Unsure Where to Start 20 Year Old 30GG/H 135lbs - Nassau County, NY

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My boobs sprouted overnight which caused me to be...

My boobs sprouted overnight which caused me to be in denial about the way my body was suddenly changing and that along with the general widespread misinformation about bra sizing in the US led to me wearing ill fitting, unsupportive bras for years, which in turn led to a lot of sagging and breast tissue or fat being squished to the sides under my arms. Only a few years ago did I finally learn about proper sizing and realized I was a 28F and not a 34DD which seems to be the smallest band/largest cup combo available in most stores. Shortly after, I started using birth control which caused me to gain weight and my bra size kept fluctuating. Being a poor unemployed teen meant I couldn't afford to invest in the $50+ bras that actually came in my size so I was left scouring ebay for secondhand bras in my size, crossing my fingers hoping they actually fit (which they usually don't, considering my saggy, lopsided, fuller on the bottom, wideset shape). I gained about 30lbs since starting birth control and that made for some body image issues on top of my pre-existing insecurities about my disproportionately large boobs, which then got worse. It got so bad that I would wish I could just chop them off and be done with them! Eventually I started to think about getting a reduction when I learned that it's possible to get it covered by insurance and that it's a fairly common procedure. I always felt that it wasn't for me because I didn't have money and I thought elective surgery is a luxury I'm not worthy of. I also had never had any kind of surgery before and the idea of it was so foreign and terrifying to me. But I've being considering it more and more over the past 2 years as I've developed all the typical issues bigger busted folks deal with, including back, neck and shoulder pains, and horrible slouching posture which doesn't help the back pains. I finally went to my GP about 2months aago to talk about these problems but I was left feeling really let down. Without even seeing me without a shirt and bra on, she said they don't look that big (I get this a lot because I tend not to wear push up bras that show them off, thanks) and she asked about my family history, so I told her all the women on my dad's side have huge boobs and how my aunt actually just had a reduction at almost 70 years old. I hadn't even mentioned surgery before she told me that no surgeons would do it because I'm "so young" (I'll be 20 in 2 days). She pinned it all on my recent weight gain, recommending diet and exercise which HELLO I can't workout without getting slapped in the face with my boob much less find a sports bra that fits and doesn't make my back hurt more! Anyway I just have naturally big boobs compared to the rest of my body and exercise hasn't helped. The only somewhat helpful thing that came of that visit is she referred me to a physical therapist. I went to the initial visit and described my back pain but I don't think my doctor noted WHY I'm having back pains and the therapist was an awkward older guy so I didn't quite feel comfortable saying my boobs are too big and they're hurting me lol. I haven't been back since, as I had to wait for insurance approval and am now out of state until the end of August but we'll see if it even helps...The thing is the physical pain isn't even the worst part at this point, I handle pain well and I'm used to it after 5 years but the mental and emotional burden of my big boobs as well as the financial burden has gotten to be too much. I hate looking at my body and how out of place my boobs look on my small frame, getting dressed is so stressful because I have to squish my uneven boobs into bras that dont fit and no shirts fit properly over the weird shape they get pushed into. It's so overwhelming and upsetting.
I'm finally at a place where I know for sure I want a reduction and my mom and everyone else I've told supports it, but the only thing in the way now is the money. So many women on here have said that their only regret was waiting so long to get the surgery and I dont want that to be me. Despite what my doctor said, I think now is the time for me to do it before my problems get worse and unbearable. I'm currently not in school as I've taken time off to sort out my mental health and my job is flexible enough that I could easily take time off. I still live with my mom so I wouldn't have to worry about the money I'd be losing and I could really focus on my recovery. I'm just trying to figure out the next steps. I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and look for surgeons on my own and relay my woes and hope I get approved? Am I even a viable candidate??? Even with insurance coverage how much do you end up paying out of pocket for necessary recovery and related costs?? Also does anyone have any recommendations for surgeons in the Long Island, NY area who had their surgeries covered by insurance? I'm so unsure where to start. I know this has been very long but I've had all this bottled up for so long I figured this is the right place to unload lol I really appreciate anyone reading this or offering any help and I'll be updating with any new developments or questions as I continue this journey. Now that this is out there I'm really gonna push myself to get the ball rolling. I need this and I can do this!
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