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*Treatment results may vary

I have (and have always been) about 30 lbs...

I have (and have always been) about 30 lbs overweight. For my body type, my ideal weight is about 160-170. I have yet to see anyone of a "curvy" body type on here. My goal has never been to be skinny, I actually really love my hourglass figure. Unfortunately, I don't love my rolling belly!
I work out regularly, but have recently had to stop due to over-exercise that led to injury. This caused me to gain more weight (specifically on my hips and belly). Queue the cool sculpting! (It should be noted that as of 3 weeks ago I am working out again).
So I went in the 1st of June, and I will be very frank about my experience.
I have been known to get panicky during certain medical procedures, especially if pain is involved. It's some type of anxiety- if you relate to this (ever passed out getting a small tube of blood drawn? I have!) you may want to prepare yourself.
It's not just uncomfortable when they attach the applicator. It kind of hurts. I panicked and almost asked her to remove it, but I am SO glad I stuck with it. If you make it through the first 10 minutes, you're golden. By 15 in, you won't care anymore.
We started with my lower abdomen, with 2 small applicators. Left, then right. The most pain I was in was during the 2nd massage, on the area where the applicators had overlapped. It is now day 3, and there have only been 2 incidents of discomfort or pain that I would rate as significant. Both were temporary, when I bent over.
I have read that days 4-6 could get very, very painful. If you read this types of reviews, be sure to ask what size applicator was used! My PA said it was the large that caused the most pain, and I've noticed that many respondents who hurt used large.
Anyway, I don't have much to report right now! I worked out lastnight (day 2) and today, day 3. I'd love to hear from someone who fits my body type. I am presently 5'5 and 186. I'd love to amp up my results with diet and exercise.
I think it's important to note that when I post my afters, you should see more results of my CS than diet and exercise. This is because, for me to lose 20-25% of that fat, I'd have to lose 37-47 lbs! That simply will not happen.

Day 4!

I've experienced the shooting pains and itchiness you read about. Nothing I can't handle. If tomorrow and day 6 are like today I'll be fine!

Day (6?)

I've noticed everyone count their days differently. I count the day of treatment as day 1! That being said, if today is day 6, then I am almost through the period of time they claim to be the most painful. (Days 4-6)

I was scheduled to do my upper belly today, but my physician took a sick day. I'll be doing today's session in 2 more days!

This is honestly fine by me. My lower belly feels like I have a sunburn, so being pulled on didn't sound like fun today anyway. And that's my biggest update! Symptoms have been mild. If you can live with a sunburn, you can tolerate this treatment. However, I know it isn't the same for everyone. I feel for each and every person that needed nerve blockers, I'm so glad that seems not to be what I'll experience. I'll check back in to report upper belly Wednesday :)

Week 2!

It's been exactly a week since the first treatment, and today I completed the upper belly!
Let me reiterate, this is not for the faint of heart. I absolutely had another anxiety attack during the treatment of the right side of my upper belly. I can't tell you why, but it hurt considerably more than the left. I guess nerve density varies in your skin, or perhaps it was related to muscle cramps from the previous session.
Regardless, it was the worst part for me. I can handle the massage like a champ, I'm a tough girl. The pains a few days after? Cake.
But you suck my fat into a vacuum and I'm a weeping willow.
Anyways! That's not to discourage anyone, but if you have the kind of anxiety I do (remember that time I passed out giving blood? I've also passed out have a Pap smear because the scraping causes cramps, and it psyched me out). Point being, if you're freaked out by being poked and prodded, this will probably freak you out.
Aside from that? No pain. Easy breezy. Crossing fingers for results, peeing a lot, wearing my spanx, working out when I feel good.
Pics soon! Promise.

2 days post upper belly treatment

Nothing to see yet! This is 9 days after my lower treatment, 2 days after the upper. There may be slight swelling of the upper and some may have subsided from the lower, but I can't be sure. We'll see what happens over the next 2-3 months :)

6 weeks or so post treatment

Can't believe I've come this far already! So pleased.

10 and 9 weeks post.

Just want to update you all really quick. I'm almost to the end of my period of change, as laid out by the folks at sona.
All feeling has been back for quite some time. It's one of those things where you don't notice it come back, just one day you realize it's been back. So I have no idea when that happened. The truth is that I never experienced terrible nerve pain, but that doesn't mean you won't. Just understand that it's more common with the larger suction piece. (Ask before you buy!). That being said, for me the worst part was the first 10-15 minutes of having the machine on, for a total of 4 times, 2 each day. I have terrible anxiety related to sudden pain, so I cried and considered having the med tech remove it.
I'm so glad I didn't. However, if I needed another treatment on this location, I don't think I would do it. It's wasn't that traumatic, but it was hard. I'll post more pics soon, maybe after the 3 month mark is up for the upper abs.
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