33, Two Kids, Thin but Have This Awful Gobbler! - North Carolina

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I'm really excited to be getting this done!!! But...

I'm really excited to be getting this done!!! But oh so nervous! My facial skin is tight but this gobbler is loose and just not attractive. I hate having pictures taken because everyone of them is this double chin. I have kids too so I am always looking down. My surgeon agreed this would be the best for my face as it doesn't quite match with the rest of my facial structure. Praying it goes well!

A few days out!!!!

Ok, so I am getting pretty excited. I know I'm going to be nervous as anything the day of but getting excited. I keep looking at my face and saying, no this has to go. Another doc told me if I didn't do it now at 33, the older I got the only next step was a neck/face lift. I am worried about the elasticity under my chin. It's not tight like the rest of my face. Pretty giggly in fact. I hope that does not cause issues with tightening up after the lipo.

Tomorrow is the day!!!!

Ok, so I have the bubble guts! I dropped off my scripts and waiting for them. I'm going in at 1pm. I am very nervous. Excited too but very nervous. I didn't sleep very well last night and expecting the same tonight as well. But my doc is very confident that this "is worth your investment and time". Thats a nice thing to hear!

A few last photos

Here you can see my past pre op pics. As you can see my face is rather thin and I have strong cheekbones but just nothing working for me in my chin. Makes my jaw less defined and unattractive.

Ok! We're two hours away!

I am excited! I have to say I am getting pretty excited. I did everything to prep as best as I could. Plenty of water, bed perfectly made, even bought myself roses by my bedside to make this feel less like a medical thing and more a spa thing. Hubby is watching the kiddos for the rest of the day. I've taken a nice long shower since I can't shower for 2 days (but I'm a mom, what else is new? Lol!). I stocked the fridge with a few meals and now just wait until an hour before to take my meds and be on my way. I'm booked for 1:30. I thought I would be freaking out nervous but I'm really just ready to get this done with and come home.

All done!!!

Everything went great during surgery! 100cc's of junk removed! Feeling tired so off to bed for me!

Less than 24hrs post

So I had a good night sleeping. I elevated my head above my heart and shockingly, slept through the night and woke up in the same position. I am sore and tender today. But I did take my strap off for a second to see what was happening and if I could see any improvement. I am very swollen and some bruising but noting too bad at all! Here is my progress 1DO.

2 days post

Ok, I am really happy so far. I know several are following me wondering if they should do this and if your one of them, I say go ahead and do it! I have minimal pain, just sore, swelling but my bruising is minimal! I slept good again last night and my head strap isn't bothering me at all. In fact I feel more secure with it on. I'm still sleeping up on an incline and taking Advil. I am numb under my chin and some other areas but that is to be expected and will return in time. But here are my pics. I really wish I did this sooner. I have some rippling under my chin but I can't tell if it's bruising, swelling or maybe a combo of both but to the touch, it feels smooth. Swollen but smooth.

Having a "looking worse before looking better" kind of day.

So I look like a bit of a mess but I hear this happens quite a bit. I'm still very tender and sore. Itchy as well. My bruising is always taking another shape or form and color. I'm still pretty swollen as well and more so on my right profile. I also mentioned I saw some "rippling" under my chin which is still there and I'm not sure what it is exactly. I still feel pretty "gooey" under there. I massaged it gently but it wasn't very pleasant. We'll see what tomorrow brings! I still think it looks WAY better than before!

Feeling a little better today...

I decided to put on some makeup as I would normally do and check myself out. Sometimes with all the bruising and such you focus so much on that. So I wanted to see what I would "normally" look like as I am a makeup junkie. So here are some pics more as me. I am just as sore and swollen as yesterday but my bruising is calming down. But overall I am still happy with the progress and I still look better than before.

Rippling help??

I've mentioned this before but thought I would show pics and ask. Does anyone know what this is or why? It's worse when I extend my neck and only on one side. It feels like cellulite but very very swollen and soft from the swelling. I am really numb there too. Anyone have any insight? Will this clear up in time?

Holy hot mess.

These are the days right? The days where things get ugly and eventually start getting better? I did some massage on those ripples last night (check my previous photos!!!!! Wth is that?) and I "think" they may be better. Not trying to get discouraged. I know things will yo-yo, right? Look great one day, next day not so much?
So today I have more swelling, bruising is shifting as always, still numb, still sore but I know this is all apart of the process. Tomorrow is my post op and I'll be addressing the ripples. I've read everything from its normal to it's not. We'll see. Although, I have nothing but confidence in my dr. He's a wonderful person and was recommended to me by a chief of staff from a surgical department of one of the best hospitals in the country so if anything goes wrong, it's probably due to my unique face and healing, not him. I still think my overall look is better than what I was working with before and though I am swollen, I feel rather lighter under my chin. How does it look to you so far?

