40 Year Old Mom of 2 Finally Doing Me! TT, BBL, Abdominal, back, flank, upper back, knee, inner thigh and axillary Liposuction

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Real Selfer’s, There is just a level of...

Real Selfer’s,

There is just a level of confidence and inner comfort that you possess when your body accentuates your personality and inner self. Of course my husband says I am fine the way I am and I am thankful for that, but I define my own “fine the way I am” and my current shape is no longer ideal for me.

My story is similar to a lot of moms-body changes after childbirth-fat deposits in places they were not before. Exercise and diet did not remove my stubborn fat areas. I have always wanted to look sexy and feel sexy naked, wearing clothes, and especially in a bathing suit. I was very athletic in high school and college and had a somewhat muscular build. After having my daughters, my behind lost its definition. I have the muffin top as well, although it may not be as pronounced depending on what I am wearing.

Overall, I do look okay in my clothes, but I desire a defined curves that my clothes can wrap around my silhouette and accentuate my shape. I have seen some ladies with some amazing looking bodies, and I am thinking wow, they must really workout and eat healthy. I did not consider that perhaps some may have had a procedure done to enhance their bodies. I did not even have surgically enhancing my body on my radar as an option.

Since approaching 40, I have been considering having some work done for the last 2 years. I decided to try to loose fat and weight by doing medical weight loss first for a few months (phentermine and lipo injections, diet) where I achieved some fat and weight loss, but the fat was not coming off quick enough, although I was losing weight. Most recently over the last 7 months , I tried personal and group training which has done some amazing things to my body (deadlift weights and Kettlebells mainly). I have lost a significant amount of fat and tightened some skin, but I still have a lot of fat in my abdominal area and lower back-my backside is still flat.

I am 5’9 and 206 lbs, the majority of my weight is muscle. I plan on having a TT, BBL, Liposuction to the upper and lower abdomen, lower and upper back liposuction (bra line) and axillary liposuction. I would like thigh, knee, and arm liposuction as well. I think that the liposuction to the thigh (mainly, the knees are included with thigh lipo) will help with my silhouette for the BBL.

I looked at a lot of wish pictures, especially for the BBL, but decided that I would like a modest butt lift that was proportionate to my frame and add more definition and fullness to by butt. I don’t want people stopping to look at my butt, I don’t like that attention. I already get the looks with my existing body.

I considered going to Miami to Vanity and had an email consult with Dr. Fisher. I was told all I needed was aggressive liposuction and no TT, which was exciting. However, after reading the reviews, customer service issues, BBB reports, and other RS touching reviews about Vanity, and some of RS’s out of state and country reviews in general and the issues they experienced, I decided I would go with the local PS.

Also, I had already had 3 consults in Maryland and another virtual consult done in Miami and was told that I needed a TT due to skin laxity and the stretchmarks. So, ultimately, I would need a TT. I may as well have them done together.

I decided to go with Dr. Chiarmonte who was referred to me by someone in the military. I had only known this lady for an hour and thought it was thoughtful that she felt confident to recommend him.
I contacted the office and prior to having an official consult, requested that I speak to their previous customers that had the same procedure I desired to have and I wanted to speak to those who had had surgery recently, 6 months ago and a year ago. I received phone calls within 7 days from 3 young ladies that had nothing but outstanding things to say about Dr. Chiarmonte, his office, skill, bedside manner, and follow-up.

I too have conducted a lot of research, the website tuckthattummy.com was very helpful as well as your Real Self stories. I will say that the coordinator was very transparent with everything, the good-the bad-the ugly, she gave my tips and suggestions for post-op care, driving, sex, supplies, and was always a phone call and email away.

I will keep you posted on my Journey.

Cleared for Surgery by PCP

I am literally sitting in the exam room at my PCP's office having my pre-op exam surgical for clearance.

I am obtaining a copy of my lab results and EKG to take to my PS for my pre-op clearance next week.

I feel really good. I feel spiritually grounded and do not having any doubts. I am glad that I am starting the New Year with the things I desire.

My blood pressure was high. Silly me, snacked on some "lightly salted" cashews before coming.

Present Body Shots

I have posted pictures of my body from about 6 weeks ago. The stretch marks don't show up well on the picture, but their there.

My butt looks ridiculous, SMH. It actually looks worser in the picture.

#I Want This Body!

My husband and I looked at a lot of pictures to select a body shape and Butt for me. I downloaded a lot of sexy women with banging bodys, but it just wasn't me.

My husband does not want to deal with the extra attention and stares to the booty. He is an Alpha male and I dont have no bail money, I got to pay for this surgery...Ain't no'body got time for dat!

I found this body and fell in love with it instantly. I think it's just right...in the middle...not too much and not too little.

Pre-Op visit Today with Dr. C

Today, I had my pre-op with Dr. C. It went well. My procedure is paid in full and now the countdown begans. I received my scripts and a very informative surgical booklet that outlined everything and I mean everything.

Surprisingly, there was not a specific supply list Dr. C 's information did not outline the long list of supplied that was listed on RS or on another website.

I did purchase a lot of the items listed on RS, so I may take some of the items back. My pre-op vitamins from VitaMedica arrived, so I will start taking them in the next few days.

I still need to get a body pillow and Rosehip oil. My hubby and I decided that an innertube would be the best option for my BBL recovery.

I have much more to add but I am so tired. I have a checklist of things to do before surgery, and I am getting anxious about achieving this before surgery. My husband hurt his knee, hoping he will be a be to care for me.

...You Know What...

I have a darn UTI! Guess me and hubby went at it too hard a few days ago, lol! Now, I have to take some antibiotics.

I called my PS coordinator and she said it was fine, no worries.

I also asked about my FMLA, Short Term Disability papers, and to confirm they had SCD’S (sequential compression sleevez) for me to wear during, and TED hose, in case I needed to purchase my own. She said they had everything!

Now, gotta get my boo down south together with these antibiotics and I should be good.

We're expecting snow...Brr, that may but a hold on my shopping or returning things for my procedure...Oh well just got the fam bunches of snacks for the snow-in...oh, I am just adding a few extra pounds of fat for my BBL, lol.

Supplies are Ready

Just posting the supplies that I have for surgery. All of which I was able to get locally from Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, The Vitamin Shoppe, and MOMS.

I did order the floatie from Amazon, as it snowed and the local stores were out of these.

I also purchased 3 pairs of large size sweat pants with wide legs for comfort to wear after surgery for $5.96 each. My mom purchased me 3 front snap button house dresses, one with pockets to hold the drains, from Roses $5 each.

I will wear hubbies boxers, boxer briefs, and tanks as these are very comfortable to me.

I have a large container of Dial Moisturizing Antibacterial Soap. This soap feels awesome on my skin, no lotion needed.

Surgery Eve


It’s Surgery Eve,
I have to arrive at 7:30 for an 8 am case. No food after midnight…had to sneak me some pound cake and ice cream in x3 (shame on me). I took my shower with the Dial Antibacterial Soap. My husband shaved my butterfly last night, smooth as a babies butt! I have been taking my pre-op vitamins, Arnica, Bromelain. I decided to add on liposuction to my knees and inner thighs.

I am feeling calm, relaxed, blessed, and feel God’s Hedge of Protection over me.

On My May with God's Hedge of Protection

Dear Lord,

I ask that you would strengthen my body and prepare my body for this upcoming surgery.

Lord, I ask that you prepare each doctor and each assistant so that each one is refreshed and at his or her best when the surgery starts. Enable them to disregard any personal distractions and fully focus on my surgery. I pray that each one is clear thinking and able to receive wisdom from you as the surgery is in progress. May each decision be correct and each procedure be accurate.

Heavenly Father, I am asking for your supernatural protection during my surgery. I pray for the outcome to be your very best.

I also pray for protection and provision during my recovery period. 

You are my Creator, and you are my Sustainer.

Guide me this day as I seek to find peaceful rest in your presence.

In the mighty name of Jesus I pray,


Hello From the Other Siiide....

God woke me up. Praise him...is all I can type coherently.

Back to sleep, I go.

Pre-Op Mark Up

Morning of surgery

Yesterday started off with us being late, surgery was scheduled for 8, we arrived at 7:55. Traffic in the DMV is crazy, but some of they staff were too, so it made me feel better. I was greeted with smiles and taken in to the pre-room where I changed my clothes. I met the the Nurse Anesthesisist, she placed my IV @ and discussed the medicine she would be using-I asked for the specific names.

Then Dr. C came in greeted hubby and marketed me up. He showed me the estimated amount of skin that would be removed, which included 90% of my stretch marks and tattoo...yah!.

I think around 8:33, I was escorted to the surgical suit and I was painted with warm Betaine all over my body, neck down. I layed on the table and the anesthesiologist said she was going to give me some Versed. I begang recting "The Lord is My Shepard I shall not be in want. He maketh me...and that's all I remember until I arrived home around 3: 30.

More details to come, pills kicking in.

Post-Op Visit

Ladies, I tell ya, I am beat! I have on 2 compression garments, compression leggings and the abdominal binder.

The drains are very uncomfortable and I am sore from all of my lipo areas, which is to be expected, so no complaining just explaining. I have bruising to the sides of my breast from the axillary lipo.

When I stand for over 5 min or so, I get light-headed and sweaty. I have been peeing like a race horse, which has been tiring hubby out. Kids and mom all pitching in.

Apologies for typos...using smart phone.

POD #2

Finally #2, yay...colace, fiber gummies, lots of water, and hubby's cooking. I have been able to get to the bathroom by myself ad drain my drains, but I have a tall kitchen chair with a towel roll under my butt that helps support me...this I learned after getting lightheaded several times.

I was told I could shower yesterday after my post-op, but after all I had gone through, I decided to defer until today. They said I had the best looking incision...that's motivating and encouraging.

My left drain is putting out about 5 Cc compared to the right. I am very thirsty, and have been drinking tons of water, at least 3 liters day. I drink Ensure too.

I took some picks the best I could. You can't really see much, but I would
wanted to post something. Their blurry, I can't flex to take a focused pic and also it hurts. I will shower later to day and hope hubby can take some better pics for ya'll.

