haven't done your TT yet hope time flies by for you

I'm here

Wow what a day yesterday...so tired and sore
Thanks everyone for the well wishes!

I have two drain tubes but no binder or compression garment on? Just all bandaged up...so no seeing of anything ..guess he couldn't get rid of extra belly button but turned it into a scar:)
well I do have compression socks and knee hi on but nothing around the belly...a little confused Dr Carp never said anything about not having one...I asked nurse twice before we left hospital she said some Dr do them and some don't

Hubby has been so GREAT!!!! I woke him up four times during the night to pee and told him sorry for that he said there is no need to say sorry. He was funny this morning after he got the kids off to school, he said how do you it,lol

Anyone peeing funny? I have the urge like I'm going to piss myself but then nothing comes out the I have a trickle of urine then it stops then the urge comes again and I trickle again!

Wow my neck was super swollen last night I looked like a huge bull frog,lol
Only taking one pain meds every four hrs but can still everything.

Hubby gave me my first blood thinner shot in the belly this morning not bad.

I did cough OMG!!!!
trying to get up is hard trying not to use your abs!
My butt is sore already from laying/sitting around

took my first shower..was nervous

As we took off dressing it caught on some stitches and it bled a little. put some pressure on it and it stopped in a couple mins.
I stood in the shower holding my two drain tubes as hubby washed me down.

The one front pic you can see where he turned my sister's belly button into a simple scar..I'm okay with that.

Can't believe how swollen I am..no BM yet started the stool softeners yesterday morning..still have dry mouth and peeing funny yes I'm drinking lots of water at least its a lot to me I usually drink only about 24 oz all day now I'm up to 52 oz

heaven and hell

Went to my first post op appt today.
Heaven had my first BM last night don't feel so bloated now
Hell had a first coughing fit
Heaven got both drain tubes removed today
Hell incision burn like crazy
Heaven walking better not quite straight yet
Hell my butt is so numb and sore from sitting/laying around
Heaven drinking the infusion water that fellow tummy tucker sister shared with us
Heaven Dr Carp says everything is looking very well so happy as he had to deal with extra belly button and huge gallbladder/ appendix scar
Hell swelling but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Heaven says he can see my contours taking place from my chin/neck lipo..he took out the stitches and gave me a different chin brace wear that for 1 week more.

Still no binder or compression garment needed
go back Nov 15th for another re check.

Good Day today

First off, wow I could not have done this with my hubby or kids and Aunt Esther helping out.

Yesterday I only took an am and pm pain meds and so far today no pain meds.
I am standing a little taller still can't walk around to much without getting winded.
my butt is still sore/numb from sitting/laying around.
my ears hurt from the chin strap only 5 more days and only two more blood thinner shots to go...

One of my co-workers stopped by with some roses...said the office is a mess without me,lol
She said she would love a tummy tuck too and how awesome I look.:)

Yes I was bad finally broke down and stepped on the scales today (I'm a daily scale checker,lol)
Was 167 on sx, today I'm down to 163 not bad since I'm still swollen...

I hope everyone is doing well with their journey....

one week ago today kissed my apron bye-bye

Feels so weird how tight and swollen my abs feel. My biggest complaint is the itchy incision and the numb/ sore ass from sitting/laying around.
No pain med since the 30th needed up taking one on the night of the 29th at bed time

Today was the last day for my blood thinner shot...YES!
took some pics this morning sorry about the poor images.
Can't wait to be further along and feel back to myself but only flatter,lol

First time heading out

Going stir crazy...ass numb/sore from laying/sitting around so much. Hubby has been so great doing everything around the house.
I'm probably about 95% walking straight and tall. Still sleeping in a reclined position afraid to try laying flat.

Going to try grocery shopping with the hubby today to see how I do with that walking around usually takes us an hr to that. I haven't really done a lot of anything since Thurs when I tired making dinner and burned it,lol
Starting Mon mine back on doing everything on my own shouldn't be to bad kids will be in school during the day and the following Mon I go back to work...I only work part-time by then I'll be 18 days PO.

Hope my fellow TT sisters are doing well

Two weeks ago today I kissed my apron bye bye

I know since my DR doesn't have me wearing a CG or binder I have swelling and so thankful that my apron is gone but I see a fat flat belly :( I know it's swelling, I hope!

I'm amazed I'm down to 159lbs at two weeks (sx day was 168lbs) considering I was trying to lose 10 lbs before sx and couldn't and now I'm not active and losing go figure.

My PO isn't until Nov 15th I'm shocked that I have stitches in until then..hope my skin doesn't grow over them.
When does the black belly button go away?

Walking straighter every day...do catch myself waking up during the night to stretching out...hope I'm not hurting anything

As for my lipo in chin/neck I see a little jowl line coming along...still swollen and have some lumps and bumps and still numb under the chin...only had to wear the chin strap for one week..can feel under my chin area getting tight

I return back to work on Mon 11th for half a day then Tues all day with Wed and Fri off and half day on Thurs...hoping I do feel...should be ok as I sit at a desk about 90% of the time

forgot side views

So how do you know when your incision is closed to start scar treatment?

