Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! - San Diego, CA

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Hey everyone! I need help to calm down! I'm...

Hey everyone! I need help to calm down! I'm freaking out! I only have two friends who will listen to me vent and talk nonstop about my big day but I can tell they are soooo over listening to me now :( PLUS! I don't have one person in my family who's aware of my surgery. I've waited 15 years for a BA , I want to talk to someone about it lol it's only hours away now... with all that said! I've decided to turn to the Internet for support! I Found this amazing site and hope to get some advice and support:) please share with me any helpful advice or tips to help me prep for my surgery tomorrow and what I should do or buy to have a smother/quicker recovery?? Thank You!! Thank You!! Happy & Safe nips and tucks everyone !

I asked for 475cc-500cc and wanted larger if he...

I asked for 475cc-500cc and wanted larger if he could fit the implant in. Dr said ok and after surgery he said he went with an even SMALLER implant and said if I don't like the size I'm welcome to schedule another surgery in the future to have larger implants put in because my skin will be stretched! It's like WTF! I dont have money to just say ok! I'll come back to go bigger . Today is post op 1-2 day and they look crazy small! And this is when they should look largest due to swelling. So I'm freaking out because they are going to be crazy small and I waited 15 years for this . Anyone experience their breasts getting bigger after swelling.

Surgery was yesterday and they look super small...

Surgery was yesterday and they look super small and I thought they were supposed to be at their biggest after surgery and that once he swelling calms down then they will get smaller but this concerns me. Because they are super small now so what should I except after they drop!! Anyone else experienced small breasts but after the dropped did they get higher?

Hello ladies please help me with any advice. In my...

Hello ladies please help me with any advice. In my first consultation I informed the doctor I wanted to be a full D. He said ok ! No concern of it being impossible. I had second thoughts about the size and mentioned to the dr and nurses that I actually wanted something bigger possible DD! He said he would let me know based on measurements and day of surgery he said he would go as big as he could . Well it's a week after surgery and I'm a full B! WTF! I'm beyond disappointed I almost feel depressed. I know I know. To some that is ridiculous but hey! That's how I truly feel. What are my options?

Breast are very close together!!!

My implants are very close . I looked online and found special Bras that help with separating them but am I past the healing process in order for the bra to work for me? My surgery date was 7/22/16


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