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YAY! I finally booked my first consultation to...

YAY! I finally booked my first consultation to rectify this lifelong issue. I am so nervous, but so excited. The pain caused by every day activities, or even the wrong cut of underwear has gone on long enough. I am starting my (very physical) career in the next couple of years, and I know that this will help me tremendously. Wish me luck!

Consultation/Booked surgery!

I went on Monday for my consultation with Dr. Coan and it couldn't have been any better! Because I am a student, and will be very active and busy once school starts, I expressed my desire to get the procedure done as soon as possible. By some miracle, he was able to squeeze me in for next Tuesday and I am so excited.

Some before photos

Only two more days until my surgery, so I decided to upload a before picture.

Game day jitters

In about 12 hours I will be in my procedure. I must say, there are a lot of emotions that I am feeling. The first is excitement-- this is something I have waited so long for and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This excitement is mixed with relief, disbelief, and fear.
I won't lie-- I'm freakin' nervous! I looked at my...self in the mirror for awhile before taking my Hibiclens shower and I couldn't help but feel a twinge of nostalgia. My lips and I have been through a lot together-- summer camp, vacations, first loves, first heartbreaks... but in true frenemy fashion they have also hurt me, embarrassed me, and made me feel bad about myself.
As I sit here on the eve of my labiaplasty, I am excited to get it overwith and start my new life.

...Just got home!!

I am about 2 hours post op and the pain hasn't really hit me yet. I don't remember much except the staff was great and laughed at all of my weird hazy jokes. The actual procedure was a breeze!! I slept the whole time, I woke up comfortable! The worst part was inserting the IV into my hand!!
Anyway, I had to sneak a peek before the swelling really got going. It looks great now, and I can't wait til it looks even better healed!! I will check back over the next few days.

2hrs post op

Day 2!

I survived the first 24 hours!!

So, yesterday I had my wedge-method labiaplasty. After looking up some healing horror stories to prepare myself for the worst, I arrived home ready for hell once I awoke from my nap.
I had a pleasant surprise when I woke up to discomfort, some twinges, but not really pain. I took a pain pill anyway to ward off any nasty surprises, changed my pad, and spent the night watching TV with my roommate and boyfriend.
This morning I was expecting a swollen mess, but it isn't too bad! I marveled at the still-new feeling of not having to part my lips to pee, and carefully took my first post-op shower.
Picking things up off of the floor is a little weird, but other than that, I feel totally fine! The occasional twinge of pain is not unlike the feeling of getting myself caught in a tight pair of pants.
I am planning to return to work tomorrow if the next 24 hours goes as well as the last.

Day 3

The pain medication is starting to make me more nauseous, and I don't really need it anymore, so I am going to stick with Aleve. Things are still going smoothly. I think my already minimal swelling is going down. I took today off because I felt ill from the meds, but I am going back tomorrow because I am out of things to watch on Netflix.

Day 4

I tried to go back to work today but I ended up leaving after about an hour. I was constantly adjusting myself to be comfortable and I felt awkward doing it around my coworkers. I also wasn't getting anything done either.
I got home and noticed that I have started bruising, but so far it isn't too bad.
I haven't taken a Vicodin since 10am yesterday, and while I do have some dull pain, it is preferable to the nausea the medication was causing me.
I might try and make up some hours this weekend. With an empty office I can at least adjust myself in peace.

Day 5

Updating from work!! Feeling a bit better sitting today, so I am going to try and hang in for a full 8 hours. I am still swollen in my majora, and I still have some bruising. I attribute the swelling to not using ice for the past couple of days, so I plan to spend the evening at home with my ice packs to get it back down. I was able to actually touch it with no significant tenderness. I am excited for it to get better and better from here.

Day 6

No real changes appearance-wise today. My bruising is still pretty apparent but I think my swelling is evening out a bit.
I was originally going to wait a full week before I switched from my longer, thicker pads to liners but I haven't had any bleeding or anything since the second day and I no longer feel like I need the extra "cushioning". I am anxious to be able to wipe down there, as blotting and using a squirt bottle every time I use the bathroom are hard for me to get used to.
I haven't taken my Vicodin since morning Day 3. I have also stopped taking Aleve... I get my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday and don't want the Aleve to complicate anything.
All in all my recovery has been pretty boring so far! But I suppose that's a good thing. At this point I am just waiting to be back to normal.

