CO2 Laser Resurfacing Periocular (Eyes)

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CO2 laser resurfacing was done around my eyes to...

CO2 laser resurfacing was done around my eyes to address hyperpigmentation, darkness and thinning skin. I am 2 weeks post op and have a lot of redness, but I can already see the rejuvenation of the skin around my eyes. Yes, I had a significant amount of burning,itching and flaking for at least 14 days and am still recovering. I can now mask 80% of the redness with mineral makeup, but I do not feel at ease going out in public just yet.

Beware that the overall recovery process can be uncomfortable with the burning, itching and oozing and the ointment around your eyes. Redness can last for months. But each patient is different, and some folks may not experience as much discomfort. From what I have read, the results will be worth it. I am optimistic!

Consider your climate and seasonal weather when scheduling this due to limitations on exposure to sun and heat for several weeks post op. I live in the hot, humid South and spend time outdoors. Fall or Spring may have been a more appealing time to have this done. Overall, I am glad thus far that I took the plunge.

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My doctor is a board certifed ophthalmologist/ophthalmic plastic surgeon, who is well-credentialed and skilled. He provided a thorough pre-op analysis and explanation. The office is well organized and houses a great surgical facility. His team made every effort to enhance my comfort through the procedure and recovery. Finding the most qualified, experienced physician to treat you is key.

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