39 Year Old Mother of 5.. I Have Been Waititing for Almost 11 Years Age of my First Child to Have This Surgery Done.) - MD

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I am going with ps Dr. Michael F. Chiaramonte, MD...

I am going with ps Dr. Michael F. Chiaramonte, MD.,F.A.C.S with Bella Cosmetic Surgery for my procedures. I will be getting 400 cc's, silicon under the muscles. I am 5'2 and weigh 110 pounds. Athletic build African American. I am really excited. I am looking for my breast to look perky. My boobs have sagged for so long. I breast fed all 5 children. Ages 14 months through 10.. I don't want them to big.
I have dont the pre opt and everything. I was actually set to go today but life happened and I had to reschedule. The staff at bella was great and even reschedule me without a charge. Only gave them 2 hours notice. My new date is set for Monday, feb 16th..

Surgery confirmed!!

Morning!! I got the big call this morning confirming my surgery set for Monday, Feb. 16th!! ( yay) not nervous just super anxious!! I wanted the first surgery but was unable to get it. I'm set for 1:30p must arrived by noon. I've read plenty of blogs, hoping I have all I need for post surgery!!


Hello! I crossed, today around 1pm. I haven not peeked or tried to. I am waiting for my Wednesday follow. I am in good spirits. Hardly, no pain. I'm taking oxy every 6 hours and muscle relaxer at night. Pain on a scale of 1 to 10, 3... However, I am very emotional. I have told everyone that I loved them. Kissed my babies like 10 times each. I feel really sad that my 13 month baby girl can't lay in my arms like she sies everynight. She doesen't understands. Working thought that. I am a single parent so it's hard work. The snow slowed me down with no school tomorrow but I am coping. My amazing sister flew in from mothers Cali to take care if me. I II've her. She took leave and all.. So she took all the photos for me. I will post. Feeling great and is really in a high right now. I feel like I did the moment I have birth and they were finally out. Natural high! I did it! They are healthy! I a mother! That high. Will see how the pain is tomorrow as I hear it is more intense..


Morning ladies!! Ok, so 2nd day post op was very emotional and painful. I thought I didn't need the meds as often because I was not in pain day 1. However, the narcotics from surgery wore off and the pain hit me all at once. Now the pain was about a 6 but the discomfort and heaviness was at a 9.. Needless to say, I put the meds in rotation. Once the pain and discomfort was manageable I looked at my wrap and thought my boobs were too small.. Feeling fustrated and emotional I just got depressed.
The next day I went for my first post follow up visit to remove the wrap. The dr and nurses were all sweet and attentive to my concerns. I told them I was feeling down because they looked small. They assured me I got 400cc's, and once they settled and fluffed they would be perfect for my small structure. I did not want them extra huge because I love to workout with the kids and go running with my adult friends. Anyway, I'm going to try and be patient and see what they look like once the swelling goes down and settle. Here are some pics from day 3 post op.

4 days post op

Hello ladies!! So today it's been real emotional. It's funny because I said I was not going to fuss over these boobs until like a month or so. Yet, here I am fussing. The dr changed me into my bra and I noticed that my nipples were puffy and a little off the original circular path. I was taken aback from this because I was concerned about the vertical scar not the aerola scar. So this puffiness and distortedness mad me sad. The pain is not that bad at all. I take the muscle relaxer to stand up and move around due to the heaviness. My boobs look extra small when first revealed but another blogger showed me her friends progress over the months and that made me feel a lot better about picking 400cc's instead of something way larger. I have been putting the neosporin on the stitches twice a day now. I really want to use some of those scar sheets to make sure my areola's stay flat and not puffy like my nipples but the ps said it was way to soon for that now.. That made me sad too.. I purchased all this stuff to use post surgery and can't use them yet. To add insult to injury I started my cycle so my hormones are splatter all over the walls. I don't know what's making me sad now. Lol!! My 5 children are just ready for me to feel better. I've missed their games, doing HW, eating dinner with them and just spending time with them. So the process is absolutely an emotional roller coaster. I would like to add that you do need more than 4 down days to be able to return to work.. Well at least I did. I think realistically at least 7 full days off of just ready R/R

5 days post

So, today I had to change my bra because the one I was given was snagging a stitch or something under my boob. I am still putting the neosporin on the incisions twice a day. They are slowly dropping. Here are some pics I took today. I have another appointment with Dr. C, on Monday. He is so attentive so I'm sure he will be able to address my concerns.

7 days out

One boob bigger than the other

Ok. I took some pictures this morning. Snowed in with 5 kids.. Whew. At any rate, I noticing the right Breast, the one that hurts the most, is larger than the left Breast. I am really hoping, the right us just dropping faster than the left one. I am getting really paranoid about this because I absolutely do not want to have to pay to get this corrected nor do I want to redo this procedure. Has anyone experienced this early on post op? I have post latest pics.

feeling much better

Hey ladies! so I have been absent for a while being very emotional. I am not typically emotional but since this procedure I have been. My friends all blame the medication so I stopped taking them. At any rate, the last few days has been filled with ups and downs. As I noted earlier, I have been having more swelling and pain in my right breast. I went in to see my PS and he examined me and said everything was fine so far. He did not see any early signs of fluid build up or contractions. ( yay! great), so to manage the pain he advised that I take advil more often..I have been doing this and I have been feeling great. I have to remind myself that I just had major surgery and slow down when it comes to the 5 kids.. I must admit, at times I often question if I made the right decision to have this procedure done with a little one on my back, knees, arms and head 24/7, and 4 other children to take care of all by myself. It gets overwhelming at times when I cant do things around the house, and with the kids that really needed to be done due to the pain I was feeling. I don't have another appointment with my PS until March 16th. Its crazy now because now I think I actually see an internal stitch popping out. I know I have read some comments addressing this issue, so if anyone can give some advice please do so.
thank you

Dipping a little?? Maybe?? Lol

So, I think my Breast are starting to drop some. I think I actually feel it when it's happening. My Breast feels really heavy and tingles.. Idk. Anyway, this far out and I'm starting to feel itching on the incisions, sudden shape pains on and off in certain parts of my Breast and my skin does not feel the same as it did post surgery yet. I feel like I need to baby them in the shower. Strange I know. Here is my lattest Breast pic.

One month post!!

Ok. So I have made it to the one month mark. I am trying to remain patient! One right Breast seems larger than the left breast still.. I'm hoping it evens out because I DO NOT, want to get anything fixed.. The mentor cord ( the things that look like swollen veins under each Breast when I lift my arms above my head) are a bit painful at times, ( dr says they are the internal stitches that will eventual dissolve) eradicate the problem... Also, my Breast are itchy, which my PS told me means the swking is going down... He also told me that one of my Breast folds is slightly higher than the other one and that difference can't be fixed.. Other than those things I guess I'm on track.. Like I said, I really hope once the swelling goes completely away my Breast end up the same size.. Oh, and as if now I think I would have picked 450cc's instead of 400. As you can see they look small. Well the right one anyway. They look natural in size, so I guess I avhieved my goal there. I was told to keep them oiled up, squeeze the bottom for 10 seconds ( massage), I can wear a regular bra without wire and begin to work out... I will see him again in 6 weeks. Hopefully the swelling would be gone for the next photo shoot.. Hope everyone helping is going well.
Micheal chiromonte

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