Day 7

Well, it appears to me as if there is a red sore? blister? on the closure of one of my labia. I keep telling myself to just leave it alone, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about it.
I also seem to be having some issues with cleanliness that is really starting to bug me, and the flash in this photo made it extra apparent. I rinse myself using a squeeze bottle every time I use the restroom, then I blot and spray some Bactene. I shower once a day and carefully wash myself with baby soap, although I am very gentle. Perhaps too gentle? Then every few hours I change my panty liner.
I think I am going to stop wearing underwear whenever possible around the house, and hope that this sore is caused by the friction of me wearing maxi pads (that stay relatively dry). As for my cleanliness issues, perhaps I just have to wait until I can really get in there to clean, or maybe be more diligent about letting the Bactene completely dry before I put my underwear back on.
Anyone else have issues like this?

Day 8

One week post!!!

No change from yesterday except I have stopped wearing pads and I don't wear underwear to bed. I am putting antibiotic ointment on what I like to call my "nubs"... Where my minora were stitched shut on each side. I am hoping to get the little red blister gone.
I was surprised at how hard my "nubs" are. But hopefully they will soften over time. I still don't touch down there often-- I don't want to mess with the healing process. That and it is very, very sensitive.
Tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth out (all 4!!) so there will most likely be no update. I am way more nervous for that than I was for my labiaplasty!!

Day 9

Well, my wisdom teeth went a lot smoother than I expected!! So I am able to update.
Luckily the pain of my mouth is taking my attention away from my labiaplasty so I haven't noticed any pain or discomfort down there all day.
My little "nub" blister seems to be improving a bit with the antibacterial lotion I have been putting on it after showers and overnight. Still freaked out about how hard my nubs are though. But others have commented that they will soften in time so I am trying to be patient.
I seem to be way more comfortable sitting today. The car ride to the dentist was easy when previous car trips were torture!! And I was comfortable in the waiting room and the dental chair.
Up and up!!!

Day 10

Today I was able to part myself comfortably enough to get in a gentle yet thorough cleaning which was nice. I was in too much pain or too sensitive before to really get as clean as I usually like.
The best part of the day, however, was when I stood up and looked in the mirror-- my photos are all taken from a sitting position, but as I stood up I noticed that now the swelling has gone down enough, and my lips had been trimmed enough, to allow my minora to hide nicely within my majora. I am so pleased-- as before, I had a good 2" hanging. I was so thrilled I almost cried. I just wish I had a before photo from this position to compare and gawk at.

Day 13

Woke up SO ITCHY!! I am trying to ignore it, but witch hazel is helping for when I can't bear it. I read online that ice also helps with itching so maybe I will give that a try as well.
I had a big issue with constipation from my pain meds. And getting two procedures done within a week of each other really dragged that issue out. I am happily back to normal after two bloated, painful weeks.
I made up some hours at work yesterday-- worked a full 8 hours and sitting was a breeze!!
I do not regret getting my wisdom teeth out right after my labiaplasty because I believe it gave me more of a chance to heal up. Otherwise, I would never have taken it easy.
My two week mark is on Tuesday, and I can't believe it!! I go for a post-op checkup in my third week and I am excited to see what my doctor thinks of my progress.

2 Weeks!!

2 weeks post op today!!

I am sick of stretch pants!!!

I have two pairs of black "joggers", one pair of weird tribal print "joggers", and a pair of dark gray pajama pants that I am trying to pass as not pajamas. This is all I've worn in public in 2 weeks. Athletic shorts look weird on me so they are find for the house but not for the ocular consumption of others.
I tried leggings twice with terribly itchy and uncomfortable results. But I am getting my hair done tonight and I am trying jeans!! Well... "Jeggings"... But this is a big step!! I figure sitting in a chair for a bit will be fine, as long as I mind any ride-up or digging. Wish me luck.

3 weeks!!

Popping in fora three week update. I have my post op checkup tomorrow.
Needless to say, I am a happy camper!! I am looking forward to being able to resume exercise and vagina-related activities.

One month. Reflecting.

So, going through this has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. But lately, it had been mostly positive. I cannot stress enough how happy I am that I decided to do this. I can't stop smiling over simple things like not having to part my lips to use the bathroom, or wearing cute underwear, or the feeling of being lighter and cleaner. I am still healing so I am still rather sensitive, but even sitting on the spot where I was sewn back together is a lot less painful than living with prominent labia.
It has also done wonders for my self esteem... something that I have struggled with for the past year. I gained about 50 pounds since moving to a new city last summer, and getting this done has really pushed me forward to actually caring about myself again. Since my surgery I have started eating better, and I am now cleared to work out!! I am starting slow but in a few weeks I expect to be back on track. I've already lost 6lbs since my surgery and it will only get better from here as I can become more and more active-- now able to reach levels I could never reach without extreme pain and discomfort.
It is just really amazing to me how much my entire being has changed over something so small, so easy, and something that only myself and my boyfriend get to see. But the confidence in myself will radiate outwards... And no one has to know my little secret! Haha.
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