Shower finally...but was draining

Just took a shower, hubby washed hair, put neosporin and maxi pads to incision. He also massaged my back and flanks where I had the lipo. It was a little sore but felt good, my drains put out more afterwards.

I tell ya, the shower took all of my energy. I became lightheaded, I can't quite explain the feeling, but I suggest haging a chair to sit down afterwards.

My daughters lotioned my feet and legs, that felt really good.

I fussed at my husband for about 15 min about the shower, I mean I talked some serious junk to him, then apologized...Guess it's that emotional roller coaster.

My navel and TT incision looks typical of what has been posted on RS, my butt, not to sure about. My stomach is swollen, so it's not flat, but I can tell the swelling is there. Not much of an appetite today. I had breakfast, some black berries, pear, and strawberries. Will have an Ensure later.

I wanted to take pictures but yall, the shower ain't no joke. I think I am done for the night. I am going to bed.

Thanks for your comments, prayers, and checking-in.

Afterthoughts and Caregiver abuse

The TT & BBL combo are doable. I have found sleeping on alternating sides works best. Sitting norm with a pillow under my thighs and lumbar areas had me constantly worrying about putting g pressure on my butt.

Our recliner is super plush, so it requires lots of pillows and roll, so I feel like I am constantly sinking when in that position. I purchased to long body pillows from Ross's, which helps. I straddle one and hug it while on my side, like it's my husband, and the other is behind me supporting my back. Then I have a neck roll and my daughter small round Elsa pillow under my head. It's comfy, I feel really snug.

I also alternate my water, remote control, lip palm, and eye cover. I have wearing an eye cover at bedtime for about a year. I love complete darkness when. I sleep, so this especially helps during daytime napping. My left draining it draining a little, compared to the right. I am sure the left will come out on Wednesday.

I am slowly becoming independent with getting up and walking, but again it depends on the day and my pain control. I am hoping to be venature out today and go to Sam's Club, boy I hope they have those electric riding scooters. Because I am unable to tolerate walkingon distances or standing for long periods.

I take a lot of meds. Several sites recommended a pill box organizer, maybe I should have gotten one. I take the Vita Medica pre/post op vitamins, arnica, vit c, fiber gummies, blood pressure pill, pills for nausea, muscle relaxants l, antibiotics -finished yesterday, XS tylenol...some have to be on an empty stomach. I mean this is a major production.

I am drinking lots of water and 100% juice, but I am not up to the bathroom as much as I thought I would, based on some RS reviews, but I know everything is individualized.

I can't start scar therapy for 7 days, until then it's neosporin. I brought the spray, so I wouldnt have to touch the incision. My inner thighs and some of the top are slightly bruised, no brushing to my back, but definitely to my breast.

I am thinking about getting a massage today. They have those massages chairs you can sit in in a flexed positioned with your face in the open area. That would he ideal for a tummy tuck, but I need my thighs done too. Not sure how that position will be. My husband, while not a masseuse, can to a great job, but I have worn him out ya'll.

His back was already helping and ya'll sometimes men have one track minds. I had to get on him about remembering to strip my drains and record the amounts. Also, the PS office gave me a gift box with a card, it had a nice mug, tea, suckers, and a lanyard to hang my draims on for showering. The surgical coordinator told me I was going to get it for the shower.

I kept asking him about it and he said he didn't know what I was talking about. So, finally yesterday before the shower, called my daughter to look...and lo and behold, there it was, along with other post op instructions ! ...Ladies is was pissed.

He also decided to take a shower with me, which is not unusual, but he likes the shower hot...and that's not a good mix with having surgery and coming out of 2 compression garments. He the proceeded to tell me to get in the shower after he was already in...I still had my garments on and didn't have the lanyard for my drains.

So my emotional self took that opportunity to say a few choice words to him, that were unpleasant. I mean I fussed, cursed, and just let it out...now mind you I work in healthcare and know how things are supposed to be done so my expectations were way to high for a lay person, especially him, because he did do his best. He tells me he is overwhelmed.

Anyways, so I refused to get in the shower after he pleaded with me and I shuffled out with my bent over self, lol. I then called my daughter and mother to help me get undressed, which was a lot for the first time. Some of my lipo areas started leaking and one of the lipo sites that had a clear dressing pealed off (aka hurt like heck) came off with the gaze placed at the post op visit-that started draining. So I am standing in my bedroom sitting area with blood draining from my sites, had to have my mom rushould and place an absorbent pad under me, so the carpet would get stained.

So, that took a lot of energy so I sat down and continued to complain about hubby and how he didn't help me get undressed. He thinks peeks out of the bathroom as says come on, the shower and bathroom aren't hot any more. I started back fussing at him about the lanyard and helping me get undressed, he tried to coax me into the shower, and I adamantly refused with my stubborn naked self.

Finally, I agreed to get in the shower- which was was lovely and apologized for that entire fiasco. Not too long afterwards the water turned cool, as I suspect r d it would with his long hot shower and the fact that my mom was washing and drying my garments.

Afterwards he did blow dry my incision and navel, which felt very good. He asked if I wanted my hair cut, but I just didn't have the energy. He lotioned me up and massaged my back, helped me get dressed and then I was down for the count.

I say all this to say that this journey is emotional as well as physical. No amount of planning could have prepared hubby, but we both learned a lesson...teamwork makes the dream work. Interestingly, he told me that he could handle all this alone. I told him that I wanted my mom to help, he objected as he wanted for me to sole rely on him...and me too, so her role is to help with the kids and household duties which has worked out great.

So now hubby and I have this joke, he'll say "...And all this for an Ass," and I retort, "It's just not the ass, it's for me."

No matter what, I have no regrets thus far, and am glad that I have done all of these procedures together.


So, I decided I would try to take a shower with minimal assistance. My husband was out running errands.

I sat a wooden kitchen table high chair in the shower covered in an old shower curtain for support. Shower was okay, I chose not to scrub, but just sud the Antibacterial Dial soap on my body and let it flow over my incisions.

Warm water on my back on the massage setting helped with the soreness from the back lipo, but could have it too hot. I washed my hair again...my way with my products, and the same for my face.

We took the chair out of the shower and it was basically dry from being protected from the shower curtain. I sat on it with a red towel under my booty. My youngest daughter lotioned ans massaged by back, flanks, thighs and arms, oh and legs and feet like a pro. I had to giver her lots of praise. She even put my hair pomade on my hair and brushed it for me.

My drains drained more fluid afterwards. I tried to massage my belly and flanks some, but it takes so much energy. Hubby had a break from me today, but had to run out for a activity with our older daughter, pick and drop her off, then go to the store. I wanted some thing healthy and good to eat, not no boxed oven pizza, I was hoping he would go pick up the good food I ordered, but he said he has ran out several times today and was tired...huh...welcome to my world as a Mommy 7 days a week boo boo. Anyways, I do understand, so I called a service to pick the food up and bring it too us.

After the shower, I was down for the count. I am telling you, it is taxing on your healing body. I may skip the shower for tomorrow, maybe a bird bath.

My youngest daughter took these pics I am posting. I won't comment on the results, as I know this is a process and I can't expect significant changes, although some pics on RS seem to show immediate and extreme changes...nope, not going down that emotional or complaining path.

I will say that I am only expecting g a modest butt lift. I don't know how much of the good fat was able to be injected. But my PS did tell me he would inject in the middle where I was the flattest. I do notice on the side I have dimiles that were there before, but he was clear what his target area was. Booty pics from the back look fuller, but from the sides, not so much...but it is what it is. Um good!


So, I know that massages are encouraged. I have yet to ask hubby to do one as his back has been hurting, the kids wanna be on their computers, mom's will be to gentle with her baby gurl, and I don't feel energized to go to a masseuse quite yet.....

So....we have handheld massager that was a gift or on sale, can't remember and I massaged my numb feeling thighs 2 days ago and it felt painful but good. I decided to be bold and massage my tummy...oh, yes I did.

Actually, my tummy hurts with pressure, like laughing, and a little at the incision, but when I put the massage on low (see pic), it felt good. Well, my tummy is numb, but honty...let me tell you...my drains filled with fluid and tissue and it felt good, definitely heloped the swelling. Now, I am assuming the drains are placed in my upper or mid Abdomen, because I could tell how the flow changed when I was over a certain part of my abdomen.

I even kicked the massager up to high gear! I am going to do this at least twice a day, especially while the drains are in, it seems to help dispell tissue fragments from the lipo and loosens my stomach tissue and help with some of my lumps. I tried to massage my flanks and back, but due to positioning I was not as successful.

Now, I am not saying go out and purchase one, but if you have one use it, or at least try it out. Your results may be different, but it was helpful and actually made me feel better.

Also, the insertion sites for my drains are in my vaginally area on the sides near the groin, excellent placement, however, today the site on the right started pulling and stinging/burning...feeling is indescribable, but I wrapped that suckers with some gauze to anchor it, placed some paper tape on it...and kept it moving.

Funny, thoughout the day, I have periods of energy, the in 10-20 min, my body says shut it down...to a point that I wonder if hubby thinks I am milking him for help. I am still taking narcotics, so haven't attempted to drive, my reaction time need to be on point.

Laughing has gotten better, or maybe I have changed my laughter style to accomodate my tummy pain. I love the garent they gave me. Its a high waist from my under my breast to mid calf, super supportive.

My PS doesn't do phase 2 garments. I will have look what the phase to garment is for, but I am thinking it's for when the swelling subsides and you need tighter compression.

My PS.office said that they have tries many different whole body garments, but they did not work per the customers. I questioned this since I received upper back and axillary lipo. She said that I could wear a sports bra, which would help. I have 3 Victoria Secret sports bras with underwires...their the only bra that can support the girls, we'll some at Nordstrom, but these give me so much lift, I always get comments on my boobs.

Another RS mentioned she bought a span shirt that gives great compression am lift, she had a breast left, not sure if she had lipo to the axillary and upper back.

Also, another FYI...I smell like a patient in a hospital, not sure if you know what that smells like...it's not a bad odor, it's just a different smell. I don't like it, because it reminds me when I did patient care on the floors...there's nothing wrong with that, but it just reminds me of sick patients...and don't like seeing people sick or injured. So no matter how much Bed and Bath you apply, I think the smell will stay with you until the drains come out.

