Slim Lipo, My Experiance. North Carolina

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I thought i was ready to have this procedure done,...

I thought i was ready to have this procedure done, Slim Lipo was a procedure i read about and did plenty of research on. But my experience was far from what i was expected. On previous threads, blogs and videos, I have seen people talk about this procedure like if it was the easiest and most revolutionary yet. But as for painless goes my experience was not as less as everybody else said it would be.

I had slim lipo done 2 days ago and this was my experience:

Prior entering surgery the nurse gave me 2 Valium pills and 1 motrin pill, this supposedly was made to calm me down and chill my nervousness; 20 minutes later i was as hyper as 20 min ago. Thats when i realize that Valium dont work on me. I enter the operating room and my doctor proceed to mark the places he was gonna focus on. I stand at 5'10, 250lb. so i had a gut hanging so obviously he focused on that area. I lay down in the table ready to start the procedure.

When my doctor told me that this procedure was going to be painless and only local anesthesia was gonna be placed, this was about 2 day prior my surgery and of course i got very exited about it!

After i lay down in the table my doctor started to preparing the anesthesia, every time he pinched me with the syringe he always told me "this is only gonna be a pinch" and it was! lol.. Not hurt at all.. maybe just a very lil bit, so i was very relief and calm , i got 6 pinches. After this he proceed to do the holes where he was gonna introduce the cannulas. This was not painful at all because of the anesthesia. The next procedure was where everything started.

After the holes, He explained me that he was gonna introduce the saline water mix with anesthesia, so he could introduce the laser and had better results. After he introduced the first cannula everything was painful and very uncomfortable! He started to introduce the cannula with the water mix and i could fell how the cannula was entering my body and moving around my belly, it was a feeling i had never feel before. Very uncomfortable feeling and some what painful. I was awake the hole time and as nervous as never. I tried to tell my doctor what i was feeling but he said that this was normal because this was the first step and the anesthesia had to kick in first so i wouldn't feel nothing when the laser was inserted. I men up and stood still all this process trying to put my mind some where else. After this phase was over i was not that very exited about this procedure anymore. What kept me going was final results im expecting.

2nd step started about 1 hour later, the laser step was not as painful as the first one, but i still could feel the cannula entering my body and moving around inside, it was a very weird feel. the laser was turned on by the nurse on steps, this is not like all at once step but more of a step by step situation. when the laser goes close to the skin or in places where you dont have alot of fat it tends to burn you and you definitely can feel the burn. So the 2nd step was done and i have to say it was the less uncomfortable but still with pain.

3rd step began, this is when the doctor suck the fat and water out of your body, Now this step was the WORST! I felt like i was getting stabbed plus the worst weird feeling ever, I felt how the vacuum was sucking all what i had inside and i got to say it was not a pleasing feeling. As i said before i was totally awake and aware of everything.

My experience with slim lipo was not as painless, comfortable and short as i read and i heard. But i blame all this to the anesthesia, maybe if i had a stronger one it wouldn't be as dramatic as it was. Even the doctor mentioned that the 2 Valiums they gave me did not worked at all.

Total procedure took 4 hours and 30 minutes i ended up sore and expected but i could walk around, took a shower at home after 30 min and anesthesia didn't go down till next day. I have to say that even tho the procedure was painful and uncomfortable it was totally worth it.

If you need to talk to me send me message.

And if you are thinking about doing this procedure please make sure that the doctor use enough anesthesia as possible. Believe me, you dont want to be awake and aware.

Thank you :)

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Because he is the only doctor that does SLIM LIPO procedure in my area.

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