Post op appt today

So I didn't have my post op yesterday as I had a issue with the time so we're doing it today. But here I am as of now. Swelling still up, bruising down, the rippling and some lumps/unevenness are there esp on my right side. So I'll ask about those today. Worse before it gets better. I keep telling myself that.

Post Op Appt. 8 DPO.

OK, so I just came back from my doc and got my stitch removed. He said everything is normal! Totally normal. The rippling, bumps, all of that stuff will calm down in time. And not to worry at all, everything will look great! So just some reassurance for those worried about swelling, lumps and bumps. All will be great in time.


Not looking great. I read everyone's comments and I'm still faithful my dr is right and time will heal. The issue I'm having is ok pretty conservative. I was told "nobody will tell" from two dr's. Well, I think it's pretty obvious something happened to my chin when it is this swollen and a double-double chin. Hopefully people are not paying attention but if I saw me, I would more than likely ask "what happened?" Esp. That one side is more jacked up than the other. i love my doc but I am fustrated with my body's reaction to this. I pray it will get better soon.

A little better? I think?

Everyday things seem to change. My rippling has now become more of a soft ball of swelling under my chin. It's still pretty numb and very sensitive on the sides. The ball on the right side seems to either be getting smaller, blending in with the swelling under my chin or getting softer. I added a rice bag of heat and massage before putting on my garment at night. Wondering if that will help? I have done a TON of research and it does say these things are common and will happen to some. Time and compression will help. It can take weeks to months to improve. Those thinking of this, please keep this in mind. Your not looking at a 5day only swelling period. It is much longer than that for some. Here are my updated pics. I am wearing makeup a little bit to cover some left over discoloration. I hope it's not in my head and things are improving.

Two weeks post.

I don't know if the swelling looks like it's going down or not but I am frustrated. I gave myself ample time i thought would allow me to heal and look at least like I did before. But sadly, no. I look very boated in my face and that triggers people to think something happened or I've gained weight or something. Still a lot of pain, big knot under my chin and a few lumps and bumps. Nothing I do seems to improve anything. I told another poster if I knew this would be my reaction, I probably would not had done the lipo. I don't have weeks on end to hide from my surgery.

Finally! Some improvement!!

I feel like I'm finally turning a corner. I can feel the ball under my chin getting smaller. My left side looks GREAT! My right some lumps and swelling but I feel like the lumps are going away. My chin no longer giggles and I had a pic taken and clearly, I have no double chin! I definitely was fustrated with my personal healing but never at my doc. I know he's seriously top notch! And he's just a great person but my healing wasn't moving as quickly as I would had liked. But I think we're on an upswing!

A month or so post op.

Hey everyone! Here is my month post op review. I have to say, I am very happy. I still have some swelling and lumps but I have noticed they come, hang out for a little, then go away. The big lump most get under the chin (I had it too) has done down, BIG TIME. All of the feeling has returned into my chin so I don't have any numbness at all. I do have some tenderness but nothing that bothers me at all. Pre-op before my surgery my chin would actually giggle. It was crazy. I had such a thin face yet, my chin would giggle. It would bother me so much. That is completely gone!!!!!! No giggly chin at all! I know I still have some more healing to do as this takes time but the major areas that have bothered me have gone away by doing the surgery. I see myself in pictures and I look much, much better and we're only a month out.

What I have done: Nothing. I'm leaving it be and allowing my body to heal on it's own. I noticed too much massage or wearing the chin bra would actually make my situation worse instead of better so I left it alone and things got better. I think everyone is different.

To those who want t get it done, I say go for it. Do know, it takes time to heal. You will have ups and downs. One day swelling, the next great, then swelling again. I know my Dr. explained this to me and told me it was normal and give it time. Of course, he was right. I have my next post op next week and I am sure he will be very happy with the progress. It can be frustrating as you want to look amazing right away but just know....it takes time. And no Dr can know 100% how your going to look. My Dr. was upfront with me and told me nothing is 100% perfect but will you look better? Yes. Even if my chin looked like it does now forever (as if the healing was done), I would be happy. Minus the tiny lump.
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