This is gross too, but my poop and urine smells like medicine. Strange thing to notice, but I am trying to be on top of any and everything that's happening with this body since this surgery.

Also, I have not been up to talking on the phone either, I am not a big talker, but those that know about the surgery are calling or texting to see if I am up to talking. I wish I could just say look at my profile on RS. I know they are concerned, but I even get tired of talking.

I am grateful to have caring friends. Right now, Netflix is my BFF and my old school favorites the original Law and Order, Matlock, Murder She Wrote, Columbo, and some Perry Mason, if I can find him. I grew up watching these and they bring such comfort, peace, relaxation, and reminiscent of the days I would curl up with my mom on the sofa watching those shows, eating cornbread, pinto beans, green beans and fat back skin meat...oh, yeas, I am from the south.

Happy Birthday 2 Me!

It's ma birthday baby! Feel blessed to have movement of all my extremities, blood running through my veins, my health and my right mind...as quoted from my southern pastor.

I had a ruff night last night getting comfortable and sleeping, my garments feel extra tight and uncomfortabke for some reason, so I woke up feeling...blah.

My drain insertion sites having been giving me problems. I guess with the movement and tension, the opening is a little wider. So, I am oozing from those sites, the sutures are sticking into my skin (ouch), and that has contributed to me loosing some suction to my drains.

The left drain has had a about 10cc in the last 60 hours, the right is about 120-150 cc, it mainly loosing suction when I am ambulatory, but when sitting or lying it suction well. That thangs has been worry me, and it pulls and stings the most.

I started wearing hubby's tanks under my abdomen binder and tucked into my compression garments, which provides the most comfort for me. I wrap the drain insertions sites with cotton makeup pads, which helps.

Rubbing/gently massaging my tummy and flanks help, I do notice increased drainage afters to the right drain as well as tissue fragments. My left flank and back hurts the worst from the liposuction. It's like a muscle soreness/pull. My left inner thighs are very busied and firmer than the left. I try to massage it, as I don't want any hard lumps to remain from tissue scarring.

I am not worried about it all, it's the natural progression, I just have a lot of soreness. I just realized I hadn't had any pain medicine 36 hours, so I am sure that contributed too.

Today, is my first day out and about. I am at an appointment with my girls, but G'ma is with them with the Dr. I am sitting the waiting room.

Today, I discovered that if I limit my shower to 5-10 min, I had more energy and felt less dizzines and fatigued afterwards. I feel better now, but I did take a percocet.

Hadn't take an pics, my scar is changing but no significant changes to document. I will say that when I put on my sweats I noticed I had a Lil hump to get my pants over my butt. My butt does look fuller in these sweats.

I dressed in very bulky clothes to overshadow the drains. Also, my face looks really clear. I think it's related to the healing vitamins, change in food, and water.
If any of you ladies experienced this, let me know. Also, has anyone considered taking the surgical vitamins beyond the recommendationed 2 weeks post-op?

Keeping it 1000!!!!

So, I am not a drama queen by any means. The RS forum is the only social networking arena or media I am on. However, I felt a need to vent to ya'll, as you can best empathize and appreciate my plight.

Background: As some of you may know, yesterday was my 41st Birthday (thanks for the shout outs). You also know that I am 7 days post op from a full TT, abdominal, flank, full back, axillary lipo and a BBL. I have been in the house for 7 days, except for one 1 post-op visit-then back to the house. I am unable to drive. During surgical planning and preparations , hubby adamantly insisted (...nice way I am putting it, but ya'll use your imaginations) the he sole wanted to take care of me and did not need ANY extra help. Now, we all know women (well most, not bashing hubby's or men) are the house managers, overseer's, and are the CEO's of the home. So the Holy Spirit, intuition, experience, and track record moved me to Go Get My Mama!

Having said all that, set your mind on these tidbits:
1. Kids have appts and need to be picked up from school early
2. Baby girl needs Valentines gifts for her classroom celebration, so we have to go by store to purchase goodies.
3. Hubby said help wash up prior to picking up kids
4. While out, I planned buying me some Pink Sugar perfume and lotion (absolutely love this, smells like sugarry cotton candy) gift to myself...I could not take that sterile hospital stench that I could not get rid of no matter how much I washed, cleaned my garments, and lotioned up with cocoa butter lotion with Vit E. So, I wanted to smell good and sexy...after all it's ma birthday, right!

Keep all this in mind...now...why

1. Hubby had been gone all day ( as he had pretty much the last 3 days).
2. Arrives too late to wash me up, the Spirit spoke had said later that day ...you betta wash yo' self.
3. I had to remind him twice to literally leave the house now to pick the kids up before they got on the bus and would ultimately miss their appointments...oh by the way, he was on the phone handling his own business...not the family business at hand
4. During their appointments, he remains in our car and sits or shall I say lies back in their chair seat during the entire appointment...didn't help me out the car..says his back is hurting him, so I am sitting inside for an hour on my new booty with a towel roll under her...But God sent my mama, so she was moving about and in with the girls when they were with the Dr.
5. Once the appointment, is over he says ..."where too next?"...with an attitude, I tell him where we're going (refer to #2 above).
6. He did the same thing (refer to #4 above).
7. Refer to # 5 but this time his attitude was horrible. The kids and mom's peeped this

.....Imagine how I am feeling physically and emotionally at this point.....next

8. Refer to #3, this where we go next.
9. He responded in the same way of #4 and #7 above.
8. So, I go into Ultra alone and then my oldest kids runs to catch up with me to help...but he still in the car...
9. I text him from the store sweetly and simply "Your a mean person".
10. Suddenly, he appears behind me, with a changed 360 degree personality...and says "so I am mean person" then attempted to grab my perfume "I" purchased for "Myself", open the door of the store and then card door. I told him I didn't need any help.

...now someone of you may say, awah...at least he tried, that was nice...yadda, yadda, yadda...but that is some straight up frackle knackered bull...I am trying not to get ghetto, ratchet, etc...so umma keep it class, but real..I was really hurt, disappointed, just done....

11. He says in a better mood, where would you like to go next, I said out to eat for My Birthday...I named the restaurant.
12. My girls helped me out of the car, I went straight from the car to te bathroom and balled my eyes out, sniffling, and just lost it...my youngest daughter then comes in the bathroom to check on me...hears my crying, says "what's wrong mommy are you okay, is it daddy, it's daddy isn't it"...I said a quick prayer to my Creator, wiped my tears and came out of the bathroom stall and told her I was okay, and woukd rather not talk about it.

We get home...hubby collapses in the recliner beside me, as his back is hurting...turns on the Knicks VS Nuggets game, watches it in its entirety...then after the game ends,.gets up, goes in the garage and work on his Harley Davidson motorcycle until 3 am in the morning, like he had been doing the last 7 of 8 days and nights since my surgery with his "hurt back."

Meanwhile...I am beat, drains are full, body heart, swelling is at an all time high, toes look like sausages...I take a percocet, muscle relaxer, incoherently help my daughter with her math homework and fall in to a deep sleeping coma.

To his credit, if I can label it such, he:
-showered me and washed hair 1 time
-bed bathed me 1 time
-took me to 1 post op appt
-went to the grocery store
-cooked twice, okay may 3 times
-gave me all 7of my Lovenox shots, although he for to give me #'s 4-7...had to remind him
-help reposition and bring me things several times, but his countenance and spirt was unkind and facial expressions were grim and frustrated looking.
-Took daughters to Girl Scout meeting and event
-A few other things
-didn't help or check kids homework-I got an email from one of the teacher about missing school work
-didn't get the kids up for school or check to see if they needed anything
-no laundry
-no housework
-stayed in the garage working on his bike pretty much since I had surgery
-pretty much been out in the car all day everyday getting bike parts, etc, well as some things for the house.

So all that was not done by hubby was done by My Momma.

So, take this as some real insight on the support that I had and what I needed for surgery. I ain't gonna sugar coat it for ya'll and gonna keep it 1000! Be realistic about your expectations from your support system, especially your spouse, fiance, boyfriend, or partner, or even family member.

I know that God is my Help, Comforter, Rock and Shepherd. I know that He does not like ugly or any enemy no matter what form they present themselves to mistreat His children.

I just wanted to express how my day on my Birthday went in relation to my healing amd recovery yesterday. I am not trying to solicit or elicit co-signers. I am just feeling some type of way about being in a vulnerable and weakened position, and not having the support that you expecteded.

But again, if I keeps it 1000 to myself...I could should say...I told you so....this ain't nothing new to me..after 15 years of marriage , just another perspective, view, insight, and angle God's has bee revealing things to me. People are who they are, they keeping showing you who they...it's up to you to see it, recognize it, and act on it.

Now, I see it. I acknowledge it. I own it and am acting upon it. Transformation 2016 started with my renewing my relationship with God, myself, and doing what I wanted for me...which is my RS journey.

(Apologies for typos)

2nd Post-op Follow-up Visit and more.

8 day Post-Op Visit:

I drove to this visit with my mom as passenger-she doesn't drive.

Driving: Didn't take narcotics 12 hrs or more prior to driving. Left early enough so I could take my time. Sat with a towel roll under my new booty, this didn't have me sitting all high or looking crazy in the driver seat. I did adjust the seat to the lowest position for ease of entry/exit to the car, and not to be sitting high in the chair. I adjusted the steering wheel so that it could be closer and higher to me. Adjusted rear view mirrors to. Going over road bumps was okay.

Extras: Oh, and by the way laughing stoped hurting for me about 3 or 4 days ago. I feel like I have a corset on all the time. When I poop, this is gross to say, but I actually feel every movement and size of it moving through abdominal muscles...just a warning, it felt awkward to me, but didn't hurt. Also, ladies you know we like to be dry down their. With my BBl, not sure if it's the swelling, but wiping for #2 is a different experience, there is just too much booty, if you know what I mean. When I am in the recliner lying on my sides, especially after going #1, I place, we'll really stuff, a portion of the chux in my vaginally area to absorb any extra moistness from peeing, I just stand feeling wet down there. Wear a tank top closest to your skin, the the compression garments. I started off with my husbands as his are oversized ofcourse, but I already had my own female tanks, that worked best for me they were snugger and shorter, didn't give me bulges in my garment.

