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After lurking the site for a couple of weeks, I...

After lurking the site for a couple of weeks, I thought it'd be nice to go ahead and log my own tummy tuck journey.

I've had the post mommy pooch for 12 years. I've had multiple abdominal surgeries for various issues, so at this point the pooch looks like a war zone. I've battled body image issues for as long as I can remember, and this stomach of mine certainly doesn't help matters. I long for my outside to match my inside. And it certainly would be nice to be able to stop all my clothes from doing the slow crawl up my waist :P. So, after weighing my options and talking it out with the surgeon, I'll be having a full TT with muscle repair and a decent bit of lipo.

I had my pre-op appointment last week, I'm raring to go, but the thing I'm wrestling with most right now is unexpected insomnia. Every night I try to sleep, but my mind just won't settle down. . .

So far the surgeon and staff have been amazing. I think I've made the right choice, this office feels like a fit for me. Just can't wait to be concentrating on the healing, and not the anticipation of the procedure itself!

Getting close!

This week completely flew past!

I am starting to get the pre surgery willies, and I'm still not sleeping well (I'm positive work is a factor there.). I'm still super excited though.

Got a pre surgery call from the office nurse - again, whole staff has been amazingly attentive!

I'm hoping to set up a couple pre surgery pics tonight, so you can see what we're working with here :). I find myself more and more frustrated with the way my pants and underwear fall/bunch the closer I get to surgery time.

Before the big day pics.

Oh goodness

No pain, no gain, right? Well, judging from this pain, I'm assuming my results are perfect :D

Surgery went great. They removed three-ish pounds of stuff, and now I'm a giant sausage.

Worst part at this exact moment? Labia swelling. I can tell that's going to be tender for a bit.

I've fallen into a routine of drinking water and eating crackers, and then evacuating said water and LOL fishing out crumbs from said crackers.

This is me - on the flat side!

Out of the frying pan...

Yesterday was shower day! And taking the garment off was weird! Thankfully no fainting, but I definitely sat back and held on.

More pain today than yesterday. I feel like I need a walker to get around - I'm fine as long as I'm bracing my arms on something, but the free floating hunch shuffle has my lower back in so much pain :(

On a happier note, labia swelling is down considerably! AND getting a look under the garment was such a neat moment :)

Did anyone else end up renting a walker or cane? Or is there some other way to ease the burden on the lower back?

We took some pictures, hopefully will be able to post a couple this evening.
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