not worth it,can't breathe good need septoplasty now

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I'm currently 5 months into my...

I'm currently 5 months into my rhinoplasty&am not quite sure what I think. I like my nose better than before the surgery but considering the money I spent it's not exactly what I wanted,most of the bump I had on my nose was taken away but I still have a small one and don't think that will be changing w/o a 2nd surgery,also I just want my nose a little smaller still and the tip is still too big but I'm hoping that will go down,I thought at 5 months I'd basically have my desired results but I'm hoping there is still a decent amount of swelling,

I can't totally fault my surgeon if I think my nose is still a lil too big for my liking he did go by the pictures the girl made using the software program it's just she rushed it&gave me 2 options,maybe she thought I wasn't serious about getting it but she literally spent 2 min w me,my own fault for not speaking up or saying something when I went back for the surgery,I felt like she was rushing me which made me nervous which plays on my anxiety and I go along w things to get out of whatever situation that is making me anxious.

I don't know if I'll do another nose job,do it with this surgeon or another or just say this is good enough cas it's better than before,to me it was still worth it just wish I was more careful w my decisions

It's been 7 months now,I'm happier than I was my...

It's been 7 months now,I'm happier than I was my last review but still don't have the results I want however I believe my nose is still a bit swollen,my nose went through quite a few stages,huge(very swollen),thinner&bird like,starting to look okay,back 2 too big&now itz not as big as my last review but not happy yet. I'm still glad I got it done either way cas it is better than it was before. I had a bunch of pics to post up&got a virus so they all got deleted,had really good recovery pics to try to help others out cas I took them everyday the 1st month,then weekly then monthly :( I will update after I reach my 1 year

So I went for a check up appt 2 weeks ago,I was...

So I went for a check up appt 2 weeks ago,I was suppose to go when it was a year which would have been in June but went in Oct so it's been about 16 months,I'm still not really happy&am thinking of a revision only money is an issue,I would go to another plastic surgeon if I had a revision one that specializes in facial surgey not breast implants and all that stuff. I still have a slight bump on my nose which he did say he could fix but I'm as blind as a bat&wear glasses all the time which pretty much covers it so I don't mind it so much what bothers me the most is the tip. I don't know if he realized it was 16 months that past but he told me by 18 months everything should be down cas I told him my tip still feels hard,he said it should go down a little bit more but not much. When I take pictures of myself on my phone that is when I get pretty unhappy about the rhinoplasty if I got a 2nd one I would prob not get it in NC&get it where I'm originally from NYC or CT maybe which is where I will end up moving. I'm suppose to go back again to this plastic surgeon for a 2 year update,if my nose does enough changing I will update either way I will update when the time comes 2 year mark. Now IF I do get money&find a doc for the revision(I'll do a lot of research this time) what I would address to him that I want changed,I would actually ask him to take the little bump down,I would ask him about the bumps in my nose 1 on each nostril that my surgeon said was scar tissue&i have to press at it hard&put pressure on them for them to go away,you can see them when you look up my nose so any1 shorter than me could notice,I would ask about my nose being crooked,it looks a little crooked to me however my surgeon doesn't see it and said 1 side appears more full which might make me think it's just a touch off center&if he tries to fix it he'll prob make it worse,of course the tip I still want it smaller i feel like it's too bulbous looking still but also still a lil long it certain positions that remind me of a witch nose,depending on position it can look witch looking a lil pointy and long or bulbous,and my nostrils they are uneven&for some reason seem a lil bit bigger to me,length wise,maybe thatz just me but either way they are uneven. So unless things change I AM NOT HAPPY with the surgery,if it was free yeah I'd be happy cas it's better then before but that's not saying a lot. If I end up getting a revision it won't be anytime soon cas I don't plan on moving till summer 2013. I will do an update around my 2 year mark.