Appointment: PS says all looks impressively good, lots of swelling, brusing, and firm spots are normal. But although firm, will soften, and fat will distribute to other areas for the shape and roundness in my butt. No hematoma to left inner thigh, although it is really firm, bruised, and tender. Both drains left in, although i thought the left was ready to come out, the right was still draining 1cc an hour, basically more than it should. So, he said keep both in and return in 1 week, they should be ready to come out together. He said the drains were in the same place, and since one is draining more, he wants to take advantage of the time and let as much fluid drain as possible. He said it was normal to loose some compression of the drain bulb, and just keep it compressed as much as possible. My incision looks really good. Stop Neosporin, no more dressings are needed. Start scar treatment...he said Vit E oils, etc. Said my body contouring was coming along very well. Said that I could stop using my binder, but could continue my compression garment at night or continually, if wanted. I told himboth helped with keeping feeling tight and snugg, he said okay . I did ask about the name of the compression garment so I could order a spair for laundering. He said they were custom ordered, and as my swelling subsides, it may not be needed. He doesn't recommend a phase 2, but if I wanted it, I could order it directly to them and it would be there overnight, the cost was not discussed. All of my questions were answered during conversation, so I didn't ask about when I could sit on my butt, I am going to stay off of it for at least 4 weeks, I have taken all that time off.from work. Also, I find rolling up your coat and sitting on it in public places works, and looks somewhat normal. A normal towel or beach towel folded works okay on normal hard chair surfaces, but on soft surfaces like sofas or chairs with cushions you needed a firmer or larger towel roll under your butt, the surface really makes a difference in what you can use to elevate your BBL. I follow up in 7 days.

A Day Out:

Since driving the car went well, I wanted to go get my eyesbrows threaded. Picked kids up from school, we ate out, went to the mall mom's and oldest daughter did some shopping. I walked a lot, but was not fatigued. Still walked bent over. I felt fat walking because my thighs were swollen bad from the lipo, amd I just felt bulky from the garments. But, I wanted to dress in something normal, so I wore this Pink and white ADIDAS sweat suite that we already a little big in the hips...I put that thang on and barely made it over my néw booty. I feel ed the suit out. Got a lot of looks but wasn't sure it if was from my transforming body or walked like I was handicap...I actually contemplated getting my PS to complete a Handicap Form...anyways, I could feel the swelling in my thighs increase as I walked, my nylon Adidas pants started to feel like leggings in the thigh area.

I sat to get my eyebrows threaded... I elevated my butt with my legs, that lady reclined the back of the chair and I almost fired a fist to her face...my stomach was on fire, thought I felt a pop, she did it so fast before I could say I had abdominal surgery, guess I should have been more proactive (note to self). We switched chairs...Heck, I stumbled out of that chair, the pain was a shocker. I looked at my eyebrows, and they were a tad bit uneven, well, one arch was higher than the other...she gonna try to blame me because the chair didn't recline that far back. ...humph, BYE FELISHA... just fix it... afterward, , my mom and I quickly rushed to the nearest restroom to check my incisions, drains, etc..all.was good, whew. My thighs were really hurting and swollen from walking.

Continuation of my earlier post: Keeping it 1000

After hubby worked on his motorcycle all night until 3 am, he went to bed and work up with excruciating back pain...mind you he has been complaining about this back pain since before my surgey, yet still working on his bike...

Now, I am a healthcare provider, and I advised him that he likely pulled a muscle , take Ibuprofen, muscle relaxants, heat, etc and to stop working on the bike...however, he contends moving makes the pain better...okay. This has gone one or seemed to have increased (the pain) since my surgery...coincidence or competition...

So the morning goes like this:

1. 8 am: He awakes, Awah, my back hurt likes hell, I am going to the emergency room. I am up with my mom trying to help with kids and get back into my old routine.
2. He gets up turns on shower.
3. I go check on him, inquire more about the pain, and politely ask that he save me some hot water, as I wanted to shower this morning, so I could be ready for my post op appt at 1:45....(he was supposed to take me to it).
4. He snaps nastily and says, " that's all you got to say, is don't use all the hot water"...he yelled, "you don't know what's wrong with me, arent you a ______( states my job title), then says, we'll you got this appt, so, I don't know what I going to do about the emergency room.
5. I didnt turn up but...I assertively clarified that he was a hot water hog (but in kinder words), and I wanted to take a shower this morning. I told him, I wasn't a specialist, and I gave him my professional opinion, but I dont have xray vision, and that he wasn't in any condition to drive.
6. He showered, I went to check on him...why is he smelling good with some dress slacks on...for the Emergency Room...REALLY..., unless he had an interview at the hospital in the ER...I dont get it. He was on the phone asking a neighbor for a ride...humph, cause I was going to drive myself to my appointment...even if I had to leave 2 hours early and drive 10 mph, I was going to be at this appointment on time!
7. I go back and check on him, now he had changed into jeans and a T shirt,...huh?
8. He leaves...no goodbye, or even tells me what ER he's going too.
9. I call him at least twice while at my post op to check on him, no answer, I expect that there maybe poor signal/ connection in ED...but umm yea, anyway.
10. He calls me at 3:40-says he is at home. He had been at the ED since 9 am, he left the ED after they did a CT scan, blood work, urine...still no diagnosis, he told them to call him when they get him a diagnosis...then adds " Man um hungry, I ain't ate all day"...I told him to call me back-they called him while we were on the phone.
11. He calls me back, I ask what is the diagnoses.....wait for it....a muscle strain or tear...take Ibuprofen and muscle relaxers...oh, and can you bring me something to eat when yall come in....how abut some HUMBLE PIE!
12. SURE is what my mouth said but it ain't what my mind said...
13. We get home, he laid up like he had surgery-when did I roles and conditions switch?
14. Now, he wants to be waited on hand and foot....asking my daughters to do ALL this suff for him. He asked me to pick the remote off the floor, I said I can't bend...he says, oh that's right I forgot.....
15. While I am thinking negative thoughts, God has moved my heart to feel and think, and do What Would Jesus Do...

....he is still sitting in the reclincer adjacent to me seperated by a console....holding his head as if he has a really bad heachache...more like a stupidache for doubting my professional education and knowledge and for acting like an. ___hole.
16. Well...I assisted my mother in getting my girls to be and ready for school, undressed myself as best I could , took a muscle relaxer, sat down in the recliner next to him looked at the last 15 min of the new reality show, The next 15 then The Sugar Hill Gang on Unsung.
17. He complainined about me watching the realit show, then fell asleep.

I was so wired up from the last 48 hrs that I started posting on RS almost 2 hours ago, it's 4:44...I had to vent!

But, I will be at my daughters honor recognitions program this morning at 11:30, I wonder will he be there.

Goodnight or shall I say morning ladies

(pardon typos)

A long update

Ladies, wanted to give you an update.The last 2 days I have been sleeping 12-16 hours. I am not in pain or noticeably fatigued, as I am not overdoing it, but I will attribute this to the healing process.

I can tell I have had a decrease in swelling to my upper back, abdomen, and thighs based on how my compression garment fits, but there is still swelling.

My thighs are very swollen from the lipo. My left thigh is very swollen, bruised, and sore. So much that you can see indentations (called pitting edema) from my fingers, hands, blankets, etc. I expected all of the above, but had no idea, I would having pitting edema. A picture doesn’t show the degree of swelling, so I decided not to post a pic.

Also, I ran out of Bromelin w/ Quercertin and decided to go to the Vitamin Shoppe to buy some. Usually when I go, they are very knowledgeable, so I asked what else they had for tissue swelling that really worked. The man recommended several herbs, etc, but he suggested one that was really popular, effective, and had documented outstanding research findings. I am a researcher as well, and decided that I would try it. Honestly, I hadn’t looked of them medicine yet, but I have been taking it for the last 3 days, I can tell a difference in my swelling. It contains Bromelin and some other medicines and its 3 pills 3-4 times a day on an empty stomach.

I also hand massage my thighs, flanks, back (as much as I can get to) and stomach (gently). I try to kneed the hard areas in my thighs which is in the creases of my thigh and groin areas. I purchased a hand massage (Wahl Hot and Cold Therapy) from Walgreens for 39.99 (see PIC) with several attachable massaging heads as well has a heated and cold massage head) recommended by another RS’r. I am unable to give a review yet because my thighs hurt so much that it’s really painful to use it there; using my hand works best right now. I do plan to use it on the other areas that have small hard knots from the lipo.

Also-I read a PS’s response to a question about swelling to the abdomen after TT. He mentioned that because the lymphatic drainage system and its normal pathways has been disrupted in the abdomen, the swelling has to find new pathways to drain. This takes time to be rebuilt and reestablished, which is why swelling can last for months and intermittently up to a year. I plan to pull out my Anatomy and Physiology from undergraduate school for a review on the lymphatic system. My PS told me to wait for massages with a masseuse, so I have been massaging the firm areas myself.

Both drains are still in. The most agitating issue about the drains for me is the tugging and pulling at the insertion site in my groin. This is very painful. My remedy was to cover the drain sites for added security and stability. Dressings didn’t work to well, so I decided to cut the crouch out of several existing pairs of underwear. So the part of the underwear that goes around your hips provides coverage over the drains to secure them (see pic). I have been doing this for the past 3 days and it has been very effective.

The right is draining less than 10cc in 24hrs, however the left drain is another story. 2 days ago it was draining serous (clear tan-tinged) drainage about 50-60 in 24 hrs. Yesterday, I go to the restroom and in the tubing is serous sanguineous (reddish orange color). This was shocking after having 2 days of clearish drainage. I briefly checked to see the significance of the different types of drainage and really didn’t find any significant information. But, when I woke up this morning the color was changing back to serous, but there was a very large (size of thumb nail) blood clot (it was all red) floating around in the suction bulb, along with several whitish tissue fragments. I am thinking maybe there was a clog somewhere and it unloosened.

I have a follow-up appointment on Wednesday and I hope both drains will come out. They can be so cumbersome at times.