3 weeks up date

Yesterday was my 3 week post op appt. He took out my stitches from my "sister's " extra belly button, man did that hurt and they bled a little. So weird looking down and not seeing two belly buttons after all these yrs,lol

He said things are looking great for three weeks and well be lots better once all the swelling is gone...still no CG needed for me. Says I can start easing back into things as I feel comfortable. Once all the scabs fall off start scar treatment. And come back in 3 months...

So the hubby and I took that as an okay for some loving time,lol...nice and slow wins the race...even afterwards hubby looked at the incision line to make sure nothing happened, lol

Tried sleeping without the pillow wedge behind my head or the pillows under the legs made it through a few hours during the night but ended up needing them to sleep better.

Not sure how I like the right side looks but then again he says it'll be better give it time.....Still not fitting in reg pants need the elastic ones,lol

Some days I see a great chin/neck profile and other days my chin/neck area looks fat...I know they say is can stay swollen looking for up to 2 - 3 months...still lumpy bumpy under there I try to message it but it 's still sensitive to the touch.

Why the temptations...

As of two days ago no more pillow wedge in bed but do sleep with three flat pillows and only one pillow under the knees so it's getting better but still can't sleep on my sides and I am a side sleeper . it's still to painful and it pulls my ab sideways

Standing about 95% straight but by end of day I am starting to hunch over. Do have swell hell by the end of day sometimes my ankles will swell too

I work at a dental office so from now till the New Year we get all kinds of cookies and chocolate candies sent to our office from other practices and patients..all these temptations are just staring at me call my name . Then with the holiday meals with family..oh my!!!
I was down to 159lbs but up to 162lbs you think from all the swelling and being less active? I have been bad and allow myself one treat a day :( or from the daily treat?

Can't wait to start working out in the next few weeks. When did you start working out?

to tell or not tell....

wow can't believe it's been 4 weeks already...
Is it normal for your scar to start peeling?
Started to use Mederma today for my scar treatment....Can't believe at 4 weeks I still hate taking showers and having the water hit my tummy or while rubbing the Mederma on I cringe at the touch on the incision.

Still hating the belly button,lol Yes still have sweeling and the right hip still sticks out feeling compared to the left side

So I have some patients that I'm close to knows how I was trying to lose weight in the last 1 and a half years and talking about getting a tummy tuck after losing some weight and how I can't get rid of that apron of extra skin. So they finally saw me after the TT and they say I look so GREAT :) Some even asked about Dr Carp so I handed them his business card. Then there are other patients who I'm not close to but known them for a long time (been at the practice for 15 yrs) so when they make a comment on oh my you look great did you lose a lot of weight? Do I tell them the truth and say yes but also had a TT or just say yeah I did.
on TT sx day I weighted in at 168 and right after I was 165 but since then I'm around 160- 162. So It's not like having the TT took a lot of weight off

I mean I don't want to act like I'm one of those ladies who lost the weight and got Flat I tried to do that but without the TT I would never be Flat... So I needed the TT to help.

So do I say Thx and leave it be?

Before the swelling sets in for the day

Like how I look in this shirt before the swelling sets in for the day

Happy Thanksgiving..

First Happy Thanksgiving....So much to be thankful and grateful this year!

Can't believe it's been 5 weeks today....Some days are good in the healing world and some days are bad....such games it plays with our minds,lol
Sometimes my tummy hurt like I did a belly flop,lol Swelling still sucks!

Not so sure I like how funky my right side looks compared to my left side, plus there's this one spot in front where the incision line indents and why does the scar peel for?

As for chin/neck lipo some days the jowl line profile looks great and other days I still see the fat double chin:( there's some lumps and bumps
well at least I don't ask a person to retake the photo hundred times like before or hide I'm usually happy with the photo within two or three takes,lol

still haven't started to work out yet...guess I'm to afraid or lazy...have maintained my weight around 160-162lbs though.

Hope all fellow TT are doing well and hope soon to be TT happy healing

6 weeks and maybe a small issue?

Not sure what happened but on Mon night I got this small burning pain in the front area thinking nothing about it went to bed woke up Tues to having that burning pain again worst when walking around but feels better if I put on hand over the spot and apply pressure there.
Waited till Wed to call PS nurse about it....no I haven't started to exercise or even vacuum yet,lol so I don't think I pulled a muscle but I do look a little more swollen.
Nurse said my nerves could be coming alive again that is why I feel the burning.
Said if I don't feel better by Thurs call back.

So I called back today. Still hurts when walking and even at times just sitting there can feel the burning but feels better if I place my hand there and apply pressure.
Still look swollen today. Can you see it in the photos right above the incision below BB?