Thinking of a revision

It's been 2 yrs now I'm not happy with my nose,I'm currently in NY looking up plastic surgeons that specialize in facial surgery&hopefully can get enough $ to get what I want done. I still have a lil bump u can see more frm side view which honestly doesn't bother me but my nose is slightly crooked,my nostrils a lil uneven,still a lil too big for me at the tip,I had a lil bit of a problem breathing through my right nostril it got way worse,my regular doc looked up my nose said it looked swollen,I have to use a nasal spray at night so I can sleep,my nose(not breathing 100%) would keep me up&wake me up. I thought things would get better but it's been 2 years now. It still gets swollen sometimes,I thought that meant I was still healing but even if I was at 2years it wouldn't be changing much,I believe I could use a revision but I'm scared about finding the right doctor,I don't have $ to waste if I get a revision&it messes up more I won't have $ to fix it so I'm a lil nervous bout that. If anyone reads this try to see if there are reviews with whatever surgery you wanna get,if there are 17 reviews&you want boobs&they are all about lipo&botox&cheek implants don't go by them,if ur interested in the face maybe look at a facial surgeon,someone who specializes&take your time,most offices can morph ur pics show you before&after when I did it the girl gave me 2 options for my nose spending 2 min with me&they were side few,she never even did a front view with me but I explained to the plastic surgeon what I wanted but it didn't come out the way I wanted. I wish I wasn't in such a rush&took my time&did more reviews&well listened to my mom

Looking for a revision

It's been 2,3 years obviously my nose isn't changing,still having breathing problems,still looks crooked,still looks witchy,don't like the tip,this isn't what I was hoping for. I'm no longer in NC I'm now back in NY and am looking to save money for a revision,really sucks because I don't have the money for it and 2 I basically can't work or do anything for like 3months because I won't be able to wear my glasses again and I'm as blind as a bat I have really bad vision and an eye phobia so I can't wear contacts I tried once and passed out in front of the eye doc.

Breathing problems

So apparently I have a deviated septum and my nose job made it way worse,I did tell the surgeon I had a little trouble breathing but yea found out yesterday I have a deviated septum so Thatz why I can't breathe good and has been interfering with my sleep since my nose job so now I gotta have surgery to fix my breathing and if I want cosmetic i better start saving up because itz prob gonna cost a lot n be more of a complicated surgery. So note if you have problems breathing make sure you go to an ENT don't have the doc say well we won't know till we get in there and then be told to use afrin and your nose is fine. Wish I went to an ENT doc sooner maybe my mental health wouldn't be suffering so much due to my horrible sleeping.

Not so bad in pics if angled right

Just wanted to post a pic to show when angled correctly you can't tell and maybe Thatz y previous pics didn't look as bad

Update and last 1

I ended up having a revision done in NY,she did what she could to straighten it out but said she couldn't break my bone cas my bones were dust so yea I regret getting my original rhinoplasty and def should've looked into it more instead of just going off their website,this site helps so much n wish I had found it before. If I end up doing a BA will post that but I am done with my nose cas i don't want it to collapse on me.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Should've used a facial plastic surgeon,had to get my nose done again because my breathing got worse and she couldn't break my nose to straighten it out more because she said my bones were dust,she did what she could without making my nose collapse. I'm looking into rhinoplasty revision with another doctor,not happy. Last time I saw him which was over a year ago he basically told me my nose looks good,came out just like we wanted,when I told him my concerns..trouble breathing-he said use afrin spray,that my tip isn't what I wanted-he said it's still slightly swollen,when I said I think it's crooked-he said it's not crooked,maybe just looks crooked to my because of my 1 nostril is healing faster than the other and if he would prob make it worse before better that my nose looks good. So yea I guess if you like my nose go to Dr Robert Graper in Charlotte,NC and if not maybe don't rush like I did&get it done within a week&look stuff up such as going to a facial plastic surgeon could be step 1 not some1 who does boobs and all. Maybe he's good with boobs or Botox I don't know but as far as rhinoplasty I def wish I didn't get it done with him,I knew I should've went with my gut when I had a bad feeling,the girl literally took less than a min with my nose on the computer as well,gave me 2 options neither of which I really liked&it just got worse from there,rest of the staff was super nice though.

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