Nothing much to report. I am not taking measurements. Just posting pics.

I was told to start scar therapy last week. I have been using several oils. I have been placing them on my lipo insertion sites as well. My incision looks okay-I don’t have any open areas, just the typical scar appearance as it goes through its stages.

I am considering using some skin firming lotion as well. I seen this recommended by another user as well, especially with the remaining areas of cellulite on my butt.

None really; lots of pain to my thighs, especially when I put on my garment.

Compression Garment:
I wear my compression garment continuously except for off for an hour for laundering. When this is off, I put on my abdominal binder, but most times wear them both for the extra support. I can pull my abdominal binder tighter and tighter. The compression garment really helps with my thigh swelling.

Activity Level:
I am able to cook and shower independently, oh yea and driving. I am bending slightly when I am already in a sitting position or I will bend at the knees, but not too much. Otherwise, I ask my girls or mother. I am better at standing for longer periods. Although I am interested in exercising, I don’t feel my body is ready.

Last week I was able to get my eyebrows down, haircut, and went to about 5 different stores running errands-I felt good.

Okay, low, but I drink an Ensure daily and continue to drink lots of water. I am taking ES Tylenol, mainly for my thighs. I am almost out of my healing vitamins, but will order some more to take for the next month for my own peace of mind. I am doing really well. I feel that what I have been doing so far has been working.

I tried sleeping in the bed 2 nights ago and it started off okay with 3 pillows and a body pillow, but eventually I became uncomfortable and had a sleepless night. Last night, I returned to the recliner and slept well. I did take a Percocet and muscle relaxer to help.

I will add pics in a separate post. The pics of my body are from Saturday (11 days post-op.

Pics to accompany previous post

Had to upload pics from my phone to accompany previous post.

1 drain out! 2 week post-op Update

Yesterday I had my 2 week post-op appointment. I will preface this by saying that in my healthcare experience, post-op visits last for a few visits. Then the surgeon releases you, if all is well. 

Since cosmetic/plastic surgery is elective and such a special undertaking  to us women, as it pertains to our body figures and shapes being contured, snatched to perfection,  bilateral flawlessness and total skin eveness, then perhaps we desire or expect more from our visits. Meaning we may want every bump, lump, soreness, swelling, incision, suture, drain explained or reviewed when the ultimate answer is...that's normal....it's swelling....looks good...healing well...final results about a year...or a similar type of response....if all is well with you. Of course, the conversation may not happen that way if something is wrong.

For me, prior to surgery, my PS gave me about a 50 page booklet on all of the pre-op, post-op, complications, medications, exercise, activity level, sex, massages, do's and don'ts, handling grievencies, for all of  my procedures. I read it initially, mainly for the pre-op information. But I have not read it since my surgery, except for a few pages. Now, that I am more active, alert, and off narcotics, I will read it again. So with the booklet, my own healthcare knowledge, and learning what to expect from RS reviews, tuckthattummy.com, YouTube videos, and speaking directly to patients that recently had the same experience, I feel that I am prepped on what to expect, so I don't have a lot, if any questions at all.

My face time with the PS lasted 5 minutes. He simply looked at my thighs, incision, and drains, said everything was looking good and healing well. Our last visit was more informative, so not really anything new to discuss. I asked if my navel had absorbable sutures and he said yes, all of my sutures were.

Drains-He asked about how much output for each drain and said that the left would come out, right to remain. The left drain was removed by his nurse and the right remained. When the left drain was removed, there was no pain, discomfort, or nausea, or bleeding. The nurse snipped the sutures anchoring the drain tubing to my skin, asked me to take slow deep breaths, and she slowly pulled the drain out.

There was about 8-10 inches of drain tubing inside me. When she pulled the drain out it felt like the feeling when you are eating spaghetti and you suck the noodle into the your mouth. Although the drain exited through my left groin, its pathway went across the left side to the right side of my abdomen. I felt it on both sides of my abdomen when it was being removed. 

Removal of the left drain caused the right drain to drain a little more fluid that was more reddish, than the previous clearish tanish fluid, but hours later it returned to the clearish color. I instantly noticed a difference in how my abdomen felt to touch and just overall once it was removed. The left drain left a little over a 1/4 inch hole in my groin, which was covered with guaze. I was told that it will drain, but will close up in the next 24-36 hours. I took a pic, which shows a lot of white tissue, this is healthy tissue,  but because of tension and tugging, I thing the hole became a little larger than normal.

The right drain site, is... oh, so irritating and painful, because of the positioning it seems to always have tension, pulling, and  burning pain...simply indescribable. I asked if I could apply peroxide and she said no, it could eat up the healthy tissue that is present and not to apply neosporin either.

So, I will continue to wash around the site with the Dial Antibacterial Soap and hope that it will drain less over the next few days so it can be removed. Now, I will say that if it's draining fluid over 25 cc's I'd rather have the drain in than out, so I don't have to worry about developing a seroma or any type of fluid collections...but it's still agitating to have in to say the least.

....enough about drains....brain break...our new Rottweiler puppy we got for Valentines Day is in her cage in our bedroom asleep (part of her training)...she is snoring like a grown obese alcoholic man sleeping that smokes...she needs a sleep apnea machine and she be grunting and moaning like she having erotic dreams...do dogs have dirty dreamz? ...she  gotta get up outta my bedroom with this...cause if I can't get none, she ain't gonna get it in her dreams in my bedroom...!

...sorry, I digress...back to the post-op visit...

Garment-The PS says I can wear my garment only during the day. I was surprised to hear this because this is contrary to the instructions other RS's say they received and  what I have read from some of the PS's answering questions on RS. It probably would be comfortable not to having something on, but I still feel my abdomen needs support, so I suppose I could sleep with the abdominal binder around my waist over my Tummy tuck. I wanna try sleeping on my stomach, but not sure.

He also doesn't recommend phase 2 garments either. His credentials are impeccable, so I don't have any doubts about his recommendations, I guess all PS are different and based on his experience and training this is what he recommends.

Overall, I don't think that I received or needed aggressive lipo, my main issue was the abdominal fat, which is what the  TT fixed.  My left thigh seemed to have received the most aggressive lipo, given the amount of swelling, bruising, and pain.

My overall swelling has gone down, I do have swelling in my lower abdomen and above my TT incision, mostly on the right, and of course my  mons pubis is swollen. ...Oh, and thighs are improving, but still swollen. So, will continue to wear the compression garment and binder for added support. I may ask them to order me the next size down, but not sure if it will be a waste of money.

Again, I honestly can't say that I experienced swell hell, maybe it's too early, I hear that can happen around week 4. But I expect it and accept it, it is what it is and I will graciously manage it. I also take a diuretic for my blood pressure, so I am not sure if this had a tremendous impact on my swelling. 

So, having said that, I am curious if an over the counter diuretic, like we take for PMS/bloating will help with the swelling. Based on what I have read, it appears that a lot of the dolls  who had BBL's only had very agressive lipo and lots of swelling as result, if that's correct, I wonder is that why they may experience a lot of swelling. If some one knows, let me know. I just read a lot of girls stories from Vanity, and it seemed like that was the case.

I am a little confused as to if the purpose of the Faja is to shape and compress the swelling...because when the swelling mostly subsides, is tightening the Faja for forming the shape of your waist.

Incision-Looks ok, no complaints. I am just riding the routine wave of the scar care and treatment. I have scabs on my incision. I notice when I massage the Vit E scar oil, some of the scab flakes off. The oil is so thick, that small pieces of the scab break off, nothing major, but just wanted to mention it.

Activity-I asked about bending and he said whatever I was able to tolerate. I was puzzled at the lack of guidance or may be the  nonchalantness, but he was actually right. I feel there is somethings I can do comfortably. I didn't ask about sex, though my husband keeps asking me to feed the snake, lol really?  The booklet stated no strenuous activity for 6 weeks, including sex, so I am assuming that's when I can start back working out.

I feel like I am always dropping stuff and I am unable to bend down to get it and have to ask my mom or the kids.  I will refer to my booklet, because I know there is a limit to lifting too. It feels uncomfortable bending, I can bend at the knees, and do certain things...but I can't bend down on my knees and scrub the dogs poop off our hardwood floors!

That was pretty much the visit.  Not a lot of conversation with the PS, as far as he sees it, his work of art is a masterpiece. I am so thankful and blessed for no complications thus far. I owe that to God my Healer, being fit and in shape, those surgery vitamins, and family genes!

I did ask the nurse 3 questions:

1. How much fat was removed? 5200 cc which equals  a little over 10 lbs.

2. How much fat was transferred to my buttock? 420 cc each butt cheek. The 420 was the filtered usable fat with stem cells that implant, grow, and stay. The other  4360 was not viable fat and included the fluid injected.

I am okay with that, I was told that my booty would have been big, but I would have loss a lot of volume shortly after with swelling, etc. During the last visit, my PS did say that my butt would soften up and the fat would spread some. If you look at my before and after, my butt cheeks were flat, so I do have volume now. 

Not sure if my side butt profile will illustrate that bomb sillouette I see in some RS wish pics, but, I was told many times that a lot of pics were photoshopped or butt implants. Anyways, I have always been concerned with the back view versus the side view, but only time will tell. So for now, I am patiently waiting. 

3. At the tip of my sternum, between my breast, where you feel the bone, below that area in the middle of my chest to my abdomen, I feel two- three non-tender non painful nodules. 

I suspect they are either lymph nodes that are swollen in response to the surgery or related to my muscle repair. I don't think theres anything wrong,  I was just curious about these new findings.

Prior to the surgery, I had a fat pad from that area extending to my abdomen, now that there is no longer any fat and only just skin, I can feel either the sutures from muscle tightening or the lymph nodes.

The nurse indicated it was likely due to the muscle repair. I will continue to monitor, but I dont think it serious.

My next visit will be when  it's time for the right drain to be removed. Afterwards, I am not sure when the next follow-up will be. I guess if I wasn't doing well, I woud be in the office all the time, so I feel very blessed.