On a good note love the lipo on the chin/neck I like the profile I see. :) Still have some lumps and bumps and still have some numb spots

And that's why I love my PS

Wow that was the most time Dr Carp spent with me and my hubby this morning...
He said all is looking and healing nicely. He said what I'm feeling is normal...from sharp burning pains to pins and needles to numbness, he said it could take up to a year to heal. Said the swelling can come and go.

He also said that the indent will heal and won't look so funny down the road. Did say because of my previous scar that he could not be very aggressive with my TT.
Said wait a year to completely heal before doing a breast lift that way if I decide to do upper lipo on abs it would be fine since he couldn't be aggressive on upper ab muscle repair because of the scar.

He said he didn't want me to wear a binder or CG because it might have cut my circulation off and he didn't want to kill my skin but now since I'm past the 6 weeks mark I can wear a binder or spanx for extra support and its okay to start to exercise.

Can't believe it's been two months already

Wow how time flies by.....
Really no new changes to show....still have belly swelling still not looking completely flat ( which makes me sad even with shape wear on)...have gained two to three pounds during this holiday season (Thanksgiving to Christmas)..it's been so cold and getting darker sooner don't feel like doing anything but laying under the covers :( this must be the depression phase that they talk about.

11 weeks time to update with pics

SO I have been bad about exercising...haven't started yet :( Just been watching what I put in my mouth and so happy the holiday season has passed it was so hard.
I'm staying around 162 to 165 lbs.
I tried wearing spandex for a couple weeks hated it ( never wore the binder or CG after surgery per PS)
I'm in between sizes in pants, hate that a 12 is to big that my crotch hangs down or my pants slid down but a size 10 by the end of day is tight and I look like I have camel toe or it slides down from the bloating tummy.

I'm happy about the flap being gone and not having to suck in my tummy or hide it but there's days I look like I'm STILL FAT!!!LOL

Do have to say I like my chin/neck profile ..no more deleting and retaking pics all the time,lol
I would do this again

14 weeks post

Can't believe it's been 14 weeks and I still haven't seen much change except NOW I see more bloating swelling looking upper abs is that still normal this far along?.... I have a muffin top
still :(...On a good note I do need to wear a belt now with my pants never have before.
I have started to exercise here and there and so to make sure I exercise more often me and the family joined the local Y

4 month post op

So on Fri 2/14/14 went to my 4 month post op appt......
Dr Carp says I just need to learn to have patience, says healing takes anywhere from 8 to 12 months and I WILL have swelling...
He took my post op pics and even though I have swelling wow what a difference when you compare the side by sides
Says there is no exercise restriction can do abs...

PS sent me my pre- op and post op pictures today via email

Wow what a difference in 4 months!
Yeah my hips like funny on right side but like he said he had to be careful due to my huge scar and he'll didn't want to take a chance in killing the skin due to blood supply

oh yeah

Oh and I have started to get serious about working out feels weird to do ab workout still a little tender

Went and did a CRAZY thing!!!!

I did my first ever polar bear jump into Portage Lakes to help raise money for Ronald McDonald House of Akron and Camp Quality Ohio for the kids who have /had cancer on Saturday!

If you ever do something crazy or need a item off your bucket list this is it,lol
what a rush and what a shock to your system,lol

5 month post op and feeling FAT and not liking my profile!!!!

GRRRR!!! I really hope this is all swelling and not me being FAT!!! I manage to go to local Y three to four days a weeks doing 45 mins to 1 hr of cardio and weight training, been watching what I eat but the scales aren't moving :(
The new pics I'm sharing shows what I look like while even wearing shape wear ...FAT and then the there's pics where I'm sucking in my tummy and wishes that I would look that I want to have a FLAT AB!!!
on a good note I do like my chin lipo profile though

6 months post-op and not sure....

First off YES I'm thrilled I got the apron cut off but I'm not liking the bloated look that I have.
I still have to wear shape wear just to have the flat look illusion :(
My scar looks a a little dark in color.
I have been trying to exercise three days a week and watch what I eat but yet have managed to gain 2 - 3 lbs since my surgery which was in Oct?
On a good note I do fit better in size 10-12 pants and can actually wear some shirts in Med but mostly Large.

I'm still fat right, I truly don't believe it's still swelling at 6 months or can it be????

Gosh can't believe it's been 11 months post op and not happy

Can't believe next month will be one year..yes I'm happy the apron of extra skin is gone but unhappy that I still look fat!!!! Hate how my hips look and the bulge I have above my belly button :(....
I have been maintaining my weight at around 165 - 169 by way of light excersing and diet ( down to size 10) but hate the muffin top look,ugh!
I go next Friday for a consult with Dr Carp to see what can be done
Akron Plastic Surgeon

Dr Steven Carp did a wonderful job on this tougher tummy tuck. He's a straight forward type of PS. His staff are very nice and pleasant every time I dealt with them. I would go back to him again.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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