Transman Double Bilateral Mastectomy - Chest Surgery - Canberra, AU

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I had a Double Bilateral Mastectomy to remove my...

I had a Double Bilateral Mastectomy to remove my 12C breasts as part of my transition into the correctly gendered body.
I couldn't fault this operation/the results, the lead up to, and now the post-op care if I tried. Dr Milovic and his team are amazing, and have gone out of their way to assist me where needed. My surgery has changed my life dramatically in just the 6 weeks that I have been post-op, and the Dr Milovic and his amazing surgery he performed on me is the soul reason!

After an initial consult, and clearing up some required paperwork, I booked in my surgery for only 1 month ahead - such a tiny waiting time!

As a Transgender man, the results of my chest surgery mean the absolute world to me. Bad results can only increase my daily body dysphoria. From seeing other Transmen on the internet, there is a great deal of things that can go wrong-aesthetically wise-not to physically, eg blood clots.
Alot of Transmen have surgery where nipple placement can be uneven, stretched or in the wrong position in terms of placement on the pectoral muscle. Additionally, thick or wonky scars can often lead to judgement, harassment or weird/questioning looks when a Transman is shirtless eg at the pool.
Dr Milovic explained he would prefer to shy away from the common 'inverted T anchor' method, where scars are large and easily visible as they sit at the front of the torso, and instead make an incision around the entire nipple, then diagonally outward and down, so that the scars are hidden to the side of the body and underneath the arms.
While this method is not a common one for Transman, Dr Milovic was certain that this would provide the best outcome for scarring and be aesthetically pleasing. And he was 100% right.
Currently I am just a few days over 6 weeks post op, and all bruising and pain has subsided. Whilst I do still have skin folding due to some swelling, I am certainly close to completely recovered!

- hassle free
- thin, neat and straight incisions
- taking into account the masculinity of a hairy chest, Dr Milovic shaved the most minimal amount of hair possible for the surgery, which I found to be very thoughtful
- dressings were well placed and comfortable, and lasted a long time
- my main concern was my nipples 'dieing' after surgery but they are fine
- Dr Milovic offers free post-op care up to 1 year
- His office practice have had all necessary post-op care ites available for purchase to minimise hassle of finding the correct items at pharmacies, and give easy to understand advice on usage EG. silicone tape, surgical compression vests

- He is often busy/you may need to book a consult a few weeks ahead.
(However, not yet have I found a medical practitioner who isn't busy!)


Please note; Dr Milovic's practice may not be able to book you in for an initial consult with a short waiting time as he is a busy surgeon.
I saw Dr Milovic on numerous occasions whilst undertaking ongoing counselling for approximately 6-7 months before my surgery was actually booked in.

9 Months - Post op review

Its now been 9 months since my procedure and i'm still incredibly impressed with my results!
I see Dr Milovic again next month (May) as part of regular post-op checkups that are included (for up to 1 year post-op) when you have surgery by him.
I have no more pain, and have gained about 85% feeling back, compared to complete numbness after surgery. It is just the nipple and areola that i do not have feeling in now.
I believe all of my swelling has now gone down, I am a little uncertain as to weather it is muscle or partial fatty tissue that appears on the lower part of my pectoral muscle areas. I will ask Dr Milovic when i see him next, as I do go to the gym every day and focus on my chest 1-2 days each week.

I use Vitamin E oil on my scars now, and used special silicon strips for the first few months post-op, that I purchased from Dr Milovic's office.

Overall I am still 100% happy with my results!

9 Months post-op

Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Dr Milovic is a friendly yet very professional surgeon. He does not beat around the bush, and is very straight forward with any concerns he has. It is clear from an initial consult he is extremely well practiced, and he is always well groomed and runs a tidy, efficient office. He went out of his way to find a cheaper hospital for me to have my surgery in, and had the occasional joke to share. All of his staff are wonderful, super friendly and easy to chat with. But the best part about Dr Milovic, in my opinion, is that he will work with what you want, to optimize your results.

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