Using Invisalign to Get Buck Teeth - Nassau County, NY

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I've been attracted to buck teeth since my teens....

I've been attracted to buck teeth since my teens. Since I've always sucked my thumb I also thought having teeth bucked out would make it feel even better than it did. It took awhile but I found a dentist that would do this, to a point (there are inherent dangers involved). My pictures show it better

Results very stable

I've continued using my retainer and my thumb habit helps to keep the results stable as you can see by my accompanying photo. Everyone that I've known is used to it now too (rarely do I get the typical comments/questions) and I've discovered that, though most guys shy away from a buck toothed woman, those that don't are generally better, less superficial, people and a few are even attracted to it! :) But I did this for myself. Still, it's interesting from a sociological point of view.

Side View...cause people asked

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I asked many orthodontists about this procedure and they'd all decline, until I found one very smart orthodontist that figured out how far forward my upper teeth can go and avoid the internal problems. It required moving more than just my front two teeth but after 3 years, I now have the "look" I've wanted.

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