Again, I plan on reordering the surgery vitamins to take for anot her month to total 8 weeks. I barely used the Arnica gel to my legs, no particular reason, I just massaged them with the Vit E oils. Since I have it, I will use it all. Also, I did not need to use the gloves I bought. I used the urinal for the first 5 days,  now I sit on the commode with all my weight leaning forward on my thighs.

I only went through 1 pack of chux pads to protect my recliner. I have not used the floatie or the chair riser I purchased from Amazon. I used hand sanitzer. After I finished my 7 shots of Lovenox, I took the empty needles to the PS office for the to dispose of in the appropriate puncture resistant container.

 I did not need a walker, elevated commode chair, or purchased shower chair. I used my own kitchen table chair that my mom covered in an old shower curtain for a week, then we removed it from the shower, took the showere curtain off, it was dry and I sat on a rolled towel under my thighs to protect my BBL in front of the bathroom mirror.

I have yet to weigh myself or take hip/waist measurements,  it's not that serious to me, as I can see the results in the mirror and know my weight is down and my waist is smaller and butt is bigger. 

I posted pics from last night.

3 week Post-Op Update

Today I am 3 weeks post-op and I feel great! As a matter of fact, I felt great a few days before Valentine’s Day (10-12 days post), as I was able to be very mobile and felt like I was starting to get my independence back.

I have been wearing normal clothes for the last 10 days. By normal I mean, stretch jeggings and my butt looks really good in them. My pants usually slip right on and slide up easily, no I have to actively work at working my pants over my new bootay! This is such a boost to my self-confidence with body habitus, shape, and how my clothes fit. I also noticed that I have been bumping my booty a lot against walls, doors, and can’t easily squeeze threw small spaces like I normally could because of the new back load, lol. Now, my butt is not that big (i.e. K. Michelle or the Kardashians), but I am just saying there is something tagging along behind me and it ain’t our new puppy, lol.

My husband hadn’t really verbally said anything about how my butt looks ( I think he doesn’t want to inflate my ego, lol) but he says it with his eyes-always staring, looking, and watching, licking his lips while looking at my behind, grabbing his you know what, and keep saying, he can’t wait to “______ it, from the back,” lol. I wore jeans for the first time yesterday, they were non-stretch and I filled those babies out-he actually said, “humph, you wearing those jeans ain’t cha,” lol. I tried to be all modest and humble and was like “I guess so”-the whole time I am laughing inside (tee-hee-hee).
I am doing more and more each day. I am bending. Some days I can got to the floor beding at the knees first mainly on my left side, where there is no drain. Because the drain is still in the right groin, I have some limitations in movement and bending to the right leg. When bending my right leg or putting on my garment, I have to have my right leg at a right angle (like a ballerina stance) in order for it to be comfortable. I am still unable to bend down to put lotion on my feet, so they are looking ashy unless my daughters or hubby do it. Most times, I rather just put some socks on and ignore the ashyness (is this a word?).

As you know I in my previous post I mentioned I was still having a lot of swelling to my thighs, left > right. I also have some swelling above my right incision. My compression garment is no longer providing enough of compression so searched the internet and found a location in Maryland that provides Fajas, squeems, etc. I decided to venture out to Silver Spring to Fajas Solome, MD; the website is All About Shapewear.com-I called 3 times and left a message to make sure they were open as their website seemed to be a web-based store. Long story short-after a 58-minute drive to the store in the nasty rain they moved. I asked the office manager did they have a new contact number and address. The number they gave me was 240-821-8609. I spoke to the manager/owner I believe-he informed me that they changed their business model (i.e. not enough local business is my deduction) and are only web-based, he was so nice and knowledgeable, he spent 30 minutes with me on the phone discussing faja sizing and abdominal lipofoam boards, shipping (2-3 days), return policy (flexible, but garment is inspected). He texted me the faja based on out discussion that would work best and told me since I drove all the way out to the old office, he would give me a 10% discount.

My TT scar is flattened in the front, but on the sides it is still elevated- the end of my incisions on both ends is flattened as well. I have sutures that are outside of the skin at the ends of each incision-this has been the same since surgery, so nothing new. I absolutely have no abdominal pain at all-all if my soreness or pain comes from the drain incision site and my thighs being sore, oh and my back from lipo, but its manageable without pain medicine. I have yet to get a massage-although the surgical booklet indicated I could have massages. During my second post op visit (7 days post-op), my PS said to wait.

So I still have swelling to all of my areas which it may take 2-3 months to see how things will look. I am actually ready to go back to work. I would like to do some type of exercise, stretching, or something. My hip flexors have become very tight from being flexed most days-it’s just like arthritis a little, I am stiff in the mornings and wake up walking humped over. But I am almost standing straight up-most days anyways. I still have my left drain in as I mentioned before.

Coincidentally, I received this email from the surgical coordinator today:

Good Morning!
I hope this email finds you well!! Just wanted to check in with you and see how you were feeling from your procedure, and get you scheduled for your next appointment with Dr. Chiaramonte. What day and time works best for you to come in?

With Warm Regards,

My response:

Hello Denise,
Thanks for asking and checking in on me. I am doing well but still have lots of uncomfortable swelling to both of my inner thighs-you can see indentations and prints from my hands or anything that puts pressure on them-called pitting edema.
I still have increased swelling in the mid to lower area of my abdomen and mons pubis, greater swelling directly over the right side of my incision. I still have my right drain in its still putting 60-75 of drainage out in 24 hrs.

Since some of the swelling had gone down, my compression garment no longer provides adequate compression especially to my thighs and front of the abdomen. I know that swelling is expected for a while and is based on activity level, but my thighs aren't being compressed any longer from the garment.

I am looking into ordering another garment to provide more incremental compression and perhaps some lipofoam to the abdominal area. I wanted Dr. C's blessing prior to ordering, but my last appointment I wasn't told when to follow up which is why I have no appointment. I am likely going to go ahead and order a garment.

Dr. C said to come back when the drain is less than 25 cc's in 24 hr, and it hasn't. Dee (his nurse) said that when the drain is less than 25cc that I could come in to see her and didn't need to make an appointment with Dr. C. This is the main reason I hadn't made an appointment.

Today is 3 weeks post-op, I figured I would just follow-up at 4 weeks since I wasn't told a timeframe and since my drain is still draining. I do have questions, but was going to wait until my next appointment.

What do you suggest?

The surgical coordinator immediately called me and said your drain should be out by now! You need to come in tomorrow to be evaluated by Dr. C. We need to find out what’s going on, where this fluid is coming from, and what he is going to do, especially if you’re saying you have some swelling in the right side above your incision. He may let the drain stay in to Friday, but that would be it. She also said that she would measure me for another garment and I could look through their book to pick out the best garment for me that won’t compress my butt. She said that they could get the garment faster and likely cheaper than if I went through another vendor. I was glad to hear this because Dr. C does not recommend phase 2 garments.

So, I will see tomorrow how things are looking and I will ask some questions about my navel, BBL, and activity level. Having the drain out makes a big difference in your ability to move about freely, dress, get into the car, shower…I mean everything. My daughter usually takes pictures for me. Lately when I have been in the nude-she hasn’t been around and my selfie (no selfie stick) pics are out of focus. I don’t ask hubby-he has an issue with me posting naked pics anywhere!
I took my mom home last Saturday-a 5.5 hr drive each way. I drove with my booty elevated on a roll of extra-large towels. I was fairly comfortable, no issues or pain. It was bitter sweet and depressing all at the same time. I returned on Sunday and was in a bad mood; I guess more a sad mood than anything. She helped me out so much for almost 3 weeks and just the thought that I am not going to get that much and type of support and care really was hurting me-I felt like I was mourning her leaving.

My husband hadn’t been as much help like I thought and like he said he would-I think it was mainly (…and that’s being generous) too overwhelming for him and out of his comfort zone-despite his vigilance and motivation to care for me in the beginning. It seemed like since my mom was here he let her doing everything-she didn’t mind, but at the same time how does that look.

I ain’t getting back to that conversation but I will say that having a new puppy (named Lexus) was not so convenient during my recovery. My mom, girls, and I have been taking care of the puppy-well may as well say baby. So, I have just about had it with peeing and pooping in the house, taking the dog outside, the house smell, cleaning our hard wood floors, following her around to make sure she doesn’t go, and sick of asking hubby to contact a trainer. Today…I said “_ _ _ _ it”! I cannot heal and get well chasing behind this puppy, and everything else.

Now that I am considering returning to work in the next 7 business days, I am trying to get my affairs in order (get taxes done, oil changed, return unused items to Amazon, etc.) and run errands so that I can be ready. This is another reason a different garment is needed. I do a lot of walking to get to work and take steps to be healthy, I am sure I am going to have plenty days of swelling ahead. I planned on working on my dissertation during my recovery period but hadn’t been too motivated. But now I am back on the computer analyzing data hoping to finish this thang up! I need to make some progress before I return to work, so I have been staying up late writing and writing while the kids are at school.

Oh, and I slept in the bed for the second time when I spent the night at my mom’s-all went well-except that darn drain tugging. I slept in my bed the last 2 nights with my long body pillow (Ross’s @ $10.99), I slept comfortable, but I did take a muscle relaxant too. The drain was not as big of an issue for some reason. My husband said that I must have missed sleeping with him because I kept holding and grapping him…I said I thought that was the body pillow, lol.

My sorority is having their annual meeting this year in July…in Orlando, Florida…found that out yesterday…oh what a perfect opportunity to wear a 2 piece for the first time on the flat side! Can’t wait until the PS releases me to work this body out. I deadlift heavy weights and I am expecting for my body to be looking tight! Not sure when I will upload pics-I don’t think there are any significant changes to be honest-very slight that they aren’t really noticeable. I may way to next week-I will be 1 month post-op and should have my new garment by then.

PS visit today.....Drain still in and more

I had my follow-op visit with the PS today (2/24).

He looked at my right drain stripped it a couple of times and thought it very strange of the amount of drainage I am having. He palpated the area above my incision on the right and said to come back on Friday so they can remove it. He feared taking it out sooner would result in fluid collection under the skin. He advised me to empty the drain every morning for a more accurate measurement. As I had emptied last night at 9 pm and at 10:42 I had over 25cc in the drain.

