48 Yrs Old, Empty Nester, wanting my Hour Glass Figure Back - (TT, BBL, & BL) Bowie, MD

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Well.....I'm excited because I am going to finally...

Well.....I'm excited because I am going to finally to address the badges of giving birth. I'm excited and nervous at the same. I started looking into CS BACK in 2012/13 and put it off rationalizing I would workout more and harder to address my issues. The results I want have not materialized. So, I start back on my proccess of meeting with PSs because I'm determined and need a body change. I've met with three board cert PS in the last month and half and made my decision today. I originally schedule like 8 consultation both in DMV and Miami but decided for safety and piece of mind that I would have the surgery in the DMV. My rational that if I had any issues both the PS and my primary are here in MD and readily accessible.

This is a quick post but I will add more tomorrow. I just wanted the RS FAMILY to be aware that I'm on my journey with excitement.

Adding photos

I booked my surgery for the middle of December. This will be my biethday present to me. My B'day is at the end of December. I'm booked for a TT, BBL and BL but I'm still going back and forth with regard to the BL. Why???? I have naturally full breast but they are not too heavy. All the PS I've met with give me similar recommendations wrt getting the BL, that ultimately my breast will sag again but when is unknown. So I'm not sure if I want to go thru with it or not. I have time. I plan to email Denise the patient coordination skme additional questions.

I've loaded some pics of my stomach and backside. Plus excuse my openess, I'm so not bashful not by any means.....

Any full breast ladies out there that opted for a BL, how were your results?

38 days to the Flat side

I now have 38 days to being on the flat side and I'm excited and stressed. I have been posting because I've have been crazy bust at work and school but work is trumping school "big time". I've also been purchasing supplies (pulled together my must-haves) from all the great supply list write-ups from RS community. That said, I think I'm going to wait to purchase CGs until my pre-op appointment on the 2nd of December.

Today, I went to a local Rent-a-Center to rent a recliner for my living room so I can stay down stairs for the first 2 weeks after sx. I wanted the recliner for only 2 weeks but they only do monthly short-term rentals. so, I will have a recliner for 4 weeks.

My initial consultation was for Bella Body Lift (TT, BL, and BBL) but I'm contemplating not doing the BBL and just have lipo done to my thighs....I'm so confused. I don't want to lose the thickness of my legs but want the cellulite to be gone. any advice would be appreciated. I will post more pics in the morning to get more substantial feedback.


Hey RS ladies!!!!!

Well I now have 14 days left before the big day and I'm ready!!! I have been preparing my self mentally but did not get to my goal weight due to a crazy work load the last few weeks. Everytime I have some downtime I'm drawn to this sit and reading all these interesting informative journeys.

So today I started taking "Make me Heal" pre op vitamins. I have gotten most of my suplies and pillows. I rented a recliner from rent a center....this process with renting the chair has been the most stressful because the Store where I rented from is GHETTTO!!! Moving on the chair it lself is comfortable so hopefully it will work for this process.
I will post again tomorrow and add some pics as well.

12 Days.......

I'm 12 days out from my sx and I'm running around like chicken with my head cut off. So yesterday I when to my pre op appt and they took pictures, when over all the paperwork on my understanding of the procedures I'm going to have done. Can I suggest say, it's a Lyle overwhelming. Just the fact I paid the balance "a lot of money" for me and now I'm closer than ever to doing something solely for me.

I traveling for my job before my procedure and I'm excited to go to difference place but my focus is sooooo on Dec 15th. It's like I don't about anything else.

I do have a question for the RS community, is it normal for a PS not to order blood work prior to the surgery? I'm under 50 so I do understand not needing a ekg. I thought all doctors ordered your blood counts before surgery. Am I being paranoid. I'm not sure.

I appreciate any feedback on this issue.

5 days to go

5 days to go and prayerfully I will be on the flat side with no issues. I've been on international travel this week trying to focus on my work but I'm so distracted. I've been trying to post new pics but I'mm definitely challenges. A number of emotions come and go, i'm questioning myself about going thru it and the amount of money spent. After I calm myself down i reaffirm that i'm doing this for me. That said, I'm still a hot mess right about now.,....

Some Pics before I go to the Flat Side

I'm literally a few hours from my surgery and i can't sleep so I decided to load some very funky and embarrassing before pics. Prayerfully I flat, smatched and the other side but feeling too much pain.

I have my support system here....so I will check out everyone in the afternoon.
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