I asked about the sutures that were still present and extending from the ends of my incisions at the hips. He said they would eventually fall of and no worries. I commented that I didn’t want to pull them out and unravel anything and we both chuckled.

Belly Button:
I asked about my navel. First let me explain. I have always been an inny, even though I have always seemed to have some fat surrounding my belly button. My belly button wasn’t perfectly round, but it was adequate. So, now my belly button looks like it’s on the sides of the skin surrounding the opening to the belly button. I can stick my pinky finger in my belly button all the way to the second line on my pinky finger.

So, I was curious how my belly button would heal given that scenario. He explained that since my skin had been stretched over my belly because of the fat, it had been hidden. When the swelling goes down then it will be normal. I understood what he explained, but I am a visual person and I still am unable to picture what he said with the way my belly button currently looks. I am not really worried; I am a process person and like to know what to expect as I go through this transition. I tried to find some pictures but I did a mediocre search, I will look again later.

As you know I have had some concerns about the indentations on both sides of my butt. I asked and he said that this was how my body was built, which I already knew. I asked why wasn’t fat transferred to the areas with the indentations were in my butt. He explained that his main focus was on the flattened area of my butt, as that was the area that needed the most work. He said he used all of the fat there to achieve the fullness and roundness that I have. He said that if I had additional fat left over, he would have transferred it to the sides of my butt. I was satisfies with his answer.

I actually thought that I had a lot of fat to be lipo suctioned-between my belly, flanks, back, and thighs. Although, I am not a large sized girl (5’9 @ 210 lbs), my perception of how much fat I had apparently was very different to that of a trained eye such as my PS.  He didn’t advise me to loose or gain any weight. However, 4 months had passed since my original consult to my surgery date and I had been working out with a personal trainer since June. My trainer indicated I would see most of my results in 6 months which would be in December (3 months after my consult). I knew I lost a lot of fat and gained a lot of lean muscle weight which is why my weight went up to 210 lbs from 195 lbs.

I mentioned in an earlier post that he injected 420cc of fat in each check although he removed over 5000 cc of fat-only 840 was the viable and usable strained fat that would definitely stick. Oh, and that explains why he said I could sit on my BBL at 14 days compared to what the other PS recommend to their patients. Although, I am still not sitting on my butt.

My measurements were taking for a new garment.

My last measurements by my trainer was on 9/19:

Waist: 40 ¾
Right Thigh: 26 ¼  
I don’t have measurements for my hips. 

Post-Op Measurements at the PS office today were:

Waist 34 ½ (with swelling)
Right Thigh 28 ½ (with swelling)                                                         Hips 43

I looked through the garment book, but did not see any phase 2 garments that had 3 levels of hook and eyes for compression. They said that they would call the company and ask if they offered such a garment without the butt compression. They will call me tomorrow to let me know. I showed the nurse a picture of the garment I wanted using the link the man at All Shapewear.com sent me and said I wanted something like that. If my PS doesn’t offer this garment, I will use the measurements they took and order a garment from his website. I may have to order an abdominal lipofoam board separately from Amazon. The gentlemen for the website told me he was sold out of several brands and only had 1 style available.

I will see how things go on Friday and I am hoping to hear something about the garment tomorrow.

Free at last...Free at last...I am drain free at last!

My right drain is out! Felt like I have been 12 weeks a slave to this drain! My output was still over 25cc but because of the length of time and the fact that it was tender, Dr. C said remove it. The drainage was clearish tan, I wonder was that lymph fluid. Since it wasn't bloody Dr. C wasn't concerned. I am supposed to follow-up next Wednesday-this will be 4 weeks.

In the short time that the drain has been out, I can move around and bend so much better, OMG!!!! I feel free, the feeling is just unexplainable. My youngest daughter just said, "ooh mommy I can tell your thing is taken out, you look so much prettier, and not fat, lol. Your clothes look good."

Unfortunately, the drain has left an unattractive opening and likely scar to my groin, but I will do scar therapy there too. I was told no neosporin or peroxide. That area is tender to touch and still swollen more tha the left side above the TT incision.

I ordered my new garment, it will be here Monday, I paid for next day delivery. The surgical coordinator measured me today and my waist is 33 ( half and inch decrease), hips/butt 48- the other nurse may have measured too high ( she measured 42). My left thigh measured at 28.5 on Wednesday, today it measured at 27. So, some definite progress on a reduction in swelling.

I also will order my second round of Vita Medica surgical vitamins-minus the Arnica and Bromelin-can't say that they really helped me. I felt so much more energy, motivation, and overall better taking the surgical vitamins. I can tell a difference in my body and not taking them, even my skin on my face looked better. I haven't had much of an appetite, so I have been drinking protein shakes and eating blueberries with one real meal daily. Water intake has not been good- hoping that will change too.

All of my stretch jeans fit loose, even with the BBL, so I have to wear a belt or else keep pulling them up. Now that this last pesky drain is out, I don't have to wear bulky shirts to hide the drain , I feel better wearing my normal clothes with my compression garment of course. My shirts fit so good. I still will wait before buying new clothes. We were in the mall yesterday and as I was walking I was seeing all these outfits and dresses that I could now wear without a problem. No fat rolls, bulges, muffin tops, or bra fat...yasss! My breast are large, so finding some bra and panty sets or lingerie may be an issue, but I am good with that.

Oh, and I asked when could I sleep on my stomach the nurse said around 3-3.5 weeks post-op. Which is what I now. I am a little tired of lying on my sides...but it could be most of that was related to having the drain in, which made it difficult to turn. I will try it tonight, but will use some chux in case I drain a lot from my right drain site. I am still not sitting on my but, although Dr. C says 14 days, I may wait until 6 weeks...so 3 more to go. Another pt of Dr. C said she sits on her booty but sits on something soft.

I don't have the boppy, so I may buy a black towel and use it as a roll while I commuting to work and to use at work. If you ladies have any inconspicuous ideas let me know. So far, I hadn't had a good opportunity to take pics while I'm dressed. My photographer (my youngest daughter) is booked with school and homework, by the time she gets home, I am in relaxing clothes.

Garment I ordered from my PS office at a significant discount


I ordered a phase 2 garment directly from my PS office. They had their reps help me select what will work best.

While this specific garment does not have the 3 rows of hook & eyes like the fajas a lot of the ladies on RS are talking about, I choose this one for several reasons.

The butt is out which will continue to help shape and support my butt, cutting wholes in the butt of a garment my weaken the garment material.

My PS was in the office when I was selecting the size of the garment and I asked about purchasing over the counter garments from Walmart, sears, etc., he said that Spanx wouldn't give me the compression I needed and the material is different. He said they would provide general support but not the compression I was looking for.

This garment comes with a built in triangle in the back right above the sacral area that provided compression. So I don't have to buy a separate triangle.

Th abdominal area is padded with extra compression. If I need additional abdominal compression once this garment gets to small, I will purchase a lipo board or if I still have swelling in the front of my supra pubis and mons pubis area.

So ladies, if you wanted to order a second garment, check with your PS office first to see if you can get it cheaper through them. This garment was not on Amazon either.

Link: https://marenagroup.com/fbom-open-buttock-capri-length-girdle/

Ths garment cost $144, I was able to get it for $96. It is been shipped to my doorstep. I opted to pay $30 for next day deliver ( comes Monday). This garment fits a 32-34 waist, I am 33, so I am hoping this garment can get me even smaller. Now, that may be expensive compared to some fajas you can get on Amazon, but this wasn't available.

When I heal better, don't thing a sister not gonna use this garment under a sheer sexy dress or something.

This was the other garment I was considering, but decided against after speaking to my PS.


BBL pics

My photographer was in tonight, so i had her take some BBl pics. As you can see, a lot of swelling has gone down since surgery. I love vie from the back.

Side profiles are okay. Don't expect a Miami Booty. I am okay with that.

He only only injected 420cc on each butt cheek. This was all of the strained and us as usable fat after filtering the tumescent fluid and all the extra fluid that would stick too my butt. He said if he had more he would have transferred fat to the butt dimples.

I still have swelling, I was told I would see a major difference at 2-3 months and you'll see the S curve sillouette ftom my back to butt.

As I mentioned, I am not too happy with side profile, but I know there's still swelling and my butt dimples are present. Dr. C said his main focus was on my central butt, which needed the most fat. If there was more he would have injected to the butt dimples.

My butt is still firm in some areas and will soften up. I am hoping when I get my new garment Monday it will help shape my butt more. Also, I will research some good firming lotions/creams too to use on my thighs, butt, and tummy.

Congratulations...It's a Seroma!

I am post-op week 4. Seroma: As you know my right drain was removed last Friday (2/26), despite in being in for 3 weeks and still draining over 50 cc’s clear (serous) drainage. Dr. C told me to come back on the following Wednesday. I knew I would be a good candidate for a seroma given the above and I was okay that-as everything has been going well thus far, thank GOD! So, I noticed particularly since Monday that I have had increased swelling above my entire incision. Monday was my first time doing housework (mopping, cleaning, laundry, cleaning the puppy’s crate, etc.) I did a lot of work. I felt good, no pain, exhaustion, or anything. My initial thoughts were that the swelling was related to increased activity, which may have been a contributor. But I researched RS about Seroma and I self-diagnosed myself. The last two days I have been changing positions to see if the fluid shifts and tapping my belly like a keyboard and watching the waves. Its very interesting to see and feel. I felt pressure in my lower abdomen and some heaviness. No pain at all, but like I was a little pregnant (meaning the early fullness when you start to show). I tried to increase the pressure by applying extra compression with and tighter abdominal waist workout trimmer I had that I could tighten more than my abdominal binder, but despite those efforts, it helped very little. I didn’t call the office, I knew what it was and felt okay and calm…not an emergency. If you are not familiar, a seroma is a collection of fluid between the skin and fat tissue or skin and muscle (I have seen it worded this way) above the incision. The area waves when you press on it and feels like a water balloon kinda. There is no pain or any other discomforts, for me. This is listed as a common complication with TT’s. However, complication is not the best word; side effect is what I would say. The word complications give a Seroma a bad rap and sounds worse than it really is. So, I go to the office and Dr. C says what’s up. I said, I think I have some fluid in there (patting on my belling). He takes a look, but before he does he is looking and I am making my TT area do the wave. He looks, presses, and said Yep, there some fluid in there. He said he figured this would happen with me given the amount of fluid that was draining, but the drain had been in too long and it could have led to an infection which would be waaayyyy more complicating. We laughed about it and I said I was totally cool with it. He stepped out to grab the nurse and they returned. I leaned back in a semi-laid back position on the exam chair. The nurse was on my right and Dr. C was on my left. I didn’t even look to see what he was preparing. I read about it and wasn’t too concerned with what was about to go down down there. I did not require any numbing medication, lol, I am still numb from the surgery. So when Dr. C was ready, he signaled the nurse, and she began pressing (there was no pain) on the left side of my TT incision where the swelling was. This was to apply opposing pressure to the area moving the fluid to the opposite- aka the side he was draining. I felt a small pressure (only way I can describe it) and he drained my seroma. This took less than 5 minutes. The entire time we were talking. I joked that I felt I was ready to give birth…the nurse asked to what laughingly, I said to a boy (since I have girls). The we all talked the number of kids we all had and dogs-Dr. C has a new puppy too and we were verbalizing our frustrations with the process, lol. So, the seroma drainage went off without a hitch-no pain, no drama, didn’t feel a thang. I asked how much fluid he drained-I calculated 275 cc, lol because I was draining at least 55 ccs-this over 5 days equalized that amount. To my surprise, he only drew 90 cc of clear fluid-having 90cc seemed like a little to me as far as the amount, but it looked like there was way more fluid based on the amount of swelling. The seroma swelling did not show up well, no matter what angle of the camera, so I didn’t take a pic. I was told to return on Friday for possible draining. Ideally there will be less fluid, and this process will continue until the amount is low enough for my body to reabsorb. Garment: My new garment arrived and fits good. I was a little concerned about buttock openings, as the seemed like they were too small for my new booty. The garment does provide compression around the buttock-and does not compress the fat transfer areas. What I don’t like is that the compression makes my booty look abnormally shaped because of the size of my butt cheeks, especially in clothes. But just in a certain area. The area underneath my buttock folds where the butt hangs right above my legs. It looks crazy because the garment compresses that area. This in no way affects my BBL, but I am taking about the aesthetics. So I mean that it doesn’t make my butt look perfectly round underneath clothes at the cuff of the butt-well I had on some loose sweats today, but yesterday I wore jeans. I was a little self-conscious about it. I was wondering if people were wondering why the bottom of my butt looked like that. But ultimately, that is the least of my worries, because the garment works. This garment provides excellent thigh, back, upper back, and abdominal compression. Also, it comes with 3 sacral triangles that you insert into a slot in the back. This I love-I wished I would have had this garment or at least the triangle early on for the compression and getting that dip in the back right above the butt where the back and butt curve and meet. The compression to the abdomen is okay-they say they you should be able to pinch the garment-which indicates its not too tight. To be honest, I wanted that thang to fit much tighter-like immediate swelling post-op tight. The compression is good, don’t get me wrong, but I am so pressed to have a lot of pressure on my abdominal area and thigh, more on my abdomen. I looked at ordering an abdominal lipo board, but keep forgetting to do it. Up until last night, I added my exercise waist wrap by sweet sweat (not a waist trainer), but couldn’t get it too tight by myself and didn’t want it to come down on my butt. The picture on the website for the garment shows (see in my photos) a female with her booty fitting perfectly. At least from the side view, she has a petite booty. I don’t want to judge quite yet, as I still have a fair amount of swelling to my booty and abdomen, but these are my initial thoughts. There is great compression on the thighs (reinforced material), under the butt-it wears like a thong underwear which was a little irritating. There is not an opening to do #2, so it does take me a while to get undressed to go the bathroom. Questions for Surgical Coordinator: I had a few questions for the surgical coordinator, Denise, who is absolutely amazing, knowledgeable, and who can speak from personal experience. I could have asked Dr. C, but I liked the fact that she has been there for over 6 years and could tell me verbatim what I needed to know and had the time to do it. I know Dr. C is busy. I showed her how the garment fit on my booty and asked was the correct-she said yes, as I still have a lot of swelling. I told her I expected/wanted it to be tighter, she said no, that was how it should fit. I showed her my booty-I felt that there is flattening or a dent on the middle of the buttock that was previously full (I have been lying on my side 99& of the time with exception to the first 1-2 days, but my butt was elevated and during the first post op-visit-Day, I was told that I could sit on my butt by the nurse which was odd). I asked could it be that the fat died, fat transfer was unsuccessful. She acknowledged the depression or flattening and I explained that below the dent on the left butt cheek is the hardened area from the fat transfer and above the dent is big/full. But on the right buttock it was okay. She indicated that I still had a lot of swelling-it could be possible that the fat transfer didn’t take, however she felt that there is still swelling right above my butt- and it could be that the flattened (is what I call it-compared to the other areas) area swelling has gone down in that area. Also it could be that swelling is going down in the areas of the butt differently. The area in the middle is the area where the fat transfer was injected too, so it could be that it has softened-she said overtime it will all even out and I will have that butt cuff/hang in the bottom of the butt right above the back legs. So bottom line and the answer is always…swelling…changes over the next 1-2 months-I am okay with that. I asked about my navel and should I put a marble (sterilized ofcourse) or ear plug in it to help its shape. She said, I could do that or nothing. She said there is still lots of swelling (I agree) and the navel is very vascular. She said that overtime the extra skin on the sides will retract back into the hole and it will be round. She showed my hers and I seen the extra skin that I have that retracted back-she had to actually spread her navel wide and deep so I could see it. So, I feel way better…and the answer is always…it’s swelling. Lastly, Dr. C indicated I should keep a lot of compression on my abdomen, since I had the seroma. Currently, I don’t feel I have a lot of pressure…I mean I want to be able to breathe and don’t won’t to feel lightheaded, but I need more compression than the garment (should’ve ordered the abd board, will do tonight…I think, SMH). So, I asked did the office have anything. She asked about my binder (its for a 30-45 inch waist) and I explained that it was overstretched and didn’t give me the compression I needed. She grabbed me a new one to try, but also suggested getting a wide ace bandage and wrap it around my waist that way I would be able to target the specific area I needed versus having a binder or something else that wrapped around my butt too. I went to Walgreens-which always seems to be able to have what I need no matter what, especially for this surgery and found a 6 inch ace wrap, I think standard is 3 or 4 inches (the standard size was there as well). Prior to Walgreens, I went to Target and they had the standard size, which I bout. I may use them both and will try them tonight. But still may order the lipo board. Scar and Skin: I am running out of Rose Hip Oil, Vite E 50,000 IU, and my Palmers Scar Therapy for my scar. I decided while I was purchasing scar treatments, I would buy some skin firming lotion while I am healing to help tighten my skin in the lipo areas (thighs, butt, abdomen, flanks, back)-heck everywhere! I googled best body firming lotions (I always google the top or best for almost any product I am considering to read reviews) and the best product rated the highest (9.1/10) was Palmers Skin Firming Lotion! . …You know I said I was at Target first…they didn’t even have this, but they had every other Palmers Coco Butter skin care products for stretch marks, etc., you name it…not hating but just saying. So, of course, I roll up in good ole faithful and trustworthy Walgreen’s and they have it for $7.99-I bought 2 bottles, because I am going to firm up this body before the summer so I am RET-TEY!. I considered other scar treatment oils like-Bio Oil-which was on sail at Walgreens (the large size) for $19.99-I started to buy it at Target, but it was $29.99 (SMH-Is there an app to find and compare local products? If so, please share). I started to by the Bio Oil as I heard about it on RS, but I read the ingredients. While I don’t know how to pronounce any of those ingredients what I do know it this: I compared the ingredients of Bio Oil to what I am currently using Palmers Scar Therapy Oil and it contains a lot of great stuff-but the kicker..it contains silicone and from what I read and can recall Bio Oil doesn’t (but correct me if I am wrong). Silicone strips are what some PS recommends to help heal scars and improve their appearance with significant improvements making them almost invisible. So, I decided to stick with Palmer’s Scar Therapy. I did look at the Silicone strips and will confirm with my PS or the coordinator that I can use them and I will do that too…lol, maybe on some old scars too. I think that about covers everything since my last post. So much to talk about in a week. Oh and before I started writing this (at least 2 hrs ago), I took off my compression garment, I feel like the swelling has increased slightly…maybe the fluid accumulating slowly (seroma) or just daily swelling. I will say this. I know that all the swelling is a part of the process, but I can’t help but to say that I feel that I was flatter immediate post-op than I am now…like now when I look down, all I see is puffiness from my sternum down to my pubic area. I don’t mean to be graphic, but I can even see my clitoris. I was able to right after surgery for a few days, maybe even weeks. I mean…I am just saying. So like Paul in Corinthians 1 & 2 in the Bible. I contradict myself and say/do conflicting things like what I just said…I know…I know…IT”S SWELLING AND NORMAL…but can’t a gal still vent, verbalize, and express feelings and emotions about how her body is looking and transitioning? I say all this to share my experience with you so you will know what to expect, what’s normal, what’s abnormal, what works, what doesn’t, why this, why that-it looks like this and that. I am to go see Dr. C in 2 days (Friday) and will report back anything noteworthy. Last thoughts-the new puppy Rottweiler (well the upkeep and cleaning poo/pee) is a pain in the yo know what-but cute and sweet. Hubby is loving on and caring for his Harley Davidson RoadGlide more than me-it’s his mistress…maybe that’s me, and she is the wifey, because she gets all of his time and attention. My TT scars burns and itches now for the last 2-3 days, mainly on the right side where the seroma and pesky disrespectful tardy drain was taken out. My flanks when moderate touch/pressure burn in pain-swelling still there; this is normal thought. I return to work in 2 weeks, plan on having me a spa day-lymphatic massage, mani & pedi, hair dyed (greys hairs here and there need some coloring/highlights). I plan on having a lymphatic massage soon, I have been a little lazy with that, but I identified 2-3 locations that sound